watched ouat premiere
  • loved regina and snow/regina
  • zelena still completely and totally selfish, am unshocked
  • astonished they even remotely mentioned that yes, yes the whole robin situation was a clusterfuck and z/r aren’t immediately going to be friends
  • aladdin is hot
  • new jafar is very much like the disney version
  • jafar is also clearly the oracle (dead parrot with evil red eyes hypnotizing emma? please jafar up ur game) predicting SAVIOR DOOMZ
  • what even was the rumbelleception
  • a wild random season 3 emma appears, wow emma you surely never had any episodes last year where you learned that keeping secrets and shutting your family out was a bad idea, or in any season really
  • archie hopper: still a bad therapist since 2011
  • at least they made it so blindingly bloody obvious that killian knows this stinks to high heaven that i doubt it will be dragged out for long
  • because of course he does
  • get some new ideas guys
  • dum dum dum dum da dee
  • is it just me or is hyde reeeeeeeeallly chewing the scenery, i wanna take him seriously but he’s just like GRAVELY VOICE BLOODY EYES I AM CLEARLY EVIL FEAR ME that, yeah ok whatevers hyde
  • fun episode, but not super exciting for a premiere imho
  • i feel like this year i am finally more or less a casual fan and it’s a good thing? weird, yeah, but it’s been 4 years of high level painstaking detail involvement and now i’m just like, sure fun hour of television, don’t feel need to analyze it obsessively, cool, same time next week then ttyl
Setting down stones and walking away.

Several years ago, my best friend and future ex got into a spat with another artist online over some harsh but constructive critique. This artist handled herself very poorly, but my friend was an asshole about it too.

For years I’ve had a low key grudge against this artist, even shunning her snake blog purely based on one drama-filled day on deviantArt back in 2004 or so.

Yesterday, she was at the convention selling prints. As soon as I realised that yes, that was EXACTLY whom I thought it was, a sort of calm came over me. In that moment I realised… I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t HAVE to care anymore. That was my friend’s beef – those were his stones to carry, not mine.

So I chatted with her a little, bought a neat little print, and moved on in more ways than one.

I feel much lighter now I’m not carrying that around anymore.

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Komaeda and Hinata's relationship is extremely complicated and important in sdr2 but dr3 has basically retconned everything so literally none of Hinata's relationships other than Nanami have any relevance. Like in future arc we don't even see him with the other survivors because they just aren't important enough. In the narrative dr3 has crafted it wouldn't make any sense in dr3 for their relationship to get closure when they don't have any focus in this particular story.

^ Yes! This exactly! This is why everyone is mad about no komahina in despair arc, because it doesn’t give them build up to interact in Hope, and anyone who thinks they are still going to interact or have closure with this arc are pretty…optimistic? Very optimistic, I wish I could have your hope.

I mean, they might still, but it would feel a bit off, seeing as how they didn’t have any build up for it within the dr3 story. 

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Why don't you want them to get married? Just curious. I loved the latest chapter of Take My Sins as well.

Firstly, thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed the chapter :)

Secondly, I will answer this ask but I know it’s going to be controversial so I’m just going to say now that if anyone is vehemently in favour of a robron wedding or hates any negativity about robron then please just skip this post. I’ve seen a lot of arguments recently related to a few topics like this and I’m just not going to get involved in any disputes.

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*Shimono Yuki senbatsu member for the new single*
Sashiko: This is her first time in senbatsu since when? Suki Suki Skip?
Haruka: Yeah, since SuissiufjkghfdKip
Me: I’m in love with you and I’m gonna protect you from all the evil and the meanness in the world, nobody will dare to say a bad word about you I’m gonna fight them all you deserve all the love and the happiness in the world you little precious thing too cute, too pure for this world. 

11A 📨  11Q 📩  11P 📧

I was tagged by the amazing @starksnstripes, and I haven’t answered a tag game in a while, so…

  • 1. QUICK! What’s the first thing that comes into your head when I say CHEESE?? Cake. Also: Love. Because I love cheese.
    2. What’s your favorite sport? To play? Probably Volleyball. To watch? Football. Though I usually only watch when there’re big championships.
    3. What was your first fandom? Tolkien.
    4. Burgers or Pizza? Pizza.
    5. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do? Take @taurielsilvan​ on a trip to new Zealand for at least a month.
    6a. What’s the last dream you had? I never remember what I dream about. :/ So lets change this to a more interesting Q from the other 11 you asked:
    6b. Alien invasion or zombie apocalypse? Alien invasion always. No one has time for a damn zombie apocalypse.
    7. Tell me your favorite song. At the moment probably The Riddle by Five for Fighting.
    8. Gold or silver? Depends on what else goes with it. But I guess Gold.
    9. Would you rather learn sword-fighting, or archery? Archery. All the way. I can’t see myself being able to handle a sword, tbh.
    10. Earth, Air, Fire, or Water? Water. But I sometimes think Earth would be a better fit when it comes to having that power.
    11. Write a haiku about me! hahhaaa Because I’m so good at such things, ahaha, this is going to be terrible. Also is this how haiku work? Idk, idk.
              I love Tony Stark.
              And would protect him like hell.
              He deserves the best.

And I’m getting on the nerves of tagging the following lovely people:

Questions under the cut because this is getting long enough as it is…

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i just wanted to quickly say thank u so much for all the support!! i recently passed 2200 follows on here and that’s just rly crazy to me. i’m rly grateful and happy that u guys think this weird auntie and what she does is cool somehow.

i know i miss replies on my drawings a lot (tumblr replies are always testy w/me esp on mobile which is how i tend to browse 98% of the time), but i do read every single comment/message/ask that passes thru my notifs, even if i don’t always get a chance to respond!!! ;__;)/ i’m rly super humbled by how sweet everybody is. i could not ask for better!

as i tend to do from time-to-time, i’d like to point to my twitter, as it’s where i spend most of my time!! i also post more doodles there than i do here and sometimes take requests/prompts too which is a twitter-exclusive!

anyway, i just rly wanted to take the time to say thank u bc i rly do appreciate everyone’s kindness so, so much. i’ll continue to work hard and do my best!! (*,,ÒㅅÓ,,)و