Ted Mosby and fans irrational hate of him baffles me. I used to read a lot of hate for Ted, Ross and Xander and comparing them all as one character with similar traits - of course all bad. Ted and Ross share more in common on the professional level and the fact that they do eventually get the girl. Xander was never book-smart, did not end up being a professor and he and Buffy never got together. 

Of course those were not the similarities fans focus on. They focus on the “friendzoned” and “Nice Guy tm” similarities, which honestly…. huh? 

First of all, all characters are not Nice Guy tms, they are decent men with flaws and their treatment of women is much, much, much better than the way Joey, Chandler and Barney treated them. Yet, Joey, Chandler and Barney get all the love - in Chandler’s case it’s understandable seeing as he changes and matures after getting together with Monica in the fifth season of the show. 

Second, I just watched episode 12 of HIMYM S8 “The Final Page Part 2″ and Ted showed no sign of being a friendzoned Nice Guy tm. He’s in love with Robin, yet he recognizes that she’s in love with someone else and on his biggest night in his career where all his friends should have been there to support him, he gives her the needed push to be with the man she loves in spite of having feelings for her and he doesn’t hold both a grudge for missing the biggest night of his life.  

I’m sorry but that is a good man. And he doesn’t deserve the hate fans cast his way.