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My mom and sister has said to me that they feel like they're losing me and that they need some time for "grieving" and I said to them that I'm not dying, I'm not going away, I'm still here, but they said it feels like I'm gone. And it makes me really sad that they view me coming out as trans as if I was dying. How do I handle this? Any resources for family members?

Ora says:

I’m really sorry that your mom and sister reacted that way, that’s a really awful situation to be in. At the end of the day, I’m sure your family doesn’t want to hurt you so telling them that their reaction is hurtful could help. Also, reassure them in the fact that you haven’t changed. You’ve always been trans, even when you weren’t aware of it, and it’s not going to fundamentally change who you are as a person. They’re not losing you, they’re gaining the real you. They’ll be able to know you in your most comfortable and natural state which is really exciting and something to be happy about! As for resources for family members, we have a parents/guardians page here [x] but as of right now we don’t have anything for siblings. Hope this helps and that your family is a bit more understanding and sensitive 💖


Who knows more than the Degrassi writers themselves?

Stefan sits down with Exec Producer/Writer Matt Huether to talk Frankie’s prank, the evolution of Hunter, and why writing for Lola is so much fun.

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i nearly broke down bc my mum started calling me 'she' and 'her' and her 'little girl' and i feel really guilty about not identifying as a girl and taking all that away from her.

I felt guilty too. I was the only daughter and the only granddaughter. My mom and grandma were devastated. Especially my mom. But once she realized how much more alive I felt just by living as a boy, she came around and I felt less guilty. I know my mom and grandma miss their little girl but that person was never me. You aren’t a girl either. You never have been. Your mother might miss your girl for a while but she will see the light in your eyes and be thankful for a little boy.

For all the lesbians out there who wants a family with kids:

I am from Brazil. Today I’ve got the news that after almost a year waiting, a lesbian couple got the kid they’ve wanted so badly to adopt.
Everything is well, and the kid is happily calling them “mãe and mamãe” (mom and mommy).
Everything is well.

Happy endings DO EXIST.
You deserve a family, you deserve to be happy.
Just be patient, hold on. Love will ALWAYS win. 👭 🌈

Family - Tagalog Vocabulary

pamilya - family
magulang- parent
ina - mother
ama - father
nanay - mom
tatay - dad
kapatid - sibling
anak - son/daughter
bunso - youngest child
kuya - older brother
ate - older sister
tita - aunt
tito - uncle
pinsan - cousin
pamangkin -niece/nephew
lola - grandmother
lolo - grandfather
asawa - spouse