Feels during 480

First- New opening

and then- Lonely 3 years old Naruto

Hungry 3 years old Naruto without money 

Hiruzen and Naruto moments in forest eating and laughing

Young Neji ( they bring that pain back)

NejiHina moments and Neji’s lovely words how he will protect her no matter what

4 years old Neji lost his dad and 3 years old Hinata crying and running alone at night in snow

Naruto met crying Hinata (here we go !!!!) 

NaruHina holding hands !!!!!!!!! Naruto walked Hinata home !!!!!

Smiling, waving Naruto and speechless Hinata just amazed by him

It was so so nice episode and now….BRING ME SOME MARRIED NARUHINA MOMENTS !!!!


Welp, that hurt.

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The first time Emma Winchester digs a grave, she’s…well, it’s complicated.  She lived three days on earth before she got sent to Purgatory.  She spent an indeterminably hellish amount of time that felt a lot like forever in that grey, fetid, warzone before Dean, Benny, and Cas found her and she hitched a ride out.  She’s been back on earth for about six months.  She figures, all things considered, she’s probably like six months old earth time, but she’s fully grown by Amazon standards, and looks like a typical seventeen-year-old girl to anyone who doesn’t know any better.  Joke’s on them, she guesses.

Actually, scratch that: this whole fucking thing is a joke.  Her life is goddamn joke.  But this?  This fucking excursion is just insulting.  

She’s riding shotgun in the Impala and her fucking father is actually driving the speed limit for once.  She narrows her eyes at him.

“I’m doing this under duress,” she says.

Dean swallows, doesn’t take his eyes off the road.  Oh, he’ll spend the whole fucking drive gazing longingly at Castiel from the driver’s seat; he’ll put all their lives at risk to make eye contact with Sam while they cruise down the interstate talking about nothing; but Emma can’t be spared a first glance, let alone a second.  She has to count to ten in Enochian to keep her eyes from turning gold.

“I know, Emma,” he replies and adjusts his hands on the wheel.

“I’m here because Cas insisted,” she continues, firmly, sharply.

Dean clears his throat, readjusts his seat, “I know that.”

Emma glares, then turns to look out of her own window, the town speeding past in a blur of brown and grey, “Good.”


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The reset theory for Seven fucked me up so bad that I realised I cannot bring myself to go for the other routes.

The only routes I have got (in order) was Yoosung’s bad end, Zen’s good end and I am currently on Day 10 of Seven’s route. I always told myself to do his route last, but when I started trying to get Jumin’s route, the little memelord pulled my attention over and I couldn’t help myself. (I don’t regret it tho).

I am sad that I can’t bring myself to reset to try other routes or delete the game currently 😅 but it’s a warning to those just starting the game or those who haven’t tried all the routes yet: As tempting as the little meme tomato seems DON’T DO IT UNTIL THE END.