I really love the rtfd cast. Like they’re really funny and they interact with their audience and that’s really cool.. Even though they create the trash content that we all love I sort of feel like they’re just part of the group as well. They shitpost too, and comment on alot of stuff that comes out of the streams, which i think is great. And i really love it. 


Scorpius, at Albus’ house: Your mom seems really nice!
Albus: Yeah, she was wondering if you’d like to stay for dinner?
Lily Luna, from the other room: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER

It’s such a colossal effort not to be haunted by what’s lost, but to be enchanted by what was // Jandy Nelson.

whats it like to catch feelings for someone n then have it work out in the end like i do not recall,,, i have never experienced that phenomenon,,,, i do not understand that concept,,,,,

Yeah, it was never going to be just three sentences, was it.

She’s measuring out the flour for her infamous Death Omen Delights when Sollux, casually whisking the Murder Weapon Meringues, says, “Hey, AA?”

“What, Sollux?” she says, still focusing on the flour.

“When that freak baking accident gets me.”

And here she looks up at him. “Not this again, Sollux, rea–”

“When that freak baking accident gets me,” he ploughs on, “will you bake our honeycomb cookies for my funeral?”

She sighs, and because there’s really no other answer, says, “Of course, Sollux.”

He keeps on whisking, but she can see a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “And you’ll leave some in my casket?”

She can feel the smile on her own face now, too. “I won’t let you go cookieless into the Afterlife, Sollux.”

Finally, he looks up to grin at her. “You’re the best, AA. And hey, I’ll share when you join me.”

yo i’ve been thinking about that ask someone sent @sylviaplathwrites talking about fighting hate with hate, and while these thoughts are more directed at a collection of things i’ve seen today and not just that ask (which was v polite and civil, and the perfect example of how anons should act), i just wanted to add also:

  • the majority of the anons i’ve seen coming forward have not been stating opinions; they’ve been talking personal experiences
  • they’re on anonymous, so it’s clearly not being done for attention
  • multiple people have stated that they are afraid to speak out about these experiences and have to hide behind the anonymous feature to feel safe
  • multiple people feel unsafe—not because of one individual, but because of the cluster of people who will act on another’s behalf, thinking they are doing a good thing! there are MULTIPLE people who have jumped on the anon hate bandwagon in the past on behalf of others, and it’s something that will continue to happen. i’ve seen this mentioned in at least one ask—that they are afraid of multiple people attacking them on this person’s behalf in a mob mentality

so this isn’t about driving out or calling out an individual and get vengeance or whatever else has been said

this is about trying to call out problematic behavior that makes people feel unsafe in what should be a safe zone, and bringing it to light so that people won’t feed into it and/or act on that toxic, problematic behavior themselves. no one should be afraid to log in to their account or speak their opinions on their own blogs because they fear for their own safety and mental health

please think twice about your words and actions! strive to make this place a safe zone however you can, apologize and take accountability when you fail to do that, and try harder the next time to do better!

i went way back into my old facebook photos to torture myself with how ugly and overweight i was in highschool, and instead of finding fodder for my own negativity i just found a whole bunch of really happy memories with people i really loved and it ended up just being a really positive experience????

pikavoca  asked:

Prin: Whoa, a dragon! Tell me, how does it feel when you fly, little guy? c: ~askcharredrinandfrostedlen

Child M!A: End

“I’ll have you know I’m much bigger than this D: I’m stuck as a hatchling right now!”

Day 20 - SaveWOY Email - Any good experiences with the WOY fandom?

(21/08) Day 20Any good experiences with the WOY fandom?

Today’s topic is about the WOY fandom. I’m not just talking about the fandom here on Tumblr. I’m talking about any and all of Wander’s fans. If you’ve interacted with other fans in a positive way then please get involved.

Perhaps you’ve made friends with fellow fans and regularly discuss the show or even just other things? Do you like how the fandom has very little drama? How do you feel about everyone’s efforts to save the show and how everyone has come together to work as a team? Have you maybe role-played with other fans? Or cosplayed with them? Collaborated on a Wander Over Yonder related project? Watched episodes with other fans?

Let’s show Disney how amazing and kind the WOY fandom can be!

Today we will email Gary.marsh@disney.com

Please keep your emails polite and respectful.

Thank you.

does anyone else get oddly possessive on pinterest? like: “no, that pin is for x character(/ship, /etc.), unpin it right this moment!