• alias:  mads
  • favorite plots: everything that breaks my heart. angst, doomed triangles, bitter divorcees, hateships, age gaps, siblings siblings siblings, jerks-with-a-heart-of-gold, jerks-with-a-heart-of-jerk, alcoholics, trainwrecks and the people they barrel through, etc. etc.
  • favorite faces: lol strap in - rinko kikuchi, garrett hedlund, tao okamoto, michael fassbender, juno temple, jena malone, tessa thompson, vinnie woolston, marion cotillard, rami malek, mary elizabeth winstead, gillian anderson, a billion models.
  • previews you’d like to see: ugh it all looks gorgeous just keep doing what you’re doing.
  • one item you’d bring to a new world: lots and lots of whiskey.
  • a gif that describes you: 

Favorite new hobby: Face Squishin’

Amazing… Your phobia of women is completely gone! 
No. It’s just… It’s only gone with you.

art trade with the fabulous Kai (@krazehkai) and !!! I’m !! So !! Happy!!!  thanks for being patient! hahaha i know i took 842849 years to do this but its done now! :)

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