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here are some nice colored things from the past month, since i wanted to do the fatesona 30 day challenge. i can only do snippets at a time, so lord knows if ill do any more. but at least i designed her original troubadour outfit, and her advanced maid class dress. here’s a little info:

age: 21
sex: female
affiliation: corrins army (previously nohr)
starting class: troubadour
personal skill: healing intuition (rosamund can equip rods and staves regardless of her current class)

rosamund was born into nobility in nohr. from a young age she was pressured to develop her physical skills and become a knight, but she found her talents were of greater use in the medical field. she eventually became a doctor to the royal family, and was deployed to the front lines many times during nohrs campaigns. she dislikes battle and conflict, but attaches herself easily to people, forming bonds that make her very protective. she joins fights in order to heal and protect those she cares about.

off the battlefield, rosamund is very polite and will often stick to formalities. though kind, she is also very serious. it is very hard for her to be naturally relaxed. she feels as though she needs to constantly contribute to corrins cause, lest she be branded as lazy. she is gullible, and will often not understand sarcasm.

though she is not a retainer to any of the royal siblings, she is fiercely devoted to lord leo, as she was usually deployed alongside him as his medic in nohrian campaigns.

her best friends are mozu, benny, arthur, felicia, camilla, and odin. her potential love interests are ignatius, laslow, shura, and niles.

Since I see so many Fatesonas flying around lately, I felt like creating my own =3

(though this one is just a flat coloured sketch, which is why the lineart is so messy)

Name: Nayume
Class: Kitsune
Height: 175cm

Brief description of personality:

Nayume is a pretty introverted Kitsune, which is why she appears more cool and silent at first glance.
She likes her alone time, and quiet places.
Crowded places and noisy people make her uncomfortable.
But if she finds a friend, she opens up und is actually a warmhearted person.
Even bubbly when she get’s exited.

She likes sweet food.

Isyarat Rindu

…dan aku, tiada punya lagi sajak cinta untukmu,
bahkan, sudah sejak lama, tatkala kata- kata kita tiada menghasilkan apa-apa, kecuali kesedihanmu.

Aku hanya ingin memeram gelisah dingin,
jemariku takpernah lelah memunguti kecemasan angin.

Tiada yang pulang kepada barisan rindu,
malam kian hangat, oleh denting-denting sunyi yang mulai berkarat.

Serang, 25 Oktober 2016
Sebentar lagi, malam akan berlalu, dari tengadah doaku, kukirim isyarat rindu untukmu. Semoga pagi nanti, sampai di pelataran dadamu.

It’s been a while since ive made an original post about Fates (Excluding the Forrest)

So lets talk about Azel 5.0

No rlly lookie

He a pimp

His dad is tribal One Punch Man

he ripped

he so romantic (Not my video, I dont even rlly ship this)

he told off a hippie

and his daughter is hot.

I rest my case fellas. just the facts.

Things to note about Chrom’s Army (Which you’d only learn from supports and DLC)
  • Henry wants to make a curse to rid mother’s of childbirth pain.
  • Inigo learned his philandering ways by misinterpreting his mother’s advice of “talk to women to overcome shyness!”
  • Brady promised Inigo to that he’d play violin for him if Inigo promised to dance with him.
  • Owain is haunted by his first kill and is terrified of bridges,
  • Lon’qu loves potatoes, while Panne cannot eat them.
  • Sully is a noble from a long line of knights.
  • Virion literally ran away from his wartorn country, hoping that if he ran, his men would resent his cowardice and stop fighting rather than die for him. It worked, to Virion’s relief and shame.
  • Virion beats Robin in chess. Consistently. He’s smart enough to realize he’s not fit to be a tactician however due to how much he sacrifices.
  • Libra’s parents, ironically, thought he was possessed by demons and abandoned him.
  • Kellam started being ignored by his family because he was selfish and never shared his toys. It just kinda…stuck.
  • Ricken can butter sculpt.
  • Basilio considers Gregor his equal and a worthy candidate for becoming a Khan.
  • Lon’qu doesn’t drink. Ever.
  • Stahl suffers from stomach cramps, but luckily, he’s a skilled apothecary.
  • Gaius can cook and sew extremely well.
  • Frederick is terrified of wild animals.
  • Gerome and Brady share similar fashion tastes.
  • Chrom once knocked Vaike out with his goulash in a cooking contest, then claimed he won by technical knockout.

Feel free to add.