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Do you have a masterpost of all the times Connor has mentioned Troye in videos?

LIST OF ALL THE TIMES CONNOR MENTIONED TROYE (I think I got them all- including times that aren’t on Connor’s channel)

Who Would We F*ck? (ft. Tyler Oakle-y)

My Biggest Insecurity


Dirty Habits

The Emoji Challenge

Connor Frant-a’s Story | ‘AMPLIFY U’

My Haunting Story

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Blog rec for underrated blogs? Like people who don't have many followers and you think deserve more or just blogs that don't have enough attention?

I wanted to do this for a while and this is the perfect opportunity sooo

reblog or like this if you’re a “small” tronnor blog and want to be checked out :)

(I’ll be following from my main blog “reachfortheflowers”)

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I feel like one day Connor will reblog an edit of him kissing troye or some smut someone wrote and the whole fandom will just be silent for a second then explode

Maybe their first video will be a reaction to their tumblr tag and we can all just burst into flames

Saving John Watson

And he holds John’s head in his hands.

The pallor of his skin is worse. John’s eyes are open and unseeing. His mouth is pinched, his face lax.

“Forgive me,” Sherlock whispers, pressing his clammy forehead to John’s, trapping sweaty curls. “I didn’t want to do it- not like this-” His thumbs rotate against John’s temples, feeling the coarseness of his blond-grey hair-

Sherlock leans further, and kisses John.

He cannot taste anything beyond the blood.


In which John dies seven times, and Sherlock Holmes saves him the eighth time- wakes up- and is saved in return.



I’m absolutely floored by this fic. It’s been a long while that I’ve read a johnlock fic this composed and well thought out. Not to mention with a very interesting inspiration (of a great quote, no less). This story features two ‘arcs’, I like to call them. One is Sherlock’s dream sequence, the other is John’s waking perception of the dreams and his take on Sherlock. The dream sequence is one that seems very true to actual dreams (nightmares) that people have. In a lot of other fics, dream sequences are treated very flat, plain if you will. In actuality, dreams often shift without making sense, but are all still connected, with odd logic that doesn’t resonate in the waking world yet makes perfect sense to the dreamer. Saving John Watson follows that intricate path. I was in love with Sherlocks’s dream sequence and the bountiful symbolism held within it. It was slightly confusing at first, but later parts in that arc make up for it and explains itself. Not to mention, the arc held copious amounts of ‘big words’ and a high vocabulary. Considering Sherlock’s character, it’s extremely natural sounding to hear such large words coming from his thoughts and –later on– dialogue. 

Sherlock’s dream arc is not, however, the only outstanding bit of this fic. John’s characterisation is handled quite well, and quite believable. I simply cannot get over the small inserts of John’s actual thought process - it gives so much insight into him as a person, giving much more than actions alone. It’s a shame other authors do not include thoughts in such a way. My only complaint with John’s arc is that his development is taken very quickly when compared to Sherlock’s development. He seems to rush to conclusions a little bit, and pre-existing feelings aren’t really shown before the ‘main event’. Perhaps it’s better this way, but to me, at least, it felt just slightly rushed. It was definitely not a deal breaker, though. I still greatly enjoyed this story and I definitely recommend it to someone looking for a more obscure look into using dreams as plot devices in stories. 

Word Count: 4, 703

Rating: A 

Saving John Watson by YankingAwry

- Kat