Gngh, they never make these high enou–

Sorry ‘bout that; thought I was writing a journal entry and not penning a letter.  Rolled into the Mizzenmast after a rough tumble and some ale so—um…anyway!

Evening!  My name’s Rhalgara Lagara; I’m from Ul'dah, though I live moreso in Gridania now.  Stumbled upon your logs and got curious about somethin: You’re a well-traveled Lalafell, have you had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Momodi, one of the few jewels in the sandy hell of that city?  If you did, what did ya think of her?

Good evening.

I have to apologize for my delayed response. My retainer was out for a couple of nights engaging in liquor and other debaucheries. I cannot write letters without her assistance, so I had to wait for her.

Worry not! Minutes ago, she stumbled in ready to work.

It is a nice surprise to check my mailbox and see letters from other fellow adventurers! We have to go explore some dungeons sometime if we are ever in the same area! I hope you are liking Gridania. I grew up in the orphanage there. It’s very lovely but everyone there has a giant stick up their arse. Ul’dah’s not much better either.

Speaking of Ul’dah, to answer your question: yes, I have met Mistress Momodi! She’s a chipper, sweet thing I tell ya! I have known her for years. We go way back when I was married to my first husband. She’s seen me come and go but I always make a comeback. Way back in the day, she offered her body for me to practice. Modi was pretty quick to undress and was very eager to be a model. There’s few ladies that I can say are natural models, and she is definitely one of them. I reckon’ I can show you, since Modi’s not shy about this drawing!


Dearest Mother,

As I have mentioned in my previous letters, I have been troubled by strange dreams of late. My friend and confidant, the lady Upa Zuvhe, gave me a gift of sleeping draught, to no effect- if anything, the potion seemed to make the dreams more vivid. Lately, Lady Zuvhe has put aside the addressing of the symptoms, and set to the task of uncovering the source, though it seems she has met with little success where traditional medicine is concerned. By her reckoning, I am physically fit, hale and healthy, and it is therefore possible that my affliction comes not from an infirmity of body, but perhaps from a malady of spirit.

She offered to examine my aether. I will admit that I was frightened when she proposed this. There are still many things I do not understand about this Eorzea. This aether is perhaps the most strange of all. It is said to permeate all living things, but if that is true, how is it that I have never observed it within myself? Aether is spoken of in revered tones, and said to enable the use of magic- but even the simplest of spells are beyond my grasp. As you may recall, I cannot travel by aetherite, without being in its immediate presence. Even then, it is sometimes difficult.

I do not place my trust in this aether. I do not think it is real.

By and by, we traveled to the land called Mor Dhona, where Lady Zuvhe says aether flows freely due to the abundance of crystals. She said that her abilities might grow more potent there, and allow her to more easily find whatever it was inside of me that had broken.

Mor Dhona is a strange place. The grass, the trees, the very air, even the sky itself… All seemed to glow. They fairly seemed to shine with power beyond ken, an energy beyond my understanding. Is this the aether that Lady ZUvhe spoke of?

Mother, I felt nothing in Mor Dhona. Even the strange creatures that filled the air seemed more connected to that place than I felt.

I do not like it there.

It is difficult for me to explain what Lady Zuvhe did to examine my aether. I have seen Lady Zuvhe’s magic firsthand, I know that it is real… But this was something different. If there were spells at play, I could not readily observe them, and when it was finished, when Lady Zuvhe told me she had located what she was looking for inside me, I felt no different than I had when we began… I told her as much. She said that this was normal. Is it normal, mother?

We spoke of nicer things, then. She told me of her tribe, the Seekers of the Sun from whom she hails. They are different from me, mother, they are real Seekers of the Sun. What the Lady Zuvhe told me was not unlike the stories I have been told by the lady A'zaela Linh, another friend who I have gone to in the past. I wish to learn more about my people, if they are such. I do not know if I count. If I went among them, I do not know if they would think me a real Seeker of the Sun, or know me for what I really am, a crude facsimile.

I regret that I must ask this again, but it is a question that weighs increasingly on my mind, as I learn more of Eorzea- I would ask why you made me, mother. I do not mean to spurn the gift of life you have given me… But the more I discover about Eorzea, the more I come to understand that in all the land, I seem to be… Unique. Singular. This notion had never before occurred to me, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the circumstances behind my creation were not… Normal. Most Eorzeans, are born the natural way, not made.

I do not think there is anyone else in the world like me, mother. I think I am all alone. And I wonder why you did not tell me that. When I think on all the experiences I have been denied, I am given cause to wonder if my existence is not, perhaps, cruel. Perhaps even unfair.

Please forgive my insolence. I know there must be a reason for it. I only wish to understand what that reason is. I trust that there will come a day when you will tell me everything.

Your son,

Jude Paw

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