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hello there! can i please request some doodle icons of elle fanning? can you also make them in circles, if it's possible please? thank you!

Under the cut you’ll find 17 circle doodle icons of Elle Fanning and an added bonus of the icons without the doodles making it a total of 34 icons

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16.11.20 fancafe - bts_Suga

Good day
The star we thought was too far away for us to reach has become a reality
First I want to thank ARMY for giving me this award
Actually, rather than us receiving it
I think it more right to say that ARMYs received this

Over the period of 3 years of being a trainee and the 3 years after debut, there was never a moment where it wasn’t intense

I was running forward with no time to look back
But when I was running there were happy days, difficult days and truthfully, there were many days where I wanted to give up
finally, good days like this are coming again
ARMY, thank you for making the days good

would there be days again where I’m happy like this
you guys received this award raise your head honorably
2016/11/19 I will remember forever
I won’t forget ARMY I Iove you

trans; @hobuing | do not repost or crop credit


3/1/17 9:32 AM // studying physics and SAT stuff this morning in my second study space I arranged yesterday. It has absolutely nothing around it, just a table, and I have to carry the things I need from my study room. So far it’s proven to be effective for maximizing concentration, maybe you could try it :)