Atypical April: Friendship

I wanted to contribute for this week and for that i give you Max and Adrien friendship. I like to believe that this two are science nerd and will enjoy the Star Trek’s movies. Adrien is very excited because he can finally fangirl about it. Max is more solemn about the whole thing


Better not tell him about your weekly reunion to watch the original show with Max, Mari.
Jordan Battle on Twitter
“Nerrmmetra! #CampCamp #overwatchcosplay”

OMG… You guys!! Was listening to AfterBuzz’s TV Camp Camp Aftershow Podcast while I was drawing and found out that two of the animators for the show have been drawing Camp Camp fanart on their own time.

Jordan Battle has been drawing them as Overwatch characters.

And Yssa Badiola the lead animator has been drawing highschool fanart and ships Makki!!

Yssa Badiola’s HighSchool AU: 

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TOOO!! I recommend you give them both a good look through!


fangirl meme: favorite female characters [1/??]
↳ max mayfield (stranger things)

from here on out, you leave me and my friends alone. do you understand?

When You Wear His Shirt - BTS Reaction

A/N - Helloooo fellow ARMYs!! OMG I am going insane with BIGHIT releasing all these teasers for BTS. And to celebrate their upcoming comeback, I’ve decided to elevate all our emotions and fangirl capabilities to the max with this BTS reaction yayyy!! Enjoy guys!!! <3

When You Wear His Shirt:


Namjoon would enjoy every second you wore any of his clothes, whether it be his shirt, hat, scarf, etc. But there was no doubt that he loved it best when you wore his shirt. During your movie nights, when you sat upon the couch with your bare legs gently perched upon his lap, he would gently graze his fingers over your calves and sometimes lay a few kisses upon your knees. Eventually, his eyes would meet yours and he would whisper, “You know this is really unfair right? You can’t go around tempting me like this.”


You would be chatting with Jin via video call while he was on tour and he would notice how your shirt was so familiar to him. When he eventually realizes that it was his own, he would find it cute that you missed him that much that you decided to wear it while he was away. Only problem is that the entire group would end up purposely walking by while you two were chatting and catch a glimpse of you in his shirt. That would eventually lead to the entire hotel room bursting in pterodactyl screams and endless teasing that he would have to take your call in another room. When he finally found some peace and quiet he would slyly glance at you while cheekily responding raising his eyebrows, “Usually only my existence can make that shirt beautiful but I think I’ll make an exception this time.”


Yoongi would forever keep his poker face and continue to compose his music while you simply waited lethargically for him to finish. Knowing that he would spend the entire night at his desk working, you purposely waited by his side as the clock continued to move past midnight. At certain moments his eyes would flicker to your curvy figure and bare legs as you sat beside him. When you felt your head begin to grow heavy and sleep slowly coming to consume you, you decided it was best to leave. And just as you were about to exit the room, he would quickly pull you into his lap while murmuring into your ear, “And just where do you think you are going?”


As soon as Hoseok saw you walking around the house with his long oversized hoodie, he would lean forward from his stance and gently beckon you over to him with his fingers. As you made your way over to him he would wrap his arms around your waist and place a chaste kiss on your forehead. He would then lift your arms around his neck and pull you closer and continue to sway you side to side as you two gently began to move into a slow dance. There would be no need for music or words since this was a sort of silence that you two were the most comfortable in.



Jimin would find you completely irresistible he would burst into a smile when he sees you. As soon as you start preparing dinner while dancing around in his shirt, he would slowly snake his arms around your waist and bury his face into the croon of your neck. He would continue to shyly place butterfly kisses down your jawline. When you raise a spoon to his lips to taste your dish, he would gently shake his head and whisper huskily, “No beautiful, I’m hungry for something else.”


Our little 4D Alien would be a bundle of joy when he first catches a glimpse of you. His reaction may incorporate a wide range of emotions including, shyly peaking from the edge of the door at your legs or purposely walking by and brushing your shoulders. Eventually when you caught onto his childish behaviors and continued to playfully ignore him, he would unleash his excitement in the most bizarre way. He would probably end up running around the house with dinosaur helmet over his eyes while screaming, “My girl is so beautiful I can’t take it anymore!”


You would be prancing around the living room rearranging the books on your shelf and he would pretend he doesn’t notice how enticing your bare legs looked as they swayed back and forth among the silky fabric of his shirt. Nevertheless, he would still have a sly, cocky smile on his lips as he continues to write some lyrics for his group’s new album. When you question why he is so silent, he would respond with, “Ah I just got inspired to write some sensual lyrics for our ballad coming up … but I’m thinking it might be banned from broadcast. What can I say? I’m having some really inappropriate thoughts when I see you in my shirt.”

I think dirk gently is very much underrated & I wish there was more fan fiction & art etc

but at the same time, this fandom is like the nicest fandom I have been in in a long time & I want it to stay that way, let’s just be a smol family who are all nice & think everyone on the show is gay

smol jimin & TOL jungkook

I’m 110% sure that every jikook shipper squeals at the sight of jikook’s height difference. Well, here’s a compilation to make you fangirl to the max!! 


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Carl X Reader

So I kinda got emotional for no apparent reason then said to myself why not write another Carl x Reader and a Lip x Reader. So here is a Carl x Reader.

You were one of the well known girls in your school, everyone wanted you no matter the gender. But you had your eyes set on one guy, Carl Gallagher. He is your best friend’s brother, your best friend was not only Debbie Gallagher but also her older brother Lip, Lip was your tutor so you were at the Gallagher house a lot, you and Debbie have been friends since you two were infants. Today is your tutoring days with Lip, so you were over at the Gallagher crib, you were in the kitchen with Lip doing your Physics homework, Carl and Debs were upstairs arguing about something pointless. You and Lip turned to see Debbie and Carl running down the stairs yelling “Y/N!” You sighed “What?” Carl said “Debbie thinks that Derek is hot what do you think?” You rolled your eyes “I’ve got a guy on my mind but Derek is pretty cute. Also Debs go for him. He likes you.” She screamed “Told you so dickhead.” Carl looked a tad bit jealous “Oh, well then who’s the guy on your mind then?” You laughed “Ain’t telling you Gallagher.”

Lip said “Yeah now you two are done go upstairs Y/N need to do her work.” They ran back upstairs, Lip said “So you haven’t told Carl yet that you like him?” You sighed “Nah, don’t think I want to, cause well he is Carl Gallagher he can get any girl he wants so why would he want me, Y/N Y/L/N?” Lip sighed “You’re beautiful Y/N. Go tell him but that has to be after we finish this physics homework and start on that assignment that’s due in a month. So question 4,  How come in free fall you feel weightless even though gravity is pulling down on you?.” You answered “Because there is no force pushing against you and gravity is pulling equally against your body.” He smiled “Correct, for a chick who like Carl, you’re actually pretty smart.” You said “Cheers Lip.

He laughed “Yeah now that assignment, what is it about?” You said “I have to write the laws of physics, about Newton’s law and all that stuff.” Lip said “Easy done, tell me what you know about the laws of physics.” You quoted “ The basic laws of physics fall into two categories: classical physics that deals with the observable world (classical mechanics), and atomic physics that deals with the interactions between elementary and sub atomic particles.” Lip wrote down everything you were saying about the laws of physics, every word said was written down. He said “Ok, that’s enough for today Y/N, go get him.”

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Made with Vine

kajaono  asked:

Mission report: I introduced three people into Sense8. 2 of them are highly in love with with the show. One of them is a huge nerd and finished the first season in 4 days. I am really sure she will recommend taht show to many other people. Sadly i hadn't time to ask the third girl if she liked Sense8 yet.

Mission report! I love this!

Did you get a chance to ask your third friend if she’s liked Sense8? I hope she did and that she’s willing to spread the word.

Well done. Gut gemacht. Bon travail. احسنت.
There, in all the languages I know (in varying degrees :D)

Even Max is happy with you ;)

(Gif by the lovely: @fyeahmaxriemelt)

My own mission report:

I got my two sisters to subscribe to Netflix and watch Sense8. They fell in love with it and one of them even fangirls about Max with me all the time. I also got her to start watching his subtitled films with me. Next is to get them to spread the word.

Anyone else wants to hand in their Mission Report? My asks/submissions are always open. 

Max Martini icon dump 1/?

So I’ve spent hours in the deepest darkest parts of the Max Martini tag here and searching the web for screens.

So under the cut are some resized 100x100 icons. Plain and simple but it might save someone the hours I spent searching and screenshotting.

They’re a mix of Spectral, Sabotage, Pacific Rim, The Unit, paparazzi shots, photo-shoots and other bits and pieces I’ve managed to scrape together. I have a folder full of more Max but I need to resize them, but I’ll throw them up here too if anyone wants. AND I just got the complete seasons of The Unit, so some better screens and icons of Mack can be expected too.

Want to thank tumblr-user @libertinem for the amazing “peak capacity fancy cocktails” tag that saved my fangirl heart.

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