Eye rolling

  • My brain:Guess what I've decided that all your friends hate you. I'm not going to give you any justification, they just do.
  • Me:Oh my god are we really doing this again? There is literally no reason for me to think this and the fact that I keep saying shit like this even though there's been plenty of evidence to the contrary makes me look like a self-pitying whiner.
  • My brain:Yes, yes it does. And that is exactly why all your friends hate you.
Imasaka week, Day 1: Music

“Rain is kind of like a type of music too.”

950 words

Czytaj dalej

I have a feeling I’m gonna have to wait to get Trespasser and read a shitload of spoilers before I decide to get it.  I feel like I’d rather just happily go along with what I have written in my brain and pretend the Trespasser events never happen(ed) than to have to play through some of the worse scenarios people are supposing there might be in the DLC.  I don’t think they’d actually kill off the Inquisitor… but there are so many directions they could go with the Bullmance after 2 years, and some of those, I don’t think my heart could take it.