well since my art of this guy from last week was kind of horribly angsty, I decided to draw him looking relatively relaxed and mostly alright

 tbh I think we can all agree he deserves a break

(drawn in about 10h in Photoshop, prints for sale on society6 if you want ‘em)

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire  |  Digital Painting

Okay so, I’m so hype I’ve been working on this digital painting for almost 2 days straight with 3 hours sleep and my eyes are blood shot af but I give no fucks because I’m so pleased with it and I feel like the lack of sleep was so worth it!! Also Phil your t-shirt was such an ass to do omg

Also cheeky plug I have a facebook page where I post my art work so if y’all want to go over and give it a cheeky thumbs up that’d be rad af!! ><

Don’t repost or remove caption please and thank you.

Do not think of Hannibal

Inspired by Desolation by the-winnowing-wind

crop top lou for the amazing nwalmaerx