Eye rolling

honestly if you’re not interested in videos you don’t have to watch them just because they’ve been uploaded to a channel you’re subscribed to? literally no one is forcing you to watch things you don’t want to watch

don’t fucking blame how shit you think the Minecraft and GTA videos have become on Geoff “changing direction” to where letsplay is heading now

do you realize they’ve lost interest in those a long time ago? do you think maybe JUST MAYBE one of the reasons WHY they’re changing it up is /because/ they were losing interest and they want to do something new to bring the fun back into their job? to take the pressure off them on letsplay to give themselves more time to make better content? to give the audiences of a bunch of different groups more content?

chill the fuck out holy moley

I always laugh when someone brings up the difficulty of some of the Megaman games and there’s always that try hard that has to speak up and boast that they beat x and zero with their eyes closed in like two minutes  and no deaths like OOOOOO YOURE SO GOOD OH MY GOD OOOO bullshit

fate-motif heeft gevraagd:

Okay so my favorites are Kim, Max and Alya but let's have a raaaaare character. Hm. Penny Rolling?

Hello yes. Penny is so underappreciated. I will gladly rattle off about this purple haired pixie. 

Okay I don’t know if a full out ship Rolling Stone per say, but I know in the beginning Jagged was at least a little smitten with her. Idk whether she fully returns these feelings or whether they even persisted but he definitely grew on her eventually, even if it may have not been romantic. 

She knows Jagged like the back of her hand at this point. Favorite foods, ideal room temperature, when he sleeps, and how many goddamn times a day he goes to the bathroom. 

She’s the reason Jagged has purple in his hair. Hers was already purple when she became his agent, and he liked it so much he got it too. 

She was raised by a single mother, who was a huuuuge inspiration to her. 

She’s one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet, this woman is dedicated. 

She never actually had a punk or rock phase despite what you’d think of someone representing Jagged Stone. She just knew where to look for talent and found it. 

A lot of people in her field didn’t belive she’d be successful, but boy were they wrong. As soon as she got out there she saw Jagged Stone performing at a seedy little bar and saw potential. She flew him directly to the top. 

Jagged credits Panny for most of his success as a star. 

Happy Birthday Funkfreed

April 28th