I hate how my jean shorts ride up my thighs and squish the fat out a bit so it’s like squishy chubby thighs  -_-’  Insecurities are lame! My body is frickin’ beautiful and yet I’m still hate on my thighs and upper arm fat. I’ve accomplished so much this year, lost weight, got healthier and I’m still insecure about these stupid little things I cannot change right now. It’s all a work in progress. A toned body doesn’t happen over night.

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Love your blog! You are so motivating :) I have been struggling with restricting and bingeing for months :( I feel so horrible

thank you so so much lovely,im glad i can help you ♡

Being stuck in a restricting and binging cycle is one of the worst ones,I have also been stick in it for months but im getting in control.
You know what,the thing that helped me stop binging and getting a fucking grip of myself was to really ask myself if i REALLY want that body,if I REALLY want to lose weight,if i REALLY want to reach my goal weight and be thin and Do I REALLY want my thighs to touch,do i REALLY want these fat arms and legs,Do i want a bloated stomach,do I want to feel shitty and compare myself to every fucking girl i see thats thinner than me every fucking day,Do i want to look good in clothes,do I want beautiful collarbones,do I want a flat stomach,Do I really want to feel in conttol for like two days then binge out and feel even WORSE than I already did about myself,let this take time love,it isn’t a over night thing,you have to have control,willpower,have the passion to thrive to your goal,that small cookie will add up,dont eat it,go get an apple or drink a ton of water/tea,dont let that fkn piece of fat destroye you.

One thing that I have realised with myself that If i have been restricting for 3 days lets say,everything is going well,then I eat one slice of bread,that adds up to me eating like 7 slices of bread.Lets say you are sutting on a couch and wanting to snack on something,the clock is around 7pm,you really want that snack,you sit there and your mind is going crazy wether you do want to eat it or not,a tip that help me not eat it is to realise that its only a few hours left until im going to sleep so then it motivates me to not eat it bc it could ruin my cal intake and make me binge and the better i do each day the faster im on my way to skinny ♡

Im not sure if this made sense but have a lovely day ♡

Empower fat/heavy women who don’t fit “plus size beauty” norms.

Empower fat/heavy women with disproportionately small breasts.

Empower fat/heavy women whose breasts are “lopsided”/unevenly distributed.

Empower fat/heavy women who have flat/square bottoms.

Empower fat/heavy women who have muffin tops instead of hips. (Yes! Instead of!)

Empower fat/heavy women who have “bat-wings”/”granny arms”.

Empower fat/heavy women who don’t have a defined jawline.

Empower fat/heavy women who have a rectangular silhouette/don’t have an hourglass figure.

Destroy the idea that all “plus-size” women have the same body type.

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How come you never draw fat characters with fat arms and faces? You just give them normal-sized arms and faces all the time, especially with some of your recent pictures. Not cool, man.

it just fluctuates sometimes