ville (f) – city

village (m) - village
capitale (f) - capital
habitant (m) - inhabitant

trottoir (m) – pavement/sidewalk
panneau (de signalisation) (m) – sign
feu (de signalisation) (m) – traffic lights
banc (m) - bench
rue (f) - street
avenue (f) - avenue
boulevard (m) – boulevard
place (f) - square
carrefour (m) – crossroads
rond-point (m) - roundabout
parc (m) - park
vélo (m) - bicycle
route (f) -road
piste cyclable (f) – bike path
voiture (f) – car
automobiliste (m) – car driver
piéton (m) - pedestrian
passage pour piéton (m) – pedestrian crossing
garage (m) - garage
parking (m) – car park
camion (m) - truck
transport en commun (m) – public transport
bus (m) - bus
métro (m) - underground
tramway (m) - tram
arrêt de bus (m) – bus stop
station de métro (f) – station
gare (f) – train station
aéroport (m) - airport
port (m) - port

monument (m) – monument
église (f) – church (a protestant church – un temple protestant)
temple (m) – temple
mosquée (f) - mosque
synagogue (f) - synagogue
immeuble (m) - building
appartement (m) - apartment
maison (f) – house
jardin (m) - garden
pont (m) - bridge
fleuve (m) / rivière (f) - river

magasin (m) / boutique (f)- shop
devanture (f) – front window
boulangerie (f) - bakery
boucherie (f) – butcher’s shop
poissonerie (f) – fish shop
librairie (f) - bookshop
pharmacie (f) – pharmacy
école (f) - school
banque (f) - bank
distributeur (de billets) - cashpoint
restaurant (m) - restaurant
centre commercial (m) – shopping center
supermarché (m) - supermarket
bar (m) - bar
brasserie (f) - brasserie
hôtel (m) – hotel
musée (m) – museum
mairie (f) – city hall
commissariat (m) – police station

direction (f) - direction
à droite – on the right
à gauche - on the left
entre – between
à côté de – next to
près de – near
devant - in front of 
derrière - behind 

habiter (v) – to live
être stationné (v) – to be parked
conduire (v) - drive
se déplacer (v) -  to move
se perdre (v) – to get lost
tourner (v) – to turn
marcher (v) – to walk
aller se promener / se ballader (v) – to go for a walk
traverser la route – to cross the road

I am lost. Je suis perdu(e).
Can you help me please ? Pouvez-vous m'aider, s'il-vous-plait ?
How do I get to the museum ? Comment puis-je aller au musée ?
Can you tell me how to get to the train station ? Pouvez-vous me dire comment aller jusqu'à la gare ?
Do you know where the nearest bakery is ? Savez-vous où se trouve* la boulangerie la plus proche ?
*in French you can use both se trouver and être

It’s not very far from here. Ce n'est pas très loin d'ici.
Go straight ahead. Allez tout droit
Turn left. Tournez à gauche
Then the second street on the right. Puis la deuxième rue à droite


maybe you play sports and like languages - here’s an easy way to mix your two passions in life. in french : I “do” du/de la (or “practise” (rare)) + activity, ex : je fais du football / de la natation (same for instruments).

has to do with ice :

- alpinisme (m) : mountaineering

- bobsleigh (m) : bobsleigh

- combiné (m) nordique : nordic combined 

- curling (m) : curling

- patinage (m) : artistique : figure skating / patinage de vitesse : speed skating

- saut (m) à ski : ski jumping / skeleton (m) : skeleton / ski (m) de descente (f) / alpin (m) : downhill skiing / ski de fond : cross-country skiing / ski nautique : water skiing

- snowboard : snowboarding

- hockey sur glace (f) : ice hockey

has to do with water :

- aviron (m) : rowing

- canoë (m) kayak : kayaking

- natation (f) : swimming / natation synchronisée : synchronized swimming

- planche (f) à voile (f) : windsurfing

- plongée (f) : diving / plongée en apnée (f) : snorkelling / plongée sous-marine : scuba diving

- voile (f) : sailing

- volley (m) : volleyball

- water-polo (m) : water polo

ouchy-ouch :

- aikido (m) : aikido

- arts (m) martiaux : martial arts

- boxe (f) américaine : full contact / boxe anglaise : boxing / boxe française : kick boxing / boxe thaï : thai boxing

- judo (m) : judo

- karaté (m) : karate

- lutte (f) : wrestling

- self-défense (f) : self defense

- taekwondo (m) : taekwondo

has to do with a ball :

- badminton (m) : badminton

- base-ball (m) : baseball

- basket(ball) (m) : basketball

- bowling (m) : bowl

- foot(ball) (m) : football / soccer / football américain : american football

- hand(ball) (m) : handball

- rugby (m) : rugby

- tennis : tennis / tennis de table : table tennis

inside :

- danse (f) : dancing / danse classique : ballet / danse moderne : modern dancing

- escrime (f) : fencing 

- gymnastique (f) : gymnastics / gymnastique au sol : floor gymnastic / gymnastique rythmique : eurhythmics

- haltérophilie (f) : weightlifting

- musculation (f) : bodybuilding

- ping-pong (m) : ping pong

- squash (m) : squash

- tir (m) : shooting / tir à l’arc (m) : archery

outside :

- athlétisme (m) : athletics / track and field

- course (f) : running / cyclisme (m) : biking

- golf (m) : golf / hockey (m) sur gazon (m) : field hockey

- jogging (m) : jogging

- lancer (m) de disque (m) : discus throw / lancer de javelot (m) : javelin throw / lancer de marteau (m) : hammer throw / lancer de poids (m) : shot put

- marche (f) : walking

- paintball (m) : paintball / pétanque (f) : petanque

- roller (m) : roller-skating / skate (board) (m) : skate boarding

- yoga (m) : yoga

in nature :

- chasse (f) : hunting / équitation (f) : horse-riding

- escalade (f) : rock climbing (escalader, v : to climb)

- moto-cross (f) : moto cross

- parachutisme (m) : skydiving / parapente (m) : paragliding

- pêche (f) : fishing

- randonnée (f) : hiking / surf : surfing

(from the movie 127 hours, which is almost as bad as Buried)(don’t go outside)

Smiles & Laughs

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Jaewon is really shy and embarrassed but you tell him lame jokes and he gets comfortable around you


Jaewon x Reader - F

“Why can’t a bike stand up on its own?”

“I don’t know, tell me why?” Laughed Jaewon

“Because it’s two tired” you answered followed by a laugh

It honestly wasn’t even that funny, but you wanted to break the ice and make Jaewon feel comfortable around you. He wasn’t a shy person but apparently for some reason he was when he was with you.

“Okay, wait I have another one!” You stated, “why did the baker stop making donuts?”

Jaewon smiled and shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know”

“He got tired of the hole thing!” You answered with another laugh, Jaewon wasn’t laughing at your joke instead he was laughing at the fact that you were laughing at your own joke.

You wiped away fake tears and patted yourself on the back, you were known for being funny but sometimes your jokes were just plain stupid. Still, you made it work.

“Do you have another joke?”

You glanced at Jaewon and smiled “I mean, I might have to start charging!”

He laughed at your joke, his face becoming bright red. Jaewon felt more comfortable around you, feeling silly that he was so shy at first. He was thankful that you took the time to make him feel comfortable and laugh.

“Are you both ready for the shoot?”

You glanced at Jaewon and then at the director “yes!”

The shoot was finished with more ease, there were no mistakes and everyone was just simply enjoying themselves. You had the biggest grin on your face as you continued to tell jokes to anyone you could.

Jaewons laughter was heard from the other room as he listened to your jokes and laughed at you being silly, you were simply a lively and happy person that enjoyed making others smile.

At the end of the shoot Jaewon confidently came up to you “thank you for making us all laugh”

“You’re welcome!” You beamed “I love making people smile”

He gazed at you in wonder “I’d love to make you laugh” he stated, “can I maybe take you out on a date?”

“Awh, Jaewon! I’d love to go on a date with you!”

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Woman tries to steal my safety, gets a criminal record.

Last saturday I rode to my town’s street mall, free motorcycle parking. My bike has a helmet strap lock, it looks like you can just grab my helmet and take off, but you can’t. After lunch I saw a woman trying to get my helmet detached. Sh*tty right? Just cut somebody’s seatbelts off next time. Luckily, there was a mall cop nearby. I filled him in and told him I was going to confront her. As casually as I could I wandered over and started asking her questions. “Wow, what year is that? That an 800cc?” Don’t see too many woman riders.“ The mall cop was standing behind her the whole time. At first she answered, but then told me to f*ck off. "Hold on, I’m interested in buying your bike” She said “You can’t have my bike, F*ck Off.”

F*ck you, this is MY bike, get away from it. She got up all huffy and swearing at me. Well a real policeman ended up approaching us and she turned to leave and ran into the mall cop. He grabbed her arm. We filled the real cop in as she tried to wriggle out. The mall cop had been filming on his phone and showed the real officer. She was taken to the station, immediately released, but still got a $800 charge for attempted robbery and a court date.


The RFA is having a celebration!

MC: Let’s play Never Have I Ever!

Saeyoung: OOH, yeah! That’s a fun one! And to make it better, let’s take shots every time!

Yoosung: Oh, geez…

Zen: Haha! I’ll probably get really drunk, you know that right?

Jumin: If worst comes to worst, I can call Driver Kim and have him escort you all home.

Jaehee: I suppose that will do. So, who will start?

Saeran: …I’ll go first.

Saeyoung: Way to go, lil bro! Taking the initiative!

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