Clip captures both cascades of Datanla Falls, a waterfall in Vietnam popular with tourists due to the nearby city of Dalat. The rocks are described as marbles, so these rocks are probably tumbling over metamorphosed limestones, possibly created by heating due to igneous rocks in the area.

i swear to god if kingsman 2 doesnt start with roxy and merlin drinking tea at merlin’s house and eggsy walks in from merlin’s bedroom with nothing but one of merlin’s sweater and he’s suddenly embarrassed by roxy’s presence while roxy’s nonplussed and merlin’s just fucking smug as he sips his tea i will riot

So thanks to the most lovely Tori, I discovered that these beautiful, beautiful men are going to be appearing at Amoeba Records in Berkeley on Saturday…….AND I GOT A WRISTBAND! Which means that I will be meeting them. Sadly I will not be allowed to take photos (but I’m still gonna try) but I will get to meet them and they’ll sign something yadda yadda. Words cannot express how truly excited I am. I will get to meet Jorma and my life will be complete.