Tactics Group MG14Z

MG-14Z - a twin barreled dual feed machinegun based on the MG42/MG3 chassis.

A small yet dynamic company located in the German city of Frankfurt, the Tactics Group GmbH corporation has drawn a lot of attention upon itself during the latest trade shows in Europe, thanks to its P-18 pistols − modern versions of the Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher GB Barnitzke-type gas-brake pistols − and thanks to its fancy modernized variations of the German World War 2-era “Fallschirmjägergewehr” Fg42 rifle.

However, the Tactics Group company is also well introduced in the field of defense manufacturing: it is the sole European distributor of the C-More M26-MASS modular assault shotgun system also used by the United States Army, and cooperated with Rheinmetall to take part to the “Kampwertsteigerung” program, which led to the spawning of the Mg3-KWS 7.62x51mm-NATO modernized general-purposes machinegun for the German Bundeswehr.

That’s why the Tactics Group’s latest and more fancy creation − the MG-14z − might actually have a future: conceived to enhance the firepower of these military units that still issue the Mg3 or other Mg42 variants − including the Italian MG-42/59 or the former Yugoslavian SARAC-53 − the MG-14z is as close as you could get to a double barrel MG.

Only the receivers of two separate MG3s remain in the MG-14z; everything is re-engineered and rebuilt from the ground up: new barrels with ventilated metal shrouds, new feeding ports, new twin feeding systems with downwards ejection, new single pistol grip and trigger, new common chassis.
As the project is currently ongoing, there’s no further information currently available about the MG-14z; the Tactics Group GmbH company however seems to believe in it, going as far as to call it “a low-cost alternative to Miniguns”.


FG.42 44 (FG.42)

  • Year Built:  1944-1945
  • Calibre: 7.92x57mm
  • Load:  20 rounds / Magazine fed
  • Action:  Semi / Fully-Automatic, Recoil operated, Air Cooled
  • Rate of Fire:  900rpm early model / 600 rpm
  • Weight:  4,2 kg early model / 5 kg late model

The FG-42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr-42 or Paratrooper’s rifle, Model 1942) is a light and powerful weapon, specifically designed for German airborne soldiers. The paratroopers were an elite unit of German armed forces and belonged to the Luftwaffe. Paratroopers usually operate far from home bases and had to have all their firepower at hand.   The Luftwaffe issued the request for universal hand held weapon, intended to replace the bolt-action rifles, submachine guns and machine guns then in service. The design specifications were for a selective fire, lightweight rifle, firing the standard issue 7.92x57mm ammunition, and capable of controllable full automatic fire, as well as accurate single shot semi-automatic fire.