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HI! so recently i’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of new people SO i thought i’d do a follow forever. i am trying my hardest to include everyone but if i do happen to forget you(lbr y’all change your urls so much), i still love you and i’m really sorry! some of us have been mutuals for years, some of us just a few days. some of us talk every single day, and some of us have never talked. but just know that i love u and appreciate you all the same :) and if we don’t talk, i’m always looking for new friends and i don’t bite. thank you guys for being my friends and 

(p.s-not in alphabetical order because again, i’m literally trash bye)

(p.p.s- god i hope this doesn’t do the thing where it gives u a notif everytime someone tagged in it reblogs it and says they mentioned u in a post and if it does i’m so sorry i literally-)

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Hey everyone, Lance’s birthday is right around the corner. And I just wanted to say this really quickly because it’s been bugging me for awhile. I have a really bad feeling something bad is gonna go down on his birthday in this fandom. Now you don’t have to believe me, but I would appreciate it if you took caution, rechecked your blacklists, make sure everything you need blocked is blocked, be suspicious of new blogs especially if they are empty or have only “liked” posts, and most importantly just have a great day and make some really awesome Lance content. 

Remember, there are a vast majority of people who hate Lance for various reasons and probably won’t hesitate to sabotage his birthday for people who are excited about it. So whatever happens, if it happens, let’s try not to dwell on it. making posts about it, getting caught up in the drama, that’s exactly what they want you to do. Let’s try to drown out the bad with the good.

Again, I’m not saying anything is GOING to happen but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if something DID. So be careful everyone and have a great day.

so i just got my first binder in the mail and i tried it on and it’s so WEIRD like it feels fine i mean obviously it’s snug but it’s not the way it feels that’s weird it just LOOKS weird like i like it but it’s WEIRD bc i am Not flat chested so i look like ?? a different person?? but idk i like it but it’s weird and i don’t know what to do now ?? i feel like i should feel something else


$.Coups: N

Jeonghan: O

Joshua: T

Jun: Y

Hoshi: O

Wonwoo: U

Woozi: H


Mingyu: N

The8: E

Seungkwan: Y

Vernon: !

Dino: 🖕

What did we do to deserve Cheritz? They not only put out a full game that you can access and complete for free, but they continue to give us new content, constantly provide bug fixes, put out new merchandise and let fans vote on what they’d like to see, and now?

They listened to fan feedback, and made a whole new route for V. 

That means not only new content for V, but for every character. Days of new chats, new phone calls, new text messages, new CGs, and a huge amount of new information about everyone. Not to mention what it must have taken to factor Mint Eye in there. 

Seriously, Cheritz, thank you. You’ve provided an incredible experience, and you keep on giving. 


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤