Nick Fury gave me this badge. When he did, I swore an oath, we all did. To serve when everything else fails, to be humanity’s last line of defence, to be the shield.


30 days of call the midwife

Day 4 - favourite child

I’m going to be really cheeky on this one and have a favourite child and a favourite baby as I cannot choose between the two. My favourite child is definitely Timothy turner. Such a fabulous character with some great storylines and one liners. However you cannot ignore baby Angela turner. She is my favourite baby. Her facial expressions are just brilliant. No lines are spoken but the way she looks in certain scenes you just know what she’d be saying if she could talk!! Put them two together and you have the cutest winning combination ever!! I may be stupid but it’s brilliant casting if you ask me. Timothy actually looks like he could be Patrick’s son!! And I know Angela is adopted so it wouldn’t really matter but she totally looks like she could be the result of a sexy night between shelagh and Patrick. Tmi?? I don’t really care 😜

I get told by my parents I’m cheeky, cocky, out of order, negative, loud, lazy, dizzy, unorganised, silly, untidy, ungrateful, irresponsible……. They say its because of my age, because I’m showing off or just misbehaving but they don’t know I do it because I’m hurting, I’m trying to scream but no one can hear! living in the shadow of my siblings! I will never be good enough, they will never love me as much, I will always be the weird one, the one that doesn’t fit in!

playing outside with the 4 year old i babysit...
  • Girl:We have to go put our shoes on now! Or else we'll get bladder infections!
  • Me:Wait, what?
  • Girl:Bladder infections! Girls get them faster than boys. We have to go put our shoes on!
  • Me:What do shoes have to do with bladder infections?
  • Girl:If we don't wear shoes we'll get a bladder infection, we have to put our shoes on or it'll hurt our feet!
  • Me:...wait, do you mean blisters?!
  • Girl:Oh... right!