Open RP is now open for invitation !

What is Open RP

Open RP is a linkshell existing since july 2014 which has as goal to help roleplayer to meet and discuss out of their FC or common RP places such as the Quicksand in order to find more potential RP connections. Upcoming events are announced regularly to keep informed the LS members of places where they can find some RP.

While Open RP is an OOC Linkshell, it tries to promote RP in its own ways both as a meeting place and as a RP related discussion space. Launching RP debates is welcomed and encouraged as much as asking your questions regarding lore or the game itself.

Even though we ask for people joining the LS to be roleplayers, we won’t judge the RP activity or “level”. If you’re a brand new roleplayer, you can totally take this opportunity to ask your questions and some advices to those who are roleplaying since longer than you.

A few rules

- Be nice to each others : We’re all there for the same reasons, yet we’re all different. If you have any trouble with another member, please contact a leader. We’re here to help you.
- Debates : Hot debates can happen, avoid being judgemental and/or aggressive towards another because of their ideas and ganging against them.
- Events : Be aware that we announce upcoming events regularly using a macro, feel free to ask me (Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa) to add an upcoming event there or to add a RP related announcement.
- Hunts : We don’t announce hunts in the LS, though, we occasionally announce S rank and Odin.
- Game content : Do not spoil the content of the MSQ or side story during the weeks following an update.
- Activity : We are checking the activity (AKA connection) once a month to ensure that we don’t have people who have quit playing among the LS members and so we can free some space for new members. Those activity checks are announced, make sure to contact a leader if you’re set as inactive on the Google sheets.
- Alts : Due to the lack of space in the LS, we don’t accept alts at this time.

How to get an invitation

Simply contact one of the officers !

Aysun Demiir (NA)
Xenedra Ambreaus (NA)
Mackayla Lane (NA)
Jancis Milburga (NA)
Renee Becquerel (NA)
Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa (EU)

There are 50 slots free at this time, so you have all your chances to get an invite if you contact us now.
If you were on the waiting list or have been kicked by mistake during the last Activity Check, you will get an invitation in priority.

The list of the people who have been kicked is very long since we didn’t do an activity check for almost half a year, so I will post it under the cut.
If you had been kicked by mistake, contact any of the officers to be reinvited.

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[Balmung] Looking to Trade Houses

I suppose just as the title says, I’m looking to downgrade and move districts from the house I managed to snag during the last housing update, and thought I’d test the waters here. I currently have a Medium in the Mists, Plot 44 Ward 11. I’d like to downsize to a Small in the Lavender Beds.

I, of course, am doing this to help what I can with the RP-FCs out there in need of housing or perhaps looking to upgrade into something more spacious. I’m not really looking to just sell, because I’d prefer to not lose my house entirely.

Since I’m just testing the water, I’m not going to discuss prices or anything like that publicly. But I’m not looking to rip anyone off. A small and a bit on the side to cover the investment I had in the medium is all I’d want. Again, I make this offer to the RP community as well, and would rather it go to an FC with an RP focus who’d give it a good home (pun intended?)

So if you currently have a small in the beds and want a new beach mansion, I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to message me here, or in game on: Nahdu’a Rastahn, Kazha’a Anhsari, Arshtat Ejinn or Tala’li Dakelh.