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Everyone always asks the same ol' "What would Pere do if Khadgar was killed?" and this question isn't so different... But Khadgar is a human, a magically aged one at that. Pere is a night elf. There is a bit of a life expectancy difference between those races, has Pere come to terms that she will far out live Khadgar?

Wooh! I love this kind of question ‘cause I feel like I can sit with you and talk a lot about how I see things and stories! It’s all just my opinion - that is based on what I’ve read, of course! But I enjoy to talk~!

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Judging Criteria - Artists

This is the criteria we will use for the artists applications! Please compare it to your own work to make sure that everything is correct!


We want our artists to have a good grasp of anatomy, especially if they plan on doing a piece that involves more than one person. But of course, we know that different styles exist that don’t necessarily follow anatomy’s rules exactly, so we won’t be expecting 100% accurate anatomy.

Color Theory

Artists should have a basic knowledge of color theory, showing that they know how to create a striking but still balanced palette in their works.


Artists should have a good grasp of perspective. Since our zine focuses on lights and the nighttime, backgrounds will be essential. This is an especially major point for those who want to be a collaborative artist, as they must be able to illustrate their partner’s works.


We want the pieces to draw the viewer’s eye to what the subject(s) of the piece is/are. As for posing, multiple subjects should interact in a way that fit the subjects, compliment each other, and not feel stiff.

Personal Style

This involves all the things that would vary from one unique artist to another: linework, coloring/shading style, how you incorporate your style in the subjects you draw, etc.

General Aesthetic

Some styles will fit more with our theme and some less. We’ll be looking at your art to see if it’ll fit the style and tone that we’re aiming for!



1. Hi, I have made a wedding venue in my Brindleton Bay Makeover - I am planning to include a wedding boutique in the Windenburg remake. 

2. I will look into it! Overall I have not made a gym/spa and think a yoga studio could fit into this lot also, I think this would go in magnolia promenade quite well. 

3. Hello you can find the simblreen instructions here I will be adhering to this structure and will put up a formal announcement post for followers with instructions closer to Halloween weekend. 

4. I am most likely going to remake Magnolia Promenade and Granite Falls next, traditionally I have release standalone builds un-furnished however I’m having more fun remaking worlds right now vs. churning out random builds so will probably stick to that format for the time being. Windenburg has 27 lots if I remember correctly, it’s a large project and I don’t know when it will be complete. I’d hope before Christmas but I don’t want to make any promises. 

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So what ended up happening to Moonstone? Or will that be covered in the kid's sideblog at some point?

She was born prematurely and had complications throughout her life.  It all stemmed from Sombra’s dark magic and overall negative energy, which caused Pearl to go into labor way too early and Moonstone was born blind from it.  She was always optimistic, though!  She did her best to give to the community and help those less fortunate.  While her eyes did not work, she was able to tap into reading auras around every creature, so she in a sense could see but not in the same way anyone else could.

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uhhhm. I'm sorry if this is annoying,,, but you said you will be selling some things after you ship out pre orders, but are you only selling the bundles ? or are you selling things separately,,,,because I wanted to buy the charms so I want to know if I should save money for the merchandise bundle or not. anyway,,, thank you and I hope you have a nice day !!!

Hi Anon,

Don’t worry, it’s not annoying at all! We appreciate the question! 8)

It’s most likely we’ll be selling the bundles instead of things separately. The only things that will most likely be sold separately are the stretch goals, since those were only included free-of-charge to those who ordered during our pre-order period. However, depending on our stock, we might sell some things separately if there are just a limited amount of leftover books. Just keep in mind that the bundles will most likely be a better deal, since the merch would most likely be sold at their original, non-discounted prices.

Hope this helps!

- Mod Enzou

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OMG your Tim Burton style sims and the mermaid hybrid sim are the most awesome sims I have ever seen, I’m so in love :O Feel free to ignore this but would you please upload their tray files? Totally okay if not but had to try!! Thanks!

oh wow anon those sims are ancient lmao
Unfortunately I don’t have the mermaid(ish) sim anymore, but I was able to grab the Tim Burton sims’ files for you! Here ya go ;D I hope you enjoy them!!

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If Sombra's reign never happened and she wasn't enslaved, what would have happened to Pearl's life?

If Sombra never happened, Prince Topaz would’ve become the captain of the royal guard for the Crystal Empire, and eventually those two would’ve met as a way of fate.  Pearl’s technically nobility from her mother’s side, so her aunts and maternal grandparents prolly would’ve taken her to balls and galas held by the royal family.

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Hiiii Heather. WCIF the jeans on the number 3 top in your top 5 fave cc tops? I am sure had those jeans once, but i can't find them. It is the ripped ones with the belt. I checked your resources and WCIF-tag, but couldn't see them there. Have a great day, okay? ♥ xx

Hi hi!!! they’re actually the shorts that came with bowling night!! ^^ & I hope you had/have a great day as well <3

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Do you have any tips for writing an essay?

I don’t know about tips, but I can share my process of essay-writing for literature and philosophy courses. I use MHRA referencing. I have written on essays and writing style before here: [x]

1. Deciding on a topic – this seems obvious but I always try and choose a topic which is interesting, or inspiring (or that I disagree with and makes me angry). 

Start thinking as soon as possible about possible arguments. If there is an essay question or quote to respond to, underline key terms and make them the starting point for research.

2. Reading and research – write down every quote relevant to the essay topic, both primary and secondary reading, in a document with annotations and thoughts on each one, as well as the full reference. I usually start by defining my terms, then branch out from there.

‘It seems to me the most sensible answer is this: approach two or three of the most general critical texts immediately, just to get an idea of the background against which your author moves. Then approach the original author directly, and always try to understand exactly what he says. Afterwards, explore the rest of the critical literature. Finally, return to examine the author in the light of the newly acquired ideas. But this advice is quite abstract. In reality, students tend to follow the rhythm of their desire, and often there is nothing wrong with consuming texts in a disorderly way.’

Umberto Eco, How to Write a Thesis (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2015), p. 103.

3. Planning – think about the structure before starting to write. Essays usually have: 

  • an introduction
  • a critical framework (this may be defining terms, or situating your argument in relation to other works on the same topic)
  • analysis
  • conclusions

There might be a section before concluding which revisits the second section in light of analysis. In an essay of 5,000 words, 1,000-2,000 words might be the introduction and critical framework, followed by 2,000 words of analysis and between 500 and 1,000 words to conclude. Equally weighted sections should make an essay seem well balanced and paced. 

I usually give myself lots of helpful section headings to keep the essay structure from going astray. I even write instructions: ‘write a sentence or paragraph here about…’, ‘don’t forget to try and work in…’. This also means you won’t start with a blank page. 

4. Writing – I start either in my analysis section or in the critical framework. These are the main sections of the essay. I always try to define the terms I use as clearly as possible, and situate my argument within the field (i.e. argue with other writers on the same topic). Write conclusions and introductions last to frame the essay. Footnote and reference during the writing process. 

Analysis paragraphs should have an argument, a quote to back it up, an explanation of how the quote backs up the argument, then a link to the next paragraph. UK students often use the acronym PEEL – Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link. It works in most cases.

5. Editing – reading aloud helps, as does proofreading (especially if done by someone else, or printed rather than on a screen). Taking a day away can give clarity. Beware of over-editing! : - )

Book recommendations: 

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Yup, always in tears. How old is she and how different ponies age then human age?

In the blog, she was like…ehhh, 30-ish? When she’s a mom, she’s like 55.  I just use human years for my ponies, otherwise I’ll do like child, teenager, young adult, etc, just not to give an exact age

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Heyo! I was wondering if you could post some of your previous gen sims to the gallery? Thanks!

Do you mean previous Melons? If so they’re all on the gallery except for Isla, Merle, and the gen 8 kiddos! I’m gonna try to upload them this coming week tho ^^

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So for the children, which ones are topaz's kids and which ones are sombra's?

Haha, a valid question!

Obsidian, Lapis, Ivory, Ebony and Somber are all Topaz’s! Technically Moonstone is Topaz’s as well, but she was conceived during Sombra’s reign, so it’s up to anyone to decide if they want to say she’s Sombra’s child or Topaz’s child, as Moonstone did inherit her coat color from Topaz.

After Topaz and Sombra’s separation, Pearl didn’t have any kids with Sombra.  He was held prisoner while being reformed by Luna and y’know, Pearl was kind of scarred by him and called him a monster for a few years before accepting it.

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Have you ever screwed up an interview? Just bombed one and I need tips on how to bounce back. (Also comfort)

Combined with the following ask:

  • Have you always been good at interviewing and do you have any stories as you were coming up when you struggled with them and how you overcame them? This is coming from someone with really bad nerves in front of strangers. Thank you :)

Related answers:

I’ve screwed up more interviews than I can count, but the experience allowed me to improve and polish my technique over the years. Highlights include:

  • Amazon flew me out to Seattle for a final round interview for a Product Manager position that I tanked so badly the recruiter banned me for a year from applying to any other open positions.
  • Accenture Strategy gave me a case study that I botched badly because I misheard the description of the company and the financial figures so they thought I was a guy with an advanced degree who didn’t know how to do basic arithmetic. 
  • Technical round interview at Yelp for a Strategy and Operations position went south when I was caught off guard by the very last question asking me to code (I have no engineering background whatsoever) and I told the interviewer: “I’m not that kind of Asian.”

Tips to bounce back from a failed job interview:

  • Accept that sometimes it’s not a case of being the worst, but a case of being the second best. There are always more applications than positions, that’s a fact, and rejections are part of the process because qualified candidates outnumber how many people companies can accept. Sometimes you’re not bad, sometimes it’s that another candidate was slightly better and that’s what tipped the scales in their favor in the final rounds. And sometimes you are bad, in which case you should move to the second bullet point.
  • Analyze your mistakes. Do a post-mortem and focus on the round where you failed– it’s the last round before your rejection notice. Never walk away from a bad job interview without figuring out the correct answer to the question you answered incorrectly because interview questions are recycled and the same ones will come up again and again at other companies. If necessary, use a different example from your experience to better illustrate your point. Practice your interview skills with a mentor, colleague, friend, or family member so they can give feedback on body language responses.
  • Research interview questions ahead of time to better prepare for the next opportunity. Use resources like Glassdoor, Reddit, CareerCup, InterviewCake, GeeksforGeeks, Consulting Case 101, other internet forums, etc. to collect possible interview questions. Practice ahead of time to build confidence, speed, and accuracy. In the digital age, there is no excuse for walking into an interview without any idea what they might ask and without any preparation. None.
  • Reapply to the same company after allowing enough of a gap to recover from the rejection (6 months is typical). Most people make the mistake of applying, failing, and never trying again because they’re embarrassed from being rejected the first time. Understand that different positions within the same company can have different recruiters and different hiring managers so you can go through the same process already knowing the questions ahead of time. This is an advantage. 
  • Treat every new interview as a fresh start. Look at it like hitting the “retry” button on a video game after you die. You get another chance but with more wisdom after every attempt.

Understand that applying to a job is a numbers game not unlike the lottery. The more applications you submit, the more tickets you buy, and the greater chance you have of winning so perfect your resume, improve your technique, and pound the pavement until doors open.


Thank you all for following my story all this months, you make my day with your replies and it makes me so happy that you guys enjoy my story, even if it’s as disorganized as me haha! I hope this will help you understand what I’ve been dong in my blog so you can follow the story easier.

What is the story about?

These are NOT my characters, they belong to Alan Ituriel, Villainous’s creator.

Villainous is an online animated series that premiered May 2017, and I have been a HUGE fan of the show ever since (that’s a nice word for obssesed). The idea of a mpreg story came out of nowhere: a person asked me what were my thoughts on male pregnancy and how I think it would be with the main fandom ship: Paperhat, with Dr. Flug and Black Hat, two of the main characters, as a couple and having a baby together. 

Since Flug is a human male, the baby that is growing inside him was classified as a “parasite”, thus the name of the AU (I based it on the manga Parasyte, in which an alien form fuses with a human in a parasitic way, by replacing one of their organs in case the implantation on the head fails.)

This story is about a very confused Black Hat, an unnusually happy Flug, and how the rest of the cast, 5.0.5 (Flug’s adopted son / bear) and Demencia (the organitation’s hitman who has a crush on BH) deal with the whole situation.

Now I will list the important facts. Since this is an AU, anyone can participate, but the canon story (and ending) will still be the one I choose, but on Facebok for example, I’ve gotten lots of fanart already :Dc.

1- Flug is a cis male:

Let’s get started with the most important. The baby is a “parasite” because Flug’s body is not made for pregnancy. I made this decision based on possible angst and to convey the sense that this is not natural. Some people felt this was wrong, since this was an opportunity to make Flug trans, but transgender males are not mpreg fantasy fuel, at least for me. 

2- If Fug is a cis male, how did he get pregnant?

Black Hat is an eldritch abomination that, and from the moment I started drawing porn I included some alien biology ideas, along with a bit Omegaverse, because I like certain things from ABO fiction. One of this facts, is that Black Hat goes in rut every few centuries or so, and with Flug being his unofficial chosen partner/mate, this was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s his way to reproduce.

However, Flug is human AND male, so BH’s seed filled Flug and the embryo created with both’s DNA got attatched to his abdomen. This was through some kind of demonic mating ritual in which BH pried open Flug’s belly with his dark magic. However, none of them remember this ever happened, and are both shocked by the realization of their “love” taking the formof an offspring.  Also, this baby is half human.

3- How is the baby growing inside Flug?

After the embryo or parasite attatched itself to his abdomen, Flug’s body started to mutate, creating a womb and a placenta for the baby to grow in, this also affected him in ways that could be described as “abnormal pregnancy symptoms”, including nausea, vomiting, food cravings, fever and abdominal pain. He also starts feeling sick, due to the parasite taking all the nutrients and blood from him, also his organs get squished the more the child grows, like in a normal pregnancy, but it causes him a lot of pain and frequently collapses. 

4- How will Flug give birth?

After discovering his current state and deciding to keep the parasite inside him as an experiment, he chose to have a C-Section as the safest way to deliver the baby and give it the medical attention it needs. His body is mutating to open a birth canal but Flug’s hips are way too small and his poor health won’t allow him to give birth anyway.

As another fact, he is afraid the baby will burst out of him like a xenomorph, so a C-Section before term is the logical option to avoid this, keeping them both allive and safe.

5- Why did Flug and Black Hat keep the baby?

Flug was scared but now he is so happy he built a baby nursery. He found it as an opportunity to study the small creature and find more about Black Hat’s species. But as months went by, he grew attatched and started loving it as his own child. Black Hat feels conflicted, he does not know if he should see it as his heir of just an experiment, hell, he is not even sure if he loves Flug or not (of course he does but he is an idiot). As time went by he became interested and fascinated by Flug’s pregnancy, so he let it be.

6- If Flug is getting so sick because of the baby, why doesn’t him put it into one of the liquid incubators in his lab?

When he creates monster to sell, he does it from the very beggining, these creatures are conceived and developed inside these tubes. But when he found out he was pregnant, he was already 12 weeks, so he found it too risky to translate the embryo from one “container” to another. He had only ONE chance, and if he fucked up, there would be no more baby.

I read about the process of using liquid incubators for premature fetuses, and they all kind of died before term. The main issue is connecting the baby’s umbilical cord to the tubes for food, blood and oxigen supply, and with such a small baby, the pump pressure could be too hard on it’s organs. So no.

7- How does the cast feel about this?

5.0.5 is happy that he will be an older brother and is helping Flug with everything he can. Demencia is also happy to have someone new to torture play with.

Except for one minor detail. Demencia and 5.0.5 DON’T KNOW that Black Hat is Flug’s baby’s father. They think he just decided to have a baby and don’t feel like asking any more questions.

8- Who the hell is Slug?

When Villainous first aired, it became so popular that the fandom created their own AU’s, the most popular being the Heroic!AU.

In this alternate universe, they are heroes instead of villains. Flug is called Dr. Slug, Black Hat became White Hat, Demencia is Clemencia and 5.0.5 can have any name with numbers. There is not an official version or designs for this AU, so I made my own and put it together for my story. 

White Hat is Black Hat’s brother, and Slug knows Flug because they went to BH’s villain academy together. Flug asked Slug to perform the C-section on him, and Slug accepted out of scientific curiosity. White Hat doesn’t know about the pregnancy or the baby yet.

9- When will Flug give birth?

10- How did Flug and Black Hat REACT?

Flug lost his mind trying to figure out how this was possible, but after a while, he sat down in resignation and acceptance. Black Hat laughed his ass off as if it was a joke. 

But then, Black Hat realized that the weird aura he felt when being near Flug, was actually the baby’s presence. That’s how he understood Flug wasn’t lying and they were, in fact, having a baby. After that, Black Hat has spent all this months meditating, thinking in what the hell does he feel for Flug and the baby.

11- Is there a fanfic for this?

Not for now. I developed this story by answering asks in spanish and english and drawing the mini comics in both languages. I will soon write down a fanfic that resumes everything from the comics and has a different ending.

12- Is Black Hat connected to the baby?

Yes. He felt the baby’s presence since day 1 and the bigger it gets, the more intrigued he is about the bond they both share. It is the same species as him and BH is even able to feel empathic. The baby knows when Black Hat is around, and moves happily when he touches Flug’s stomach.

13- Is it a boy or a girl? Does it have a name?

IT’S A GIRL! And they haven’t decided on a name yet.

14- Will Flug die? What about the baby? :’(

I made a list of possible endings for the story, in the 90% of the alternate scenarios, at least one of them dies >:3c

15- I understand Flug dying, but why the baby?

Flug and Balck Hat have conflicted feelings, not only because of the potential risk of death for Flug himself, but the baby is an hybrid, for now she survives inside Flug thanks to the nutrients provided by him, and in the ultrasounds she looks healthy because of his change in diet, but they are not sure if she will get to live and for how long.

This is the reason they haven’t chose a name yet, Black Hat and Flug don’t want to have high hopes. Flug is now suffering from depression and Black Hat wants to keep his distance, he feels the need to protect them both, but if he has to choose, he will save Flug.

16- Can Flug breastfeed the baby?

No, he can’t. His body was only modified to get pregnant and give birth, but his body is not producing milk. He will bottle feed her.

17- How pregnant is Flug now?

As for the last comic, Flug is 30 weeks pregnant.

18- What are Flug’s food cravings?


Also, he has a thing for mixing deep fried junk food with sweets (spicy chicken wings with chocolate syrup and whiped cream on top for example)

19- Do Black Hat and Flug still have sex during the pregnancy?


20- Will Slug and White Hat have a baby too?

Yes they will! :Dc

Once White hat finds out about the baby, he wants to have one with Slug. I will draw this as a mini spin-off when the main story is finished.

21-Can Black Hat become pregnant too?

Yes and no. He can modify his body if he wanted to create a womb, however, a half human child cannot survive inside him. Black Hat’s body would devour the baby.

22- Who is getting pregnant? Is it Slug or White Hat?

Guess we’ll find out together XD

23- What will happen to your blog after the story has ended?

Well, this blog is reserved for porn of many of my fandoms, including, of course, Villainous. Future posts involve the Robots fandom, Detroit Become Human, Jojo and any NSFW thing that may come into mind.

I will draw the alternative endings of my story, along with lots of fanart and the official design for Black Hat and Flug’s child.

24- Can we write fanfics / make fanarts based on the Parasyte!AU?


25- Will Black Hat and Flug have more children?

Yes <3

26- What will happen to Flug’s organs after the baby is born?

Flug’s organs got compressed to make room for the baby. Once she is born, Black Hat will turn them to their normal size and position, but scars still remain and they will never be the same.

List of Mini Comics / Drawings so far:

1- Bump (this is where it all started, but it’s not the very first part)

2- Where Do Babies Come From?   (Demencia and 5.0.5′s reaction)

3- Baby’s First Kick 

4- Doctor Sexy (Slug’s reveal as the doctor in charge of the c-section)

5- Instinct ( NSFW)

6- Cinnamon Tea

7- Gender Reveal

8- Mother’s Day

9- As Time Goes By

10- Pain

11- It will be ok

12- Father’s Day

13- Touch

14- Slow (NSFW)

15- Belly (Flug’s belly growth compilation)

16- All Drabbles (writen by @a-monster-of-ink based on my prompts)

17- All of my asks and answers  (english and spanish)

18. Reaction meme (The cast’s reaction to Flug suddenly going into labor before the surgery)

19- What the baby’s room looks like

20- List of Possible Endings for the story (it’s in spanish but you can use google translate)

Begginner Astral Exploration FAQ

Originally posted by dimensao7

A lot of beginners in Astral Practices have many doubts that have yet to be put all together and cleared at once, so I’ve decided to make of it my next FAQ for beginners. Please keep in mind that the advice offered in this post is based on my personal experiences and on the experiences of those close to me; do not take my word as an universal rule. Warning: very long post, be sure to click read more for the complete FAQ.

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