[trans] 170423 NCT DREAM Jeno birthday event fan account

(that cream on jeno’s face was chenle’s masterpiece btw) cr: bbomazin

1. Recently they have been searching for memes of each other online [markthingk]

2. Mark: Whose birthday is coming up next?
Fans: Haechannie~~~~~
Haechan: Ah~ the next is my birthday?
Mark: He’s pretending he doesn’t know [haetzzan]

3. Initially when NCT DREAM had their group chat, they had a lot of things to say. But as time goes by they are running out of topics. Mark says the kids don’t reply his messages, the members say it’s because Mark always say irrelevant things [markthingk]

4. Presents members gave to Jeno - Mark: Gundam, Donghyuck: Jordan shoes, Renjun: Made seaweed soup, Chenle: Delicious snacks Jisung: Not yet. haha [JAEHYUNDOG ]
Jeno,”Jisung is my present.”
Haechan,”Omg my ears… my eardrums…”
Mark & Renjun,”😱” [71cookiety]
Haechan wanted to buy a game console for Jeno because there’s not many fun things in the DREAM dorm but Jeno said he wanted Jordan shoes so Haechan got him that instead [full__SUN ]
Jeno initially thought Chenle got him chocolates, but after opening he realized it was something else. Chenle says he requested for the wrapper to be changed to something else because it was cuter. [w_nt_]

5. When asked about things they are afraid of. Jisung’s really afraid of cockroaches. Jeno says that Jisung is really weak hearted. Once they went to a shop, Jisung accidentally opened the door of the store room. He almost fainted upon seeing the mannequins, and this shocked Renjun too. The store keeper thought there was a murder 😂 [102W8]

6. When entering, Mark and Haechan were the ones who carried Jeno in. Haechan looks like he’s having a hard time hahaha so they put Jeno down very quickly. Seating arrangement: Donghyuck - Renjun - Chenle - Jeno - Jisung - Mark [postbox4nct]

7. When Jeno was monitoring the dreamies, he thinks that they have narrow shoulders and they look pitiful so Jeno bought a pole to do pull ups in the dorm. Jeno hopes that Renjun does pull up more often, but Renjun only did it five times. Now it is used by the dormitory auntie to hang clothes. Jisung says he feels he has pretty narrow shoulders, Jeno and Renjun says they hope Jisung does more pull ups then. [narinten227]

8. Mark says that Jeno is really manly he’s not even afraid of bungee jumping and could land with a smile while Mark could only watch. Haechan,”Mark hyung you didn’t jump!” Mark,”I was on the ground!” [dear_960201]

9. Movies Jeno watched recently: Hunger Games series
Variety Jeno wants to do: Weekly Idol with NCT Dream, NCT LIFE with 6 members
Place Jeno wants to go to: Backpacking in Europe
Things Jeno is afraid of: Big bugs (cockroaches are fine), and an angry Mark if he becomes angry (Mark has never gotten angry at them before) [dear_960201]

10. Haechan says that Mark is such a scaredy-cat. Once Taeyong, Haechan & Mark watched The Conjuring in 127 dorm. Haechan said Mark had to pray before sleeping. Mark,”The Conjuring was too over (t/n: i think he meant exaggerating)” [gocksdk]

11. I feel sorry to my mum but i think this is my best birthday yet. - Jeno’s ending speech [not_mood_yet]

12. The members were told to say something to Jeno at the beginning of the party. Haechan says that he was with Jeno the longest during Rookies period. But after they debuted they barely see other, so now he starts to appreciate how precious Jeno’s existence is, so he will treat Jeno even better T_T [gocksdk] Jisung was shy to make a comment, he said that they see each other almost everyday these kind of comments would make their relationship awkward instead. [whynotjeno]

13. The NCT DREAM chatroom: A summary
Mark: Kids why aren’t you replying my messages
Jeno: Ugh everyone is so noisy
Jisung: sends links of popular online brain quizzes
Renjun: sends selfies
(and Mark hopes that Renjun would stop sending them)
Chenle: sends cute photos of Mark
Donghyuck: Don’t really speak in the chatroom.. [RENJUN_131]

14. 170421 KID JEN❤︎! [ARTIUM_CHAIRS]

15. Jeno,”Recently with Jisung, Renjun and Chenle, we are into this game”
Jeno,”It’s a chinese game called Grandpa, it’s a little like role play” [not_mood_yet] (t/n: I tried searching I have no idea what game is this)

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What do you think Harry acts like when he's drunk? Emotional? Cuddly? Funny?

Depends on the level of drunk, I think. 

If he’s had a couple of drinks, but he can still afford a few more before he’s really feeling it- he’ll be easily offended. Maybe he’ll make a dumb joke and you’ll blink at him before laughing just a moment too late, and his brows will furrow in confusion while he pouts those obscenely pink lips of his, “S’not… was funny right?” 

And when he does have a few more, he’s a lot more affectionate. Pulling you closer with fumbling hands and hooking his chin over your shoulder no matter who you’re talking to. A hand on your waist or your back, keeping you tucked closely to him. And when he does finally get you all alone he’s pulling you into his lap and burying his face into your neck, mumbling something incoherent about how you smell so good with an enthusiastic amount of pet names. Darling, and love, sweetheart, and if he’s really feeling it, baby. 

He’s a hugger, that’s no surprise. We’ve seen photos, so when he’s handing hugs out to everyone he can, you’re just smirking at him until he catches your eye and makes his way towards you, “Any left for me?” He laughs, pressing his lips to your forehead and petting your hair in a not so smooth movement, “Saved the best just fo’ yeh, love.”

I think Harry gets really cuddly, maybe in a low-key sloppy way at first. Wet kisses and slow nose nuzzles, smacking lips and tight embraces. And then, maybe a little cheeky too, depending on the setting. Squeezing your bum and murmuring something a little dirty, chuckling when you scold him in response, “Harry!” 

Lots of begging after a certain point too, “Please, pet, wanna… wanna take care o’ yeh. S’go home…” x

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Hey, we could donate some $$ for that mod. It's no different than donating money on nexus. That modder would get their money either way~ but this time it's for a specific mod.

I mean on one hand that is extremely kind of you, but on the other…
I would have to find a modder who has the skills, who takes commissions and is easy to work with. Then I would have to work together with them to make sure that the mod is exactly like I imagined. (I’m pretty anal about this. I’m all for artistic freedom when it comes to fanart and commissions but a follower mod would be different.) If he’s a voiced companion, I’d have to find a good voice actor. All of this takes a huge amount of time and effort, even if I’m only surveying the process of making the mod.

Maybe I’ll offer it as a Patreon goal? Cam’s familiar with modding and he could learn to make a basic Buttons companion, we just need to allocate our resources :P That way if you wanted to make it happen, you could support the comics we make instead of the mod directly, and still get the companion mod.
idk, I’ll think about it because I would too kill for a Buttons follower for myself!


(somewhat) quick doodles from XCVII

now if you’ll excuse me, i need to draw some smiley Jacks to counteract all these feels

Natsume Yuujinchou is beautiful and amazing and completely underrated. And since so many of my followers have never read (or even heard of) Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends), here’s a list of reasons you absolutely MUST read this manga (and watch the anime too because it’s amazing, but it does miss a few of the best chapters in the series):

The main character, Natsume Takashi has silver hair and eyes, and is also absolutely fucking stunning. He’s soft and warm and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, but he’s also ULTIMATE SASS MASTER. 

He has a very fat cat that can talk and also turn into a huge monster to eat people who try to hurt his human because he loves his human very much even though he likes to pretend he doesn’t.

Natsume is a foster child who has had so many horrible experiences with past foster families who only took him in to save face and who treated him horribly. But!!! He’s finally found his forever home! And they love and care for him and they’re literally the sweetest people in the entire world!!! (Yeah they changed his hair and eye colour in the anime to make him look more like his grandmother)

Originally posted by lazyfebruary

SPEAKING OF! Natsume can see youkai (spirits and monsters) and he had a very hard childhood because of it, because they’re not all friendly, and he sometimes can’t tell the difference between them and humans! In fact, a lot of them in his new town actually mistake him for his late grandmother, Natsume Reiko, who could also see youkai, and who went around being a badass, challenging youkai to fights and then forcing them to sign contracts to be her servants when they lost. She collected these contracts into the “Book of Friends”. She was just as stunning as her grandson, and her maiden name was actually Natsume. And she was Natsume’s maternal grandmother! Meaning that not only did Natsume’s mother take her mother’s surname, so did Natsume and his father!!

There’s a female youkai named Hinoe who is intimidatingly beautiful! And!!! She’s pan!!! She had a crush on Reiko!! And after getting to know Natsume, she feels the same way about him!!

Prayer Request!

So, in reference to my last post lol, I am seriously thinking about going to nursing school to become a registered nurse and maybe eventually even become a nurse practitioner! I don’t want to jump into doing this without knowing if this is what God wants me to do so prayers that this will all work out if it is what God wants me to do would be nice! Thank you all!

On a side note, I am doing much much mentally better now. I’ve been taking my pills again so whoop whoop i’m in a great mood and in a good state right now!!!! Thank you all sooo so so so much for your prayers, you guys mean a lot to me and I love you all because Jesus does!! Much much love and God Bless yall!

Hey Guys...

I have a little request for everyone, and it’s something I covered on my FAQs page, but I feel like maybe people don’t read the FAQs page, especially if they’re on mobile or something?  

Please, please, please, PLEASE don’t continue one of my ficlets without letting me know first?  Even if I wrote it for you?  

I’m taking prompts, yes, but I’m not in the business of story-starting.

Mostly because I am planning on continuing some of them?  And it would totally kill my muse if I was planning on continuing something, only to find out that someone else was already writing it.  :/    

I know these are only six sentences (some of them), but I still take the time to world build and characterize and whatnot, so I feel like I at least am owed some notice and credit before someone continues one of them.  

If you don’t mind.  :)  Thanks!  <3  

I’m just saying, hypothetically, if nygmobblepot was endgame I highly doubt they would hint at it. It has been such a big build up and one of the most suspenseful arcs of the season. Why would they just give the answer away? They wouldn’t. May just be wishful thinking, but I’m not letting these interviews shake me up too much.

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Hey so like, this is starting to act like a personal tumblr and not an ask. Is it possible for the sake of your mobile followers to answer personal questions privately or on another tumblr? Like, I don't have blacklist on my phone but half of those weren't even tagged. Please I'm begging you. I stopped following several other askblogs that devolved into this. Now I just have you and one other left.

Not going to lie, this ask made me really sad. 

I am human, not a robot that cranks out imagines and writing all the time, I have to interact with others too, who often give me feedback and encouragement to keep writing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t control where my followers send in personal asks, and some even don’t know that I have a personal blog. Personal asks mean as much to me as headcanons because they’re a nice break and a great way for all of us to have a good time, which is what this blog is about. I know that I can’t make everyone happy, but shouldn’t I do what makes me happy too on my own blog? 

I do my best with tagging, but I’m on mobile half of the time and if you’ve ever answered an ask mobily, you would know that you can’t tag anything. If someone wants to start a discussion on my personal blog, then that’s fine, or if they want to start it on Skelltales, that’s fine with me too. I am not going to change that, and if you don’t like it, you can always unfollow. 

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hey arden! you're lowkey one of my favorite taekook shippers... could you hook us up with some good fics? or add some to your fics page when you have time? i love all of you recs and i've gone through all of them already ;__;

sdnjfkhdjg i’m one of your faves? *clutches heart* what an honor… ;_;

and of course, anything for a fellow enthusiast! it’s currently exams period for me, but i’ll be sure to update my fic rec page as soon as i get a chance :’)  but for now, here are some ones i’ve enjoyed recently below~

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A Trusted Friend In Science

FF.net: (x)
AO3: (x)

Chapter Twenty-Nine - 2035.
A New Direction.

Settled in the guest bedroom, Chell was examining her wound in the mirror, curious to see how it was doing after two weeks on the road. The hem of her vest top held securely in her teeth, she ran her fingertips lightly over the bump of scar tissue, still red and raw-looking despite being healed. In time she knew it would fade to pink and then white, but for the moment she would still have to be mindful of it.

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I found the courage to rewatch S2-S3-S4... and it hit me. The show changed so much since S5!... the spy plots were so good back then. And C/Q interactions sooooooo damn great! In S5 and 6, I feel the writers were so upset about C and Q NOT getting together that they forgot how to tell a story! What you think?