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What is known so far:

A truck drove onto a crowded promenade in the Southern French city of Nice during France’s national holiday, at 11pm local time (9pm GMT), where thousands gathered to watch the fireworks.

-At least 80 people are confirmed to have died
-More than a hundred injured, a number of them gravely
-A doctor at a pediatric hospital stated that “many children are undergoing serious operations” there
-The truck contained grenades and rifles some of which are now claimed to be fake
-The truck driver shot at police before being gunned down
-A passport was found in the truck, belonging to a 31-year old Frenchman born in Tunisia, it is not certain the passport belongs to the driver yet, as the truck was rented
-President Francois Hollande admitted the country is under threat of Islamic terrorism and this was a terrorist attack
-The truck was able to drive for some two kilometers (1,2 miles)

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Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de glorie est arrive! Bon Fete Nationale et 14 Juillet citoyennes! Happy Bastille day to all! Be prepared to a flood of France today on your dash ;) Plus, if i’m listening today La Marseillaise or Ah, ca ira, so will the neighbors. Vive la France!


My outfit today :) a tricolor hairband with tricolor feathers and blue, white striped shirt and a red ribbon as a necklace. In the card says: Happy Bastille Day, citizens! Stay virtuous and VIVE LA FRANCE! I also drew a tricolor there in the corner and under it is 14 juillet 1789 with a infinity sign. Have a great day!