That ADHD feel when youre constantly exauhsted and keep promising you’ll go to bed early and take care of yourself but then the second the sun goes down you have Endless Energy and are wide awake and it goes right through till you collapse of exauhstion at 5 AM. Lather rinse repeat until you get bad enough you pass out with the lights on in your normal clothes at 7 PM on a friday and dont wake up until 2 PM the next day. And the cycle continues.

Me When My OTP Does Anything

Me: Ahhhhhh yes, right now we are experiencing some feeling called FEELS. That devastating feeling where you just want to SLAM YOUR FACE IN THE WALL AND DIE CUZ OMGGGGG MY OTP. BABY HES JUST A CINNAMON ROLL STOP IT AHAHHSDKEJXNWKDKDJDLFNEKEJ

tadhdfw you’re hyperfocusing and you get hungry so you realize your two options are either eating and losing any chance at focusing on the task at hand or just. not eating and nearly passing out later but HEY, at least you didn’t lose that hyperfocus!!!!! :^) and then you realize how much you hate your shitty brain for being such a useless dysfunctional organ

If you can find someone who not only brings adventure to your story, but brings the most love along with it, then you’re golden. There is no better feeling in the universe than having someone who makes your story a little bit worth telling. And if in the end, it’s more about her and your story really isn’t your own anymore, then you’ll know it’s love.
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Help Me: Pt. 6/?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: With memories coming back, it makes it even harder to accept the life you’re living.

Word Count: 3,072

Warnings: Feels, slight depression, self-hatred, memories

Notes: Reader’s POV

A/N: Finally got around to posting the next part! I hope you like it! The next part of Motionless should be up tomorrow!

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“Get to it my dear, the day’s not over yet. Especially if you want to see your Jamie again, I advise you to do exactly what I tell you or there will be dire consequences. You don’t want that to happen now, do you?” Pierce’s hand grazed your cheek lightly, sending shivers down your spine and made your stomach uneasy. You shook your head, making sure to keep eye contact on his.

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I imagine Teddy having this flick in his hair, but he ABSOLUTELY hates it. So when people ask him ‘why don’t you just change it?’ He will be all modest and say things like he can’t you dumb bastard don’t you think he has already tried? But the real reason he doesn’t change it is because uncle Harry always tells him that Remus had the exact same flick in his hair, so Teddy doesn’t want to lose a part of his dad he carries around with him every day.