A Glass of Dinner With My Wine

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Fem Reader

Warnings- Swears, Alcohol

Can you do one where D/P comes and picks you up from a night of drinking with your friends and needs to take care of them?-Anon

You don’t honestly remember calling him to come and get you. It was three in the morning and you were standing outside of a club with a drink and a broken shoe in hand. You had gone out with some friends for a birthday party. What started innocently enough had turned into a blackout kind of night. You had just gotten out of the bar to get a breath of fresh air and to recollect yourself when Phil had pulled up in a taxi with a bottle of water and a pair of flip-flops in hand. The two of you spotted each other pretty quickly within the crowd of other drunk people. Phil walked up to you with a smirk on his face to let you know that not only were you in trouble but that you were going to be owing him big time for this one.

“Hi, Baby! How did you? Hold on, I’m not feeling the greatest.” Phil smiled as he reached to link his arm along with yours to help take some of your weight off your not broken shoe. “Thank you. Are we goin home?” Phil nodded as he pulled you lightly through the crowd. You tried to focus on keeping up with Phil but the guy who was pissing on the statue beside the bar had caught your attention. For whatever reason, you had felt like it was your duty in that moment to be the pissing police. “Hey, shit head. How about you go piss in the bathroom like a normal guy so the whole world doesn’t have to see your micro penis?” Phil pulled you closer to him as he ducked the two of you back into the crowd so you wouldn’t get mauled by the guy who had enough muscles to fight in the MMA. Phil was relieved once he could pull the two of you were back in the taxi he came in. Once inside Phil told the drive to take the two of you back to his apartment.

“Lift your leg with the shoe,” Phil said tapping his lap to signal to put your leg on it. You did as he said. Not without a few struggles of getting your leg up that high and not flash the driver. Once up Phil started at the strap on your ankle. Pulling at the little clip before removing the shoe and letting it hit the floor beside its broken match. “How did you manage to make your leg so sticky? No first answer how you broke your shoe.” You gave a quick hiccup before trying to think back as to how you did manage to break your good dancing shoes.

“I think, I fell when I was trying to tell the DJ he should play better music.” Phil laughed as he put one of your flip flops on before dropping the one leg and signalling for the other.

“DJ’s don’t exactly love when you insult their work.” You thought about what Phil said before lifting your other leg up to his lap.

“Maybe he should do his job right. No one likes hopelessly devoted to you from Grease. Especially in a weird remix with club music over it.”  You ran a hand over your face to push your hair out of your face to find a phone number smudged along your palm. “Look, I got a number. It was from a girl who was like ten feet tall. I told her the two of you should wrestle for my heart.” Phil rolled his eyes and bit the tip of his tongue before handing you over the water. “I am not thirstly. I think I have had anough.”

“Too bad. Drink it. You will thank me in the morning. Just like you better thank me for getting out of bed at three in the morning to come and get you from the bar.” You took a small sip from the bottle before handing it back to him so you could rest your head against the window. The cool glass felt nice on your hot cheeks.

“How did you know I needed saving? Did I call you? Are we home soon?” Phil pulled you over in your seat so you could cuddle into him to try and balance you out to help with the spinning feeling.

“We will be home in five minutes Just focus on your breathing. No, you didn’t call me. You called Dan telling him not to let me know but that you didn’t know how to get home and that the girls at the bar were making you go home. I assumed you broke your shoe like you did at VidCon so I brought the flip flops. You owe Dan a big apology and maybe even a coffee for waking him up so early to listen to you try and explain what bar you were at. He tried to convince you to talk to me but you were adamite about not having me find out.” You let out a groan as you pushed your face further into Phil’s arm trying to focus on your breathing and Phil’s scent instead of the seemingly never-ending car ride. Once the car came to a stop Phil paid the most likely crazy expensive fee before coming around to your side of the taxi to help you out of the door. As you took your first step out you were beyond grateful that you were no longer in your broken heels. Phil grabbed your purse and old shoes before helping you up to the front door of his and Dan’s apartment. Phil opened the door and lead you to the elevator before you became distracted by crying girl in the lobby area. You pushed away from Phil to try and go talk to her but Phil had a death grip on your arm.

“Philip! That girl is crying. She needs a tissue. My purse. Please.”

“Y/N. Just leave her alone. No one like to be crying and then be interrupted by an intoxicated girl.” You gave Phil a look before taking your bag from him and marching towards said girl. Once in front of her, you kneeled down the set to look inside your purse for the little pack you always kept for emergencies. You found them after the third shake to your bag. You handed the girl the pack looking at her cute tear stained face. “Hi. Are you ok? I’m Y/N I might be a bit drunk but I am a good listener.” The girl looked down at you. If you weren’t intoxicated you would have probably seen how weird it is that this drunk girl is asking if she can help console a girl in the lobby of her boyfriend’s apartment. Phil stood close in case the girl took your kindness and concern as an insult and decided to start swinging.

“I am ok. My stupid boyfriend decided he didn’t want to see each other anymore. I should have seen it coming.” You gave the girl a look of pity as you pulled her into an unexpected hug. At first, she was ridged and uncomfortable but then she decided that she either needed the hug or that you wouldn’t let go until she hugged back. Once the two of you let go you looked at her with a bit of tears in your own eyes. Call it pity or the buzz you were still dealing with but you felt for the poor thing.

“Boys are the worst! He was probably a meanie and a bad lover! I think we girls should just say fuck the men and start our own civilisations. Except for Phil. I love Phil. Oh my God my manners.” You quickly stood up and pulled at Phil to come closer to the girl in the chair. “This is my boyfriend Phil. He is the best boyfriend ever. You need your own Phil. Once time we umm. Well, my brain is a little fuzzy but he is the greatest. I love him. I love you, Phil.” You said turning to him before wrapping an arm around his waist. “I’m sorry you got dumped. Maybe next time you will do good.” Phil decided to end it there and pulled you lightly on your arm to get you to follow him towards the elevator. You waved goodbye to the girl as you rubbed at your face. You were sure all of this face rubbing was causing you to look like a racoon between the makeup and the sharpie that was coming off of your palm.  

Once inside of the elevator Phil hit the fifteenth-floor button as you sat on the ground. Phil looked down to find you resting your heavy head on the wall as you closed your eyes. “Are you meditating?” You put a finger up to your lips and gave a quiet shhhh before going back to letting your head rest on the wall. Sober you knew that the floor in the elevator wasn’t all that clean. But drunk you could be sitting in mud and you still wouldn’t care. It was the best place to be in the elevator at this moment. The elevator slowed and the doors opened. You cracked an eye to only be disappointed that you weren’t on the right floor. But rather still six floors away from where you wanted to be. The couple who had walked into the elevator looked from yourself to Phil. You had already closed your eyes again so Phil gave a simple but effective answer. “Super drunk.” The couple nodded as they faced the door to continue the ride up with Phil and yourself. The elevator gave a ding signalling that you were almost home free for the evening. Phil helped you up off the floor before giving a little-embarrassed nod to the couple before helping you down the hall to his and Dan’s place. Before entering Phil turned to you and gave you back the shhhh you had given him earlier.

“Rude. I am as quiet as a mouse church.” Phil blinked a few times before pushing open the door to the apartment. It was weird to see it this early in the morning as you were usually in Phil’s bed at this time in the evening. The only light that was available was from the lamp in Phil’s room that he left on before leaving. You lead the way to Phil’s room before getting distracted by the kitchen. You had never felt as hungry as you did at this exact moment.

“Oh no, no, no, no. We are not going into the kitchen to make a bunch of noise and a mess leading to Dan waking up and reprehending the both of us.” You tried to give Phil the puppy dog eyes but it didn’t seem to be working in the pitch black of the kitchen.

“But I need food Phillllly. What if I’d thrown up?” Phil let out a breath before turning on the little light above the stove.

“When did you get sick?” You looked at Phil confused as you squinted in the small light.

“No, I haven’t. But if I do it would be because you didn’t feed me.” Phil kissed your forehead then turned around to put a piece of bread in the toaster. “That’s not exactly what I had in mine. I mean my mind.” Talking was becoming increasingly harder as it got later and later which made you frustrated.

“Mum always made me toast with butter when I would come home drunk. It seemed to help so that’s what you get. Do you want to go and change or stay here and wait with me?” You thought for a moment before wrapping both of your arms around Phil’s torso. You didn’t really want to be without him. Nor did you honestly think you could find his room alone.

Once you ate your toast and had a drink of juice you let Phil drag your sleepy ass to his room. You sat down on his bed as he went to the closet to find something for you to wear. “I just want one of your shirts. I’m hot and I don’t want to sleep in any pants.” Phil smiled as he pulled his NASA shirt out of the closet to bring to you. Phil had sat on the bed beside you helping you to unzip the dress you were wearing. You were thankful to shed not only the dress but also your bra. Phil handed you his shirt letting you pull it over your head before pulling the covers back so you could crawl into your side of the bed. Resting your head on the pillow you thought for a second before sitting up and looking at Phil who was across the room putting your dress in his laundry basket. “My legs are sticky from all the beer that got spilt on me. “Phil went over to your side of the bed to lean down and brush a strand of your hair out of your face.

“Don’t worry about it. We can do laundry tomorrow after we have a shower.” Phil kissed your cheek before walking over to his side of the bed to turn off the lamp and cuddle into your back. “Good night my drunk little girlfriend.

“Good night. Thanks for saving me.” Phil leant down to kiss your shoulder before pulling you closer as the two of you closed your eyes for the evening. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Here Comes the Sun - Chapter Twenty-two


Henry stood at the kitchen sink, helping Nora scrub clams. They looked clean to him, but it wasn’t his call to make, and he’d rather help than just stand and watch. “You know you don’t have to do this, right? You can rest this evening, just relax.”

Nora shook her head and tossed the clean clam into the cooler of ice. “No. I want to. It will give me something to do.”

“You could just sit on my lap and let me feed you and kiss your neck.”

Nora’s hand faltered as she reached for another clam. “Everyone will be there!”

“Yes, well since you announced to everyone this morning that I’m amazing in bed, thank you for that by the way, I’m fairly sure they won’t be surprised by me kissing your neck.”

“Yes,” she shot a look at him out of the corner of her eyes, “but you tend to get handsy when you kiss my neck.”

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