Sometimes a family is a plant lesbian, her harlequin girlfriend, an enigma, a master of burlap, a crazy cat lady, a living ice cube, the crime lord of penguins, a crocodile cryptid, a walking ball of play-doh, and a defunct district attorney and I think that’s great. 

Pros of regaining some of my health this year: I have new hair growth in areas I never thought my hair would regrow after it fell out years ago

Con: the winter static really highlights this

I look like an anemic hedgehog. Even with my hair up in a bun i have tiny hairs sticking out all over my head from new growth. It’s quite a look.

It’s also coming in white/grey but we’ll ignore that and just be thankful for hair.

anonymous asked:

Do you normally steal remixes and claim you made them? You know google's a thing, right? And that you've posted one of A-List's remixes up as if you made it.

i dont steal mashups and i dont know who that is. after reading this ask i tried looking for an “A-List” but i couldnt find one.