Hiiiii! So this is a super simple eye look with a bright bold lip. I actually love this look so much, and find myself wearing this a lot recently.

To start on the eyes, I just used some Too Faced ‘Chocolate Soleil Bronzer’ to add some depth to the crease.

Then I used some Nyx ‘Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner’ to create some small wings. I gave myself some spider lashes, then finished off the eyes by highlighting my inner corners and brow bone.

To contour and warm up my face, I used the ‘Chocolate Soleil Bronzer’ again, then added some Estée Lauder 'Pink Kiss’ blush on my cheekbones.

So for the main part of the look (the lips duh) I used the colors 'Alburgine’ and 'Coulis’ from the Bite Beauty Matte Créme Lip Crayon set. First, line the lips with 'Alburgine’ and fill in the inner corners as well. On the bottom lip, thicken up that line. With 'Coulis’, fill in the rest of the lips. Smack your lips together a few times, and touch up with both colors until you get a bright FUSCIA color!

Street-Style - hxrrywt

Street-Style – hxrrywt

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A great dress sense is hard to come by in this day and age, you can walk around near enough anywhere and question the fashion sense of 95% of the people you will see. Harry is in that 5% of people and as you can see below he has an imacualte style and dress sense. This outfit is very basic colour wise with a shades of grey, black and a clean white shoe but built up with many layers and adds depth…

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