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My favorite Cas faces are the confused face with that little head tilt and that sassy face like I wouldn't be surprised if he snaps his fingers after every sassy thing he does 😂


Sim request for @soundasleepsims!

You requested a teen Caucasian female with a petite (but not skinny) frame, blonde hair, gray eyes, and a preppy style. She has dreamed of space ever since she was a little girl, and hopes to meet the extraterrestrial love of her life someday!

She requires my favorite face overlay(s), blushes, and eyelashes which can all be found here.

Hair [x], eyebrows [x], eyeliner [x], eyeshadow [x], top [x], leggings [x], shoes [x].

ToU: Don’t use as a base, don’t claim as your own, and do tag me if you use!

Gallery ID: dimesonhereyes

Joji facts from the h3h3 podcast
  • has a bag full of seeds in preparation for the end of the world
  • brings the “tightest gifts” to baby showers 
  • will b at ethan and hilas childs bris 
  • believes in “demons” 
  • his mom cried and said hes going to hell after seeing his tattoo 
  • religious? “its complicated” “Agnostic” 
  • and my favorite: makes this face at “women are- in a nature sense- to be conquered”

I still remember the way you take your coffee and how your voice sounds in the morning. I still remember your favorite flower and the face you make when something awkward happens. The size of your t-shirts and the posters on your wall. What you wore the first time I saw you.

That doesn’t mean I still love you - I don’t.
That doesn’t mean I’m not over you - I am.
That means you were meant to leave an impact on my life, in order for me to find the right one. You succeeded. You were a lesson.
I’ll appreciate that someday.
Until then, iced coffee that you’ll put in the fridge for later. Lilac roses. Extra large. Grey’s Anatomy. Jeans and a white shirt.
I’m happy. I hope you are, too.