Yooo so for those of you who like mind mapping

I do too! And a recent FBLA test on business management  had a ton of stuff to memorize, so that meant TEN BILLION MINDMAPS

And doing all that by hand was tedious, so I found this lil app in Google Drive called Coggle.

There’s a nice simple Coggle. It was made in under fifteen minutes, and Coggle basically controls things like color and which way the arrows go. You can get a paid version that gives you more control, but I thought these worked fine.

This exponentially more complex Coggle–sorry about the poor quality–has dashed, light lines connecting loosely associated ideas. I used both of these as organized study guides, and found the system to be intuitive and fun.

Happy studying!

Post Conference Depression Symptoms:

Lack of concentration on everything

Lost of motivation to work

Endless falking of pictures/people 

Continuous reminiscing of the conference

Craving junk food

Talking to everyone 

Counting down to the next conference 

Having dreams about conferences 

Sleep deprivation


4-18 to 4-22 SLC2012

1st pic - We always need a group picture of the 2012 Seniors of FBLA.

2nd pic - Group picture. This was the only one in focus.

3rd pic - Congrats on State Champ Jasmine! We SORTA met at LDI2012, and we got to know each other on a really personal level. I find it crazy on how much we trust each other with the little time we spent with one another. Once again, congrats Jasmine ! Thanks for the note + the gift !