didn’t get through door 9 after all, did you, junpei?

Sad headcanon time: Sometimes Mist would ask Ike to sleep near her because if he snored, he kind of sounded like their father. 

Ike often couldn’t fall asleep because there was a lingering guilt within him from not being able to prevent their father’s death. It was nice to see her in a peaceful state.

(I really want to do a nice picture of this sometime but sketches are good too in the meantime.)

Fire Emblem Final Bosses

FE 1/11: A dragon

FE 2: Slimy dragon

FE 3/12: The same dragon as before but darker

FE 4:A wizard with a dragon

FE 5: A dark bishop

FE 6: A dark dragon

FE 7: A fire dragon

FE 8: Satan

FE 9: Man on a dragon

FE10: A goddess

FE 13: The dragon is also the map


Finished the Robins! The first three sets are based off of pairs while the last was inspired by matchabot’s design. I was going to throw in a Chrom alt that matchabot also designed, but it was difficult to get the colors down…

1,2 - Tactician/Mark and Lyndis (FE 7 Blazing Sword)

3,4 - Hector and Eliwood (FE 7)

5,6 - Ephraim and Eirika (FE 8 Sacred Stones)

7,8 - Soren (FE 9 Path of Radiance/10 Radiant Dawn) insp.

If you have time, head over to matchabot’s blog and check out her work! Also have a look at my Lucina edits here, here, and here.