*drums fingers*

I.. wanna share some writing

nothing’s remotely close to finished though, and I dunno when any of it even will be, and waiting to receive more segments is hard when you’re following something I know, which is why I’m reluctant to share stuff before it’s complete

but words, wanna share some words already. Some parts are properly written here and there and I enjoy them and I dunno maybe y’all might enjoy them too

and like, sharing might stop the doubt that slows it all down - y’know, when you don’t know if what you’re doing is even any good and stuff. Need those outside opinions? 

but also what I could share might not even make a lot of sense anyway, when you’re missing the context fills that come before it. And they’re each kind of short too so like, is it even worth the fuss??? mmmm


Sharing any writing of mine is always like THE scariest thing for me haha

I wanna beat it though

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Even though my game isn’t original since its just a game where you can date video game characters, while I’ve been working on this project Ive have friends and family encourage me and tell me “Hey??? You haven’t seen a game where you can date sonic and shadow? have you?” and im like “n-no…” and they say “well thats original!!!!!! youre making the art and script yourself!!!! its gonna be really great” and it just makes me more happy to indulge like this :)

To anyone who’s ever written me an anonymous ask….

I’m sorry I probably didn’t respond/post it. If it was some kind of compliment, thank you so much.

I do read my asks, but for the most part I feel like while I appreciate them, most people following me probably don’t want to scroll through what’s basically my personal mail.

I try to reply to most questions, but a lot of them are answered in my FAQs, or I feel too overwhelmed or unable to give them the time they need for a response.

I LOATHE typing on my cell phone and don’t have my computer open 90% of the time.

So, sorry I’m super terrible about responding. The ask box is always there… sorry that most days it probably feels like screaming into the void. But idk, maybe that’s useful for some of you.

P.S. with rare exception, hate mail gets deleted cause idgaf. I recommend anyone spending their time on the net sending hate mail seek out therapy. Odds are you’ve got some shit to work out. And that’s your emotional labor/duty, not mine.

is it bad that I always feel like…really suspicious and annoyed whenever someone new tries to join my friend group? is that an autism thing?

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I saw that your requests are open (congrats on nearing 2k!!!♥️♥️♥️) - can I request that in one of your next Billy fics, the reader is plus size? It doesn't have to revolve around the plot, it would just be really nice to read about someone that's like me in a romantic fic. Usually writers only make "chubby" characters, not large girls like me. It would be awesome to see a body like mine represented as something that's loveable. Thank you so much. Your writing means so much to me ♥️✨✨

Ahh! I’m so sorry anon, they aren’t open yet! They open when I hit 2k! I’m so sorry for the confusion! 

I always strive to make my fics be more inclusive though so yes more plus size fics will be on the way! Please, please come back to my box when my requests do open and submit this again with Billy and a plot you’d like! I would love to fill it for you. <3 (I’ll post my rules and things when requests do open or you can check early on my blog where they’re linked)

I like to kind of channel my deities in time of need? Like.. WWLD [What Would Loki Do] for an interview? He’d smile and grin and be cunning as -shit-. Silver-tongued and confident.

I’m walking and need to ooze confidence? Just turn [in]to Aset, and feel as if you were her, her energy courses through you in golden streams and ribbons. My chin automatically raises, my posture is better and my eyes narrowed. Intimidation lying in wait. You are a Queen, and you will act like it.

demi-face  asked:

Fan fic idea: Human Au, Ken Kaneki is going through High School having been adopted by Arima. He’s incredibly intelligent yet acts like an asshole to most people due to his abuse from his mother. Then his relationship with Touka helps him develop into a better person, and he also helps her get out of her abusive relationship with Rio.

AHHHH, I REALLY LIKE THIS. I would really like exploring Kaneki as the abuser instead of the guy who wants to protect everyone, i don’t think think it would be ooc considering his background. It’s super interesting because you’re mentioning Rio. If she’s having an abusive relationship with Rio, it’d be interesting that Kaneki (a guy who plays as the abuser) feels like he has to do something to help her? i really can tell you that helping others with their problems is super useful to help yourself too, since you can start viewing things in retrospective :o wahhhhh, this is such a good plot, i love it. I also love the idea of Touka dealing with abuse issues too, i love exploring the weakness in her.

coffee496  asked:


“I’m always searching for something… someone”

asdfjk; hAPPY BIRTHDAY @coffee496 !! being the great friend, I neglected your request for almost a year I think :> 

The End of the F**king World