I think the greatest thing about the Fallout fandom is that we just automatically accept everyone else’s OCs and their romances with the companions without question. There’s literally no flak for our Soles, Wanderers, Survivors or whatever because we’re all technically them and who gives a fuck, we just want these companions to be romanced in any way possible and we all seem to love them for the exact same reasons.

 I don’t care if an OC is a black man because even if I’m not one, he’s shacking up with MacCready and I fucking support MacCready gettin’ some loving. I’m not fat, but who gives a shit, I’ll still oogle the shit out of a Fat!FSS x Hancock because that’s what love looks like right there. I’m not bothered if someone who looks or acts like me isn’t being represented because it’s the relationship with the companion that matters.

It’s a fandom where shipping is encouraged, nay, DEMANDED of us, and it’s probably one of the most OC-friendly fandoms out there. And that feels really good, fam. It really does.

  • Courier Six: My life is absolutely fucked. I got shot in the head. I've got 3 factions riding my ass. The Mojave is in shambles. Gangs of Raiders want me dead. I've had my brain, spine, and heart removed. I inadvertently caused a nuclear fallout in the Divide. My life is a mess and I'm in shambles. I-
  • Yes Man: *appears*
  • Courier Six, with tears in their eyes: I am literally the most blessed person in the whole Mojave.