I got bored soooo have some of my horrible sketches on tablet.

VG!Aren,VG!Spring,VG!Nateev,VG!Meepers Design/ @blogthegreatrouge
VG!Kandii/ Mee
Aren/ @anrez-op-skele
Spring/ @blogthegreatrouge
Meepers/ @meeperspeeperslovecandy
Nateev/ @nateeev
And for some Introduction to those Girls with Kandii, They are Kandii’s Feeling or emotions wutever.

Kandii - The Original, and the Child that made this gurls exist at some point.

Kida - Kida is Depression!Kandii acts like a parent to the child and her smile never fades. She also likes to tear hearts apart… literally

Roho - Roho is Edgy!Kandii an edgy bitch always carries weapons with her shes also hotheaded sometimes over protective

Nadi - Nadi is Cheerful!Kandii the happy childish opposite of Idan

Idan - Idan is Sadness!Kandii her eyes always flow with tears well… slowly shes the opposite of Nadi

Kanii - Kanii is Hyper!Kandii shes like Kandii in a sugar rush but all the time.

I was bored ok?! Ive got nothing to do in schoooollll ;-;
btw Kida,Roho,Nadi,Idan and Kanii are slightly taller than Kandii well 1inch taller than Kandii.. WELP BACK TO DRAWING SHIETS