I got so much work done today. <3 I still have tons more to do. *sob* Therefore, I need this super perfect Ezio cosplayer to motivate me. Daaaah! I can’t wait to see him again this summer (though if I saw him at ALA, that would be really swell too. e/////e)

Bottom line: My absolute cosplay crush.

S–So perfect. *paws screen*

I don’t remember where I got this picture from and how long it’s been saved in my computer. But hell with it. Forgive me, Malik. e////e

#AssassinsCreed’s Ezio Auditore by #cosplayer Spartano...

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#AssassinsCreed’s Ezio Auditore by #cosplayer Spartano Cosplay. #cosplay #videogames #ubisoft


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