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Hey guys its Vixen (again)

I dont want to clog the blog up even more than I already have with answering messages, so Ill just say a massive thank you for all the lovely asks you guys have sent in, I appreciate every single one. You guys are the best and Im so thankful for this blog, Ive made some really good friends from it and had some really great moments with some of you anons. Its been a difficult decision and Id be lying if all these messages didnt make me want to suddenly be like “IM BACK BITCHES” but for now, Id like to just focus on writing and maybe getting a thicker skin 😂
Always and forever,

Vixlyssa Edwards xo

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I’m honestly never gonna get over this season.

I’m sitting here, trying to get ready for work, but I can’t stop thinking about Isak & Even. My heart feels so full. I feel like I’m gonna burst into tears every minute. No show has ever affected me like this. We are so blessed to have it.

It’s the last week, and I don’t know how I’m gonna cope?? It’s all that’s been on my brain for the past few months, and now it’s ending?

Yes, I know I sound ridiculous, because yes, these are fictional characters, in a fictional television show, but they and it, mean so so so much to me.

Thank you Julie Andem, honestly, for the honest, heartfelt, heartbreaking & beautiful way you tell these characters stories, and I CANNOT wait, for next season, where, I’m sure, you’ll tear me down and build me back up all over again.

Buuuut, it’s not over yet, and I still have a few more days of refreshing the Skam page like my life depends on it, haha!

anonymous asked:

how do you think carlise would react to his human mate wanting to adopt

I think overall he would be rather excited. It’s obvious Carlisle is a family person, so he would definitely be more than willing to expand. That being said, there are still a lot of unknowns going into the situation. Does his mate eventually want to be turned? When and how will they tell their child about vampirism (because they will obviously start asking questions at some point)? Will they end up turning their child? He would probably want to sort those things out before they actually adopted a baby.

But once there is a plan, you know Carlisle’s going all out. He starts spending more time with the newborn babies at work, that way he can get used to being around infants. He insists on adopting a girl and naming her Annabel Lee because “it’s one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most beautiful poems, love”. He comes home from work later than usual, and when his mate asks him where he has been, he just smiles and holds up onesies with cute, cheesy sayings on them like “nobody puts ‘baby’ in the corner”. He also spends way too much money putting together the baby’s room (but he’s the third richest fictional character, so who cares). And once they finally adopt their little girl, he never puts her down. The crib is rarely used, because Carlisle insists on holding her when she sleeps, since he doesn’t have to sleep. He reads her poems, most often the one she is named after, and always wears warm sweaters when he holds her so his cold body temperature doesn’t disturb her. (︶ω︶)


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Toughing Out The Drought.

Ianthony moment droughts are not uncommon. They happen often and usually last about a month or two depending on how big the last Ianthony moment was. For example, after THEY KISSED we had an Ianthony moment drought for almost two months. Sure, we had some tiny, cute moments here and there but we didn’t get anything BIG until Smosh Summer Games: Season Two came around. So, this drought we’re going through happens VERY often. Whether or not it is intentional is a question for another day, but there is no denying that it does happen. This isn’t the first time and it will not be the last.

The drought itself is pretty hard to tough out especially if you’re a blog that mostly centers around Ianthony, but what makes the drought even worse is when people start to deny. When you go so long without a “huge” Ianthony moment, then there will be some people that start to loose hope and will have doubts.

Just to name a few. Having doubts about Ianthony isn’t uncommon. It’s totally normal and it even happens to some of the most dedicated shippers like myself and @llamafabbiness . Doubt is not uncommon and it’s okay to feel it, but take a look back at all of the wonderful gay stuff they’ve done this year. This is by far the GAYEST year on record for them and we’ve actually had a couple of pretty decent moments over the past few weeks like:

Ian and Anthony reenacting a VERY popular and romantic scene from the 80′s romance movie “Ghost” (WATCH IT! IT’S GREAT)


as well as lying in bed together




These moments are pretty substantial. Sure they’re not as big as the kisses, but they’re not as small as heart eyes either. Laying in bed and reenacting a popular romantic movie scene is pretty damn big in my opinion. There’s also the argument that they’re just doing all of these moments for the views. If you think that, then that’s fine. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but I personally think that the “views” argument is bullshit.

Ianthony shippers are a VERY small minority in the Smosh fandom and the likelihood of them exploiting the shippers for more views is VERY low because the fandom is EXTREMELY small. It would be really stupid business move. You know what is a smart business move, however? Appealing to the larger audience and what they want and that’s exactly what they do. For example: who’s been the main stars in their recent videos as of October? Ian and Anthony have. The Smosh Squad is hardly ever in the Friday videos anymore because the majority of Smosh fans wanted videos with just Ian and Anthony in them. Also, the drought began as soon as they started appearing in their videos more. So, right there’s the proof. If they were trying to appeal to us shippers, then the moments wouldn’t have dropped, they would’ve increased SUBSTACIALLY in which case they did not. Again, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but by claiming that argument you’re claiming that Ian and Anthony have no idea what they’re doing with their business and that is FAR from the truth.

Anyways, I know that things look bleak right now, but they won’t be for long. Ianthony droughts are hard to tough through especially if you’re on the edge of leaving the fandom, but keep your heads up, guys! I know it’s hard and seeing such a small amount of moments can be discouraging, but always remember that stuff like this:






happened this year. In fact, some of these moments have happened within the last two months! So keep your chin up! The drought will be over soon and then we can all go back to fangirling our hearts out! :D