We can all agree

That episode was ridiculous omg. I loved it.
Rick and jerry bonding
Morty and Beth helping Summer
Morty being a badass.
But like
Im so concerned
He is so unfeeling? Like fuck
He lied about being worried about jerry so he could get rick to leave for a day.

Like fuck
Protect the children

You say my words are not intricate enough,
but how do I describe
what I do not know how to explain.
—  Frankie Ryott, deardeceiver.

❖ Scott & Malia | Hurricane. [6x15]

Iris | Bumbleby AMV (Yang Xiao Long)
Well this gave me so many feels when I started it... way too many feels lol Hope you all enjoy and suffer in yangst and feels!!! :D I do not own any of the f...

Once again Blakeyyang has posted another beautiful video. 

I love this song, don’t know whose singing it, it’s not the original singer obviously but still sounds beautiful. 

Thank you again Blakeyyang.