I suffocate for thin people

Maybe this is just me, but I doubt it.

I get out-of-breath easily. And I am hyper-aware of my heavy breathing. If there is even a possibility of it falling on fatphobic ears, I force myself to breath the bare minimum of shallow breaths so that I won’t pass out, in order to make as little noise as possible.

I wish I could just fucking breath the air my body needs.


I’m going to keep bringing this up because the fact that so many people understand what it’s like to be ridiculed for being over weight from a young age disgusts me. I know many people will re-tweet or reblog this out of humor and I don’t find it funny at all cause all the things that they tweet about is a moment that actually happens and is devastating. If you don’t think that a mother has told her daughter she’s worthless and no guy will ever look at her because she’s over weight you r wrong and if you also don’t think a girl or guy has cried in a store trying on clothing cause they think they aren’t worth it you would be wrong again. And also if you notice it’s not just girls who have this problem boys do to and I personally believe we should stop fat shaming especially towards young children who will grow up thinking they are worthless. Rant over.

HUNK IS NOT FAT (Long rant)

Ok  guys. Let’s do this.

SO. Here, look at our precious friend and boy.

As you can, see, he is a big boi. HOWEVER. Some people don’t like him, because he is considered FAT. Other people have an issue with the fact that he is canonically very passionate about FOOD, because it seems that it is directly tied to his weight. 

But his figure is NOT that of an overweight individual.

THIS is an overweight person.

 Compare this man to Hunk. Notice how this man’s stomach sags over his waistband and he has rolls, and how his arms are round and plump. Now look at Hunk again.

His arms are very muscular. His stomach does not appear to stretch out past his waistband. He his about the same thickness in stomach, waist, and hips, and the thickness continues into his thighs, unlike the overweight man, who is obviously thicker and fatter around his stomach than in his waist and hips. Furthermore, Hunk does not have rolls, or “man-boobs” as they are called, like the man above him does.  In the show, his thick body does not move like fat, and over all appears much more solid than fatty and jiggly. HUNK IS NOT FAT.

You know what type of body Hunk has?

THIS MAN is a competitor in a STRONG MAN COMPETITION. He is thick and muscular, however his muscles are not as ‘out there’ and obvious as those of a body-builder, because a body-builder’s muscles are meant for show and not function. This man’s muscle is built to WORK.

HERE is another competitor.

SAME HERE. This man is not fat, he is made up of functional muscle built for extreme function. Notice that the last two men, both Strong Man competition competitors, have bodies that look SIGNIFICANTLY MORE LIKE HUNK’S body than an obese person’s does.

PLUS, there is that fact that Hunk’s Lion, the Yellow Lion, is big, bulky, and has abilities that almost always represent or involve STRENGTH, such as body slamming enemies instead of shooting at them, which the Yellow Lion does on several occasions.

It’s a slight stretch, but you could even say his lion is designed to look MORE MUSCULAR than the designs of the other lions. Big and bulky.

SO, the main point of all this: HUNK IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, FAT, OVERWEIGHT, OR OBESE. He has a strong body type with muscles built for FUNCTION.  His passion for food is PASSION FOR FOOD, FLAVOR, AND THE ART OF COOKING, and is NOT an obsession related to overweight individuals. HUNK IS HEALTHY.

When I say I want more fat acceptance I don’t mean I want to see more hourglass shaped, cellulite free white girls rocking 50s pinup style.

Give me fat people with different fat distribution. Give me fat people in bathing suits. Give me fat people with no sense of style. Give me fat people of color. Give me fat trans people and fat gender non-conforming people. Stop making one narrow body type of fat people the only ‘acceptable’ fat body. You’re all body acceptance or you’re not really body acceptance.



I’m tired as the fuck of y'all girls who are just thick with barely one roll and a flat stomach posting shit…

Go sit your not fat ass down…rude ass fishing for likes and dumb ass niggas buckin y'all head up going along with it.

Another annoying thing as a plus size woman, is the only attention I get are from the following groups:

Guys that are repulsed by my size and insult me for having the audacity to be fat.


Guys that want to fuck me purely for that reason.

To one I’m less than human. To the other I’m just a sex toy.

I’d love to be seen as a person someday.

I always lose a bunch of followers after posting or reblogging a body positive photo that involves a someone with a chubby tummy or fat body parts…. Like come on people, those that have chubby body parts are deserving of being seen as beautiful people, just like those who are skinny or muscly or seen as a “normal” body shape. This is 2017 people, everyone’s beautiful, no matter your size or shape!!!!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Health At Every Size lately, and why it’s so crucial to me, especially as someone with a chronic illness that causes my weight to fluctuate a lot. 

First of, I think I’ve come to find that my take on HAES is very different than what the anti-HAES people seem to think it is. 

My simple take on the movement: Focusing on living a healthy lifestyle without the main goal being weight loss. Meaning eating responsibly, and as healthily as possible while being accountable for what I put in my body. Being as physically active as is safe for me at the time, and pushing my limits when I’m able to. Using exercise and physical activity to help with mental health as well. A good ballet class is far more effective than any therapy session in my book. 

It is absolutely not anti weight loss. Over the past year and a half I managed to lose 50 pounds, but now that I’m having heart issues gain, I’m having issues with fluid retention. Before anyone chimes in saying my problems are from clogged arteries from a crappy diet, I’m so sorry to disappoint but my latest cardiac work up showed no blockages, no calcifications, no plaque, no coronary artery disease whatsoever. It’s all arrhythmia problems from autonomic nervous system dysfunction. (and believe me, cardiologists do not sugar coat ANYTHING, as it should be.)

In the past two months I’ve probably gained and lost 15 pounds 3-4 times. Somehow my overall weight trend is down, but daily, even weekly it’s all over the place. I *have* to weigh myself daily to keep track of it. And damn if it doesn’t drive me crazy. And while I know it’s physically impossible to gain 5 pounds of fat overnight, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess with me. If I could walk away from the scale forever I would, but I know it’s necessary to keep track of things. It’s enough to make me want to give up some times.

But I can’t. I know I can’t. If I gave up on trying to be as healthy as possible, it would be a death sentence. I’m completely convinced that the reason I’ve managed to tolerate my heart issues as well as I have is because I’ve done my best to be as physically active as I have. 

If the *only* measure of success I used to measure my habits was weight loss, I would have given up a long time ago. 

You cannot give up on healthy habits just because you’re not losing the weight quickly.You cannot give up because you gain a few pounds. You cannot give up because your body is not acting the way you think it should. 

This idea of treating weight loss as the ultimate reward for being healthy is one that has to change. A healthy lifestyle is its own reward, nothing more, nothing less. The benefits of attempting to be as healthy as possible still show in your body whether or not you lose weight. 

That’s not to say that you won’t lose weight or that losing weight is bad, but it should absolutely not be the penultimate measure of one’s health. 

The tldr version: My version of Health At Every Size simply means attempting to live as healthy a lifestyle of possible without using weight loss as the sole measure of health. 

It really is as simple as that.

Fatphobia and body policing have literally NOTHING to do with ‘health’ concerns.

You can parade your fat phobia under whatever banner you want but what it comes down to is you just hate people you don’t personally find physically attractive.

If it was really a concern about health you would encourage fat people exercising. But you don’t. You shame and humiliate and mock us.
You’re only allowed to work out if you are already thin.

If it was really a concern about health you would not exclusively target fat people for eating junk food. If it was really about health and not just hatred of fat you would care when thin people eat like shit. But you don’t.

If it was really about health you would ask me when I last had my eyes checked, or when my last genital exam was, or when I last had a good night sleep, or how I’m coping with the bullshit fatphobic assholes like you are throwing at me. But you don’t, because it isn’t about my fucking health. Because it has nothing to do with my health.

That’s just what you are using as an excuse to condemn every body you don’t personally find visually appealing.

It’s so annoying that there are generic looking skinny white people who are able to pull off a perfect cosplay of almost any female character.  And I think that speaks volumes about how we treat female characters in our society. 

I want more fat girl representation. Not “thick girls”. Not “curvy”. Not “little waist but big ass and boobs”. Not “a little chubby” I want to see women with big round bellies, flabby arms, back fat, double and triple chins. I want girls with huge calves and love handles and cellulite. Fat girls smalls boobs and a flat ass. Fat girls with chubby hands and cheeks. And I want them to love themselves and be 100% comfortable with their bodies. I’m so tired of the one overweight character in a movie/show having to be the sad one that has to overcome body image issues to makes the show ~relatable~ for 3 minutes. I just want fat characters without plots centered around their size.

I always find it funny when guys post side by sides of a fat girl, one full body picture and one close up and they complain about the girl lying about her body. If she posts both pictures how the fuck is she lying???? You’re just upset that you found a big girl attractive and need to look to the Internet for validation that you’re not the only guy “being deceived” when in reality you’re insecure. Don’t worry boo, that big girl doesn’t want your ass anyway.

I really hate how this whole “plus size” girl, “love all body types” movement is SO limited.

All these “chubby” and “thick” girls STILL fall into the categories of typical beauty standards.

And these girls have proportionately large breasts, and small waists. Not to mention completely smooth skin and unrealistic fat distribution altogether.

How about some girls with actual BELLIES, girls with CELLULITE, and large girls with SMALL breasts.

Also, many larger girls have flat asses, I wanna see y'all glorifying that.


clothes hide a lot. idk, im trying to learn that just because i dont have a body like the girls that boys drool over it doesnt mean im the scum of the earth because in reality i am a really fucking awesome person. i’d love to better myself and get more in shape and stuff but i cant when im feeling like crap because i hate myself know what i mean jelly bean.

anyways back to the lecture at hand, honestly my body isnt too bad, needs adjustments, but it doesnt mean that someone, myself included, cant love it. 

btw i put that pic of my face because idk i guess im cute and shit sometimes.

also i want to make it a point that just because you think somebody is skinny, it doesnt mean that THEY think theyre skinny, it just makes them feel like shit when you tell them that theyre dumb for thinking theyre fat. cause now they think theyre dumb AND fat and thats just not cool ma dude. 

so next time someone says that theyre fat, go on a fucking run with them, or eat a bucket of ice cream to feel better i dont fucking know what you guys do .

i could go on but anyways if you made it here thanks for reading have a nice night 

ill still be here bored so hmu 


#I think I’ve given my opinion on this scene enough times especially when s2 was airing but look at his little smile #he was so happy that she was just there with him #let’s not forget that Finn too was abandoned by a parent and maybe he gets really lonely when his dad goes away for work #and to him there’s no better person to spend that time with than her #I know he would have been totally okay with her not being ready for sex #I think he would have been just as happy to listen to music and cuddle with her #the “liquid courage” wasn’t necessary and I wish Rae would see how much happiness just her presence alone gives him

watching catfish on mtv and honestly I have so much respect for Angel Haze (a music artist who is a guest co-host on this episode) so they basically called out this guy who’s getting catfished by this mystery girl (who they discovered could either be a skinnier woman or a slightly heavier one) and he saw a picture of the heavier girl and was just like “no way she’s too different from the picture of the person I thought I was talking to (which was an obv catfish pic lmao) no way I have a problem with that” but when he was shown a picture of the other skinnier girl (who ALSO isn’t the same person in the picture he was talking to) he was just like “yeah I would definitely be with her she’s definitely better than the other girl” and Angel basically just called him out and brought up how superficial he was being and was asking him if he was even after love because even though the skinnier girl could be the one catfishing him and lying to him he would still be with her because she’s skinny and conventionally attractive and that’s so much better than a FAT girl who could be deceiving him. Idk I just am always amazed at how society views body types and how we see people who are heavier set or fat as less of a person while people who are skinny and therefore more attractive by our standards as the ones who get the benefit of the doubt or get away with doing things that are wrong and I think that this needs to brought up so much more in this series than it is now and I’m hella glad Angel was the one to do it