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15 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Home’s Outdoor

Your home’s outdoor speaks much about the inner decor of your home and if the garden or patio is decorated with a unique idea, everyone visiting your home must be eager to know about the interior too. So, take a look at some truly unique and fantabulous outdoor home decor ideas:

1. Build A Treehouse That Seems to be From a Fairy Tale

Image via: dochaoaoteto

2. Install A Hot Tub

Image via: pinterest

3. Build A Pergola with a Built In Sofa

Image via: diynetwork

4. Install Outdoor Shelves Because Shelves Are not Just for the Living Room

Image via: casadevalentina

5. Craft A Bamboo Wall Panel with Rain Boot Planters

Image via: decorandocasas

6. Install A Water Feature That Takes Everyone’s Breath Away

Image via: waterfeaturespecialist

7. Build These Tall Birdhouses

Image via: ourlittleacre

8. Create a Pattern of Grass and Gravel

Image via: pinterest , seasonalwonderment

9. Design a Japanese Garden

Image via: pinterest , apartmenttherapy

10. How About An Upside Down Tree? Awesome Right?

Image via: lacrossetribune

11. Turn A Vintage Bathtub Into A Planter

Image via: flickr

12. Craft These Wine Bottle Trees

Image via: flickr

13. Yes! This Really Is a Lace Tree

Image via: flickr

14. Of Course Crochet Will Work Too

Image via: flickr

15. Go For a Unique Topiary That Elicits Oohs and Aahs

Image via: themetapicture , pinterest

Jfc im trying so hard not to watch the sneak peeks so I can be pummeled with swanqueen fantabulousness on Sunday and I’m seeing them all over my dash but still resisting actually watching them. But it’s ok because as much as I don’t want to see them, I want to see them.
Tumblr is very emotionally confusing for me right now and I hate it but I also love it.



Here’s the long-awaited, much-delayed, mildly-hyped update to Le Fantabulous Game!  I’m incredibly excited to finally share this with you, it’s been a lot of work.  The game’s an actual GAME now, and in the opinion of both me and my beta testers is a LOT more fair.  There’s a ton of new content, and everything (except the title screen, that’s staying as shitty as possible) is just BETTER.  Without further ado, I present to you, Le Fantabulous Game v0.9!


Download (Windows): Click Me!

Download (Mac BETA): Click Me!

Getting virus warnings on Chrome?  I can promise you that Le Fantabulous Game is NOT a virus, this is Chrome being incredibly bad at determining what is and isn’t safe.  See this post for more information: Click me!

Known bugs:

-Screen sometimes goes blue in The Fantabula, moving around a bit seems to fix this.

-Physics of Spherefriends work very strangely, sometimes accelerating you forwards

-Music trigger in the Shamrock Castle doesn’t always work, leaving the level and re-entering sometimes fixes this.

-Dying in the Fantabula doesn’t properly re-set your position.  To fix this, press “T” (Respawn) when you have one heart left – this will respawn you in your current position at max life (ONLY WORKS IN THE FANTABULA).


I hope everyone likes it!  As always, if you have questions, thoughts, concerns, hopes, or dreams, send them to my inbox - I know I’ve been bad about responding, but I’m gonna try to get a lot better starting now.

Unfortunately I have yet to hear anything back from Vinny regarding the game being streamed, so for all I know the email I sent him ended up in his spam filter.  If that’s the case, he’ll definitely be able to play it at some point after today, and even if it’s not odds are pretty good that he’s just busy and saving it for later.

Finally, like I mentioned in the question I answered, I’m gonna be posting pictures and descriptions of all the cut content that was intended to be in this update, so stay tuned for that!  

EDIT: Forgot to say, if you like the update it’d be awesome if you could let your friends know about it!  I put a lot of work into the so I’d love for it to get as much coverage as possible.