Someone raised the challenge to take the idea of the cult ending that was assembled from non-canon datamined content but figure out a way to reassemble it into something that’s both tonally in-line with the rest of the game and a satisfying cap to the story so I rose to the challenge because bouncing from springboards like this and connecting plot points is basically what I do for a living.

Also tried to find a way to include all the dads because these “bigger picture” stories are more fun like that.

Putting it under a cut for length and hella spoilers, but here’s my response to the question of “well how would YOU handle the cult end”

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feelings and cleanings

the thing about feelings is that they can suck. a lot. you don’t need me to tell you that, though.

sometimes my feelings make me think that the only thing worth doing is curling up on the bed and hoping that maybe it will get better tomorrow. that’s stupid, though. it doesn’t get better without effort.

i deep-cleaned my house right before my wedding (june 30th) but have done no maintenance since then….as in zero. then we had someone live with us for two weeks, and THEN we got a puppy. my house is a wreck.

my feelings are often influenced by my living space, and right now things look horrible and i want to curl up on the bed and hope it gets better.

i’m not going to, though. at least not tonight.

please enjoy the catch-all next to my bed.

External image

seven minutes and thirty-five seconds later…BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO, BITCHES.

External image

i’ll save the vaccuming for once the whole bedroom is clean, though, because no one likes an over-achiever.


Wednesday’s female celebrity of the day is Chloë Grace Moretz.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that every few months I become obsessed with Chloë Grace Moretz and feel the need to post her over all others.  That’s what’s happening here.  I like these “Moretz Feelingz” (as I call them) a lot and I hope they stick around!  This is the fifty first time she’s been FCOTD.

anonymous asked:

This will definitely earn me a spoiler gif, if you still use those, but when did James get his interest back in Lily? You said he already had feelings for her when they've met on a platform, although the last time he saw her was at the end of last term, which must mean the answer for my question is: at the end of 6th year. However he was with Liz for 2/3 of 6th year and here comes my dilemna. If he and Liz broke up in march, assuming he didn't have any feelings towards Lily when he was (1/3)

(2/3) with her, that leaves more or less 3 months for James to let’s say redirect his affections elsewhere. Which kind of, I don’t want to say bothers me, but gets me to think about steadiness of James’s feelings. He and Liz had a Big Thing with each other, I know thery weren’t at a right place at the time, but they loved each other even if it was messed up and wasn’t healthy at the end of the day love is love. So James in a span of few months moved from loving his girlfriend who we can’t deny was his first love to heading straight towards Planet Lily. I know that the fact that you loved your former partner of course doesn’t diminish any feelings you might have or might had (??) for your current s/o and they’re technically still teenagers, but I got this impression that James while extremely loyal is also kind of fleeting with his affections. I hope I got this wrong and in Lily-style I overthink things in here, but this has been bothering(and fascinating)me for a while now. (3/3)

Oh dear, bless you, anon, and all your James/Liz feelingz. And, yes, in many cases here, I’m afraid:

BUT here’s what I can say: 

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Right wingers know exactly three different arguments: 1- helicopter ride 2- facts b4 feelingz 3-go live in Venezuela All accompanied by a snarky tv show gif because they're super serious about politics.

I was gonna answer this with ‘hey it’s redbloodedamerica’ but last time I did that like 50 right libertarians reblogged it accusing me of sending myself anons

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Got any fave blogs?

Yes lots!!

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And everyone that I reblog from too! 💕


One of the silliest, expressive AND heartwarming Gmods I have encountered to date. Must sharez fuzzy feelingz.

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Re : /post/128153908578/hannibal-recap-s3e13 ; first off, *swoon*, secondly, aoihozdgiyg, but thirdly ! peeps on this website have been saying Will's line is "Decisions are made of kneaded feelings. They’re more often a lump, than a sum." i personally think this makes more sense, so i'll put it to your expertise.

My anon pal, you are giving me a chance to talk a LOT more about Will Graham’s weirdbutt way of making decisions (“making decisions”) and I am going to take it.

Starting with who Will is contrasted against, let’s take a mo to talk about Bedelia du Maurier. Bedelia is a Planner, who is incredibly good at both thinking ahead and reacting smartly in the moment. This is not to say that she is without emotions — in fact, it’s due to her sensitivity combined with her intelligence that she has such a sophisticated understanding of both her own behavior, and the behavior of others. Bedelia gathers up all the evidence, comes to an intellectual awareness about it, and then that makes her feel a bunch of stuff. Her feelings are in service to her thoughts.

In a perfect inverse, Will Graham’s thoughts are in service to his feelings. Where Bedelia will be horrified by a realization, Will is horrified and then has a realization. I understand this… dismayingly well, as oh boy: it’s the saaaame way with me. Here’s a fun fact: I have no recollection of the moment when I made any of the large scale decisions in my life. Because yeah Bedelia, there wasn’t one. How it goes for me, and how I SUPER suspect it goes for Will too, is that basically I just operate in the world as a pure Feeling Being running on instinct & intuition (aka, moar feelingz), but for some reason I then rationalize all the shit I’ve done, as well as all the shit I’ve felt, as if it’s based in logic. As if it was supported by reasoned, decisioned thought, and not the other way around. Ha ha ha ha, oh what fuckery this is.

Will’s extra heightened version of this actually came up two times in my recap. Once, as you mentioned, was in this exchange:

Bedelia: “We assign a moment to a decision. What you propose is so thoughtless, I find it difficult to imagine that moment exists.”
Will: “Decisions are made of kneaded/needed feelings. They’re more often a lump, than a sum.”

And I was just like, oh very totes, i.e. “Will doesn’t so much make decisions as he does feel his way forward, to perhaps everyone’s detriment including his own.” lol #SAME, I didn’t add.

The other time was when Will was talking about his rejection of Hannibal:

“Like, did Will Graham honestly plan out that he could reject Hannibal in order to get him to turn himself in? Idk, like so many of the things he does, it only resembles calculation after the fact — which is actually PERFECT for him. As my therapist-in-training friend Jen put it, Will is so unmoored all the time that he could really go any which way at any given moment, but he’s really good at explaining what has happened afterward. That’s his gift. So I totally believe that Will looked back at when he broke up with Hannibal and realized what he had done, and it’s true that he did that, but in the moment, boy was just running on pure emotions.”

Combined, these two parts really get at what’s so dangerous about Will types, because it’s the explaining it afterward part that tricks everyone into thinking you’re making decisions, when really you’ve just been slipping along like an emotion leaf on the emotion wind this whole time. And the thing is, you also convince yourself of this. You provide often very good explanations of your behavior, but they are as many and as fluid as your feelings that inspired them. Hannibal may follow several trains of thought at once, but Will follows several trains of explanations at once.

And this is why, to finally get to your ORIGINAL QUESTION, wooww I do like “kneaded” better than “needed,” because it gets at the formation part of all this. To knead your lump of feelings together into an ad hoc “decision” — that’s the most Will Graham thing I think I’ve ever heard.