Hey taylorswift, I know that all of my posts are to you and you’re probably thinking “Geez girl, calm down”, but you mean so much to me. You truly are everything to me like I told you. I want to thank you again for the most amazing night I’ve ever had in my entire life and I know you hear that a lot, but you truly gave me some of the greatest memories to look back on when I’m having my worst days. I appreciate you more than you know and I am truly honored to consider you not only my biggest inspiration and idol, but a friend. You have put such a big handful of sunshine in my heart, that will never be taken away, no matter what is thrown my way. The year 22 has been the most amazing ride of my life and it is coming to an end soon, on January 28th to be exact — While it makes me sad, I know that you’ll always stand behind me and cheer me on when greater things happen in the years to come. I adore you. I thank you. I can’t wait to see you again soon in Charlotte, NC. We’ll party like it’s 1989 together. I miss you tons. I love you forever. - Reanna