as a member of the itty bitty titty committee can I just say how meaningful it was to me when amber said, “a girl can be flat, a girl can have big boobs, small boobs, it’s like — dude, it’s part of life.”

she wasn’t even trying to be super inspirational or anything yet that was so comforting?? she never fails to be such a great person wtf i honestly adore her more than anything on this planet

“I-I didn’t kill anybody… it was all a joke!  R̸͚̫̗͈̒i̴̱̘͛̾̆̀g̷̪̔̊̓͐͌ḩ̵̯͇̏̓ͅt̶͚̫̫͗̊̐̑͜?̶̧̬͔̆

The Colonel William Wilford Warfstach

A man now distorted and broken. A man gone insane and is now suffering from grandure delusions and hallucinations. A man who now believes death to be a pratical joke. A man who is still good but now dangerous. 

goddamn you @markiplier I did not asked to be stabbed in the heart like this.


Within the first two years of debut: “Look at these little buns.” “They’re so precious.” “Protect them.” “They deserve all the love in the world.”

Anytime after that: “This little shit.” “Stop. Doing. Aegyo.” “Fight me.” “Why do I stan you???” “Put you’re shirt back on.”