adventurouswind  asked:

Sorry to bother you Kessi but could i ask for one of those meme things you've been drawing? <3 i adore them!! i was wondering if you could draw C1 with 85/58? :D Squall in his 4th Alt (KH Leon) and Bartz in his 3rd Alt(the blue vest one that looks like from his game with the red cloak) love those looks/outfits on them dearly!~ <D if you're done with doing requests, you don't have to do this Kessi..i deeply apologize ;;0;;/

OMG YOURE NOT BOTHERING ME, sorry i took forever drawing it!! Been rlly busy. I LOVE THEM!!!!


Here are some illustrations I’ve been posting up on my Instagram @artofsol.   This series is an homage to the countless hours I’ve spent playing Final Fantasy growing up.  This is in chronological order from the top down.  The very top Is the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy 1, Firion from FF2, Onion Knight FF3, Cecil FF4 and Bartz FF5.  I’m starting off with the protagonists first and then transition to the antagonists in chronological order.