Don’t forget me!

In a few years, maybe we are still talking,
Maybe there are times that I am here,
Maybe there are times that I am a mile away,
Maybe you’re here, then later on you’ll go
There are times we will push each other away
But when we remember a magical moment, we’ll pull back
Suddenly, the time will empty us, maybe tomorrow
We don’t know, but what if that happened?
What if we move apart and we never figured out yet?
What really matters is, I know your name
Everyone hurts, everybody does unfriend 
Everyone learns to smile again, making new ones,
But as I wish upon the stars, you’ll still notice me
Maybe I’ll hope that we’ll find our way back to each other’s questions
I am sure that when we finally stop for a long time,
It’s time to move forward, like there’s no reason to stay,
But there’s a feeling trapped.
If we meet in a big crowd and you call me your friend,
I know that’ll be the moment that I must stop holding this hope,
But there’s a possibility that you can’t recognize me anymore,
That’s the worst of all.
Just don’t forget me as your friend,
Just don’t remember the feeling, if you have,
Just stay longer now
If that one day that you turn away, all I want is to be remembered.

Sveglia presto.
Odore di caffé.
Fascino inspiegabile.
Non c'e’ niente di meglio per un pazzo come me.

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Ok ok I’m literally dying.
THIS is perfection.