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sirius is multi-lingual but never tells any of his friends; it just never comes up, but the summer after hogwarts ends they go on this long road trip and remus half-translates what he can to begin with and peter walks around with his head in a translation dictionary spluttering out awful spanish and in the end sirius just rolls his eyes, hops off the hood of the jeep they're travelling in, and starts fluently communicating with the locals and flirts easily to bargain and r&p&j just ???? how??

THIS IS THE MOST SIRIUS BALCK THING I’VE EVER HEARD except he would let them go the entire trip struggling to communicate and muddling through and then on the LAST DAY he would start talking fluently and flirting and they’d all be like???? are you for real???? and he’s just like ‘WELL YOU NEVER ASKED ME TO HELP’

all I ever see are text posts about a boy touching a girl and suddenly they are connected to fires and stars and the universe and I’m thinking to myself no he isn’t the universe he isn’t the sun scorching my skin trailing fires along my scars or spots
you can use your teeth and your tongue and you can have your way with me you can refer to me as your map but one thing I know is that this can be ruin this can dissolve the universe expands and poems don’t always have to be about a boy with instrumental hands and soft lips you can write about how a person can electrify you with just a touch and how lost you are with his kisses because, again, it tastes like the fucking universe but baby you already own it you already are a planet there are constellations forming in the anatomy of you you’ll always find rubble and ruin there’ll always be a blood bath and wars with your heavy heart and sharpened claws you were always born to fucking devour the flames you are a riot and a fucking miracle and I want something raw, something else that doesn’t include someone giving you a whole universe to feel tear me up in two and you’ll find one already there

microsoft: releases w10

tumblr users: holy shi t, theyre selling our secrets and wifi passwords to the drug cartels, and also to satan,

we're the new romantics - lovefern - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

“But listen why is his dick so big?” This is definitely the sixth time Louis has asked this.

“Louis, nerds can have big dicks. Being studious doesn’t make your dick small,” Zayn states, taking a sip of his fruit juice.

“Now is not the time for big words Zayn, I am having a crisis.”

He rolls his eyes, “When aren’t you panicking over dick?”

Alternatively, a high school au where Louis pines and Harry is not who he seems to be. Featuring peanut butter banana milkshakes, motorcycles, and first times.

So I took my daughter to a party today and the birthday girl loves the boys.
Me: So *Emma* did you hear 1D s new song? It’s brilliant isn’t it?
Emma: *rolls eyes* no it’s awful - I hate it. I like The Vamps now.
My daughter: *hands her present*
Think you need to get your ears checked Emma. *walks off*
Me: have fun! *backs away slowly*

Awkward Admittances and Surprise Revelations

Requested - Could I have an imagine/Drabble with stiles where you try to talk to him but end up embarrassing yourself by calling him hot. Thanks :)

Stiles Stilinski was one of those boys who was reasonably attractive, in a geeky kind of way, yet was made even more so by the personality that he had. I don’t think I’d ever seen him without a smile on his face, or not cracking a joke with Scott by his side, rolling his eyes at his excitable friend but always grinning. And, even if Stiles’ smile wasn’t as bright, his brown eyes seemed to shine with an amusement that no one else could quite understand. It was enough to lift your heart, even when things seemed dark; and somehow, I didn’t think he quite knew he could do it.

To say that I had a crush on Stiles would’ve been somewhat of an understatement. I was drawn to the boy with the excitable personality; I wanted to get to know him; to be one of the people who could help him when that smile wasn’t as bright. But I’d never quite had the courage. I’d been trying since our first day of high school, when he’d pushed aside any worries that he had and made the whole class laugh while we waited for Harris to turn up – one of the main reasons the teacher appeared to despise him.

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Calum would be such a jock at school, the cool guy who slept around. But I feel like if he heard his friends giving you a hard time he’d jump to your defence and when they gave him shit about it would point out that it was his job to protect ‘pretty girls’ and you’d roll your eyes but wouldn’t be able to help but blush. And after his friends had left Calum would nervously ask you if you were okay and you’d blush even more because you had somehow managed to make the most popular guy in school nervous. Like you’d just nod because you couldn’t speak but Calum would still find it the cutest thing in the world.

[[ richardxcastle ]]

Stiles shouts in excitement as he beats his best friend once again in Call of Duty “I told you you’d never beat me” Stiles grins as he playfully pushes his friend over.

Scott scowls at Stiles and grabs the pillow from the bed, hitting his best friend in the face so that he went flying backwards onto the bed laughing. Stiles glares at his friend and grabs a pillow himself to retaliate leading into a five minute pillow fight until Scott calls a truce and lays down next to his best friend grinning.

John Stilinski rolls his eyes as he hears thumps from above him and heads up the stairs to tell the both of them to be quiet and try not to hurt themselves or break anything.

“So” Scott starts as he leans up on an elbow looking over at his friend with a smirk.

“So what?” Stiles asks his best friend cautiously

“So, what going on with you and this Castle guy?” Scott asks him waggling his eyebrows. 

John pauses outside the crack of his sons door, Castle? who was he talking about, he puts his ear to the door listening in.

“What about me and Castle?” Stiles asks him raising an eyebrow, there was nothing between him and Castle, Castle was more of a protective uncle/father figure. 

“C’mon man spill” Scott whines pouting and giving him his puppy dog eyes causing Stiles to scowl at him and hit him with a pillow lightly

“Castle is just castle, he’s hot and definitely definitely fuckable…..”

John scowls at the door and storms downstairs before he even heard Stiles finish the sentence, as soon as he met this Castle guy, he was going to show him what happens to people who preyed upon teenagers especially his son.

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Mod E: What do YOU like to see in a good TF2 fanfiction? Are there any you can recommend? (By the way, sorry for the late welcome!)

Obviously, it should have good writing (well duh). A misspelling here or there is fine, but my eyes practically roll out of their sockets when almost every word is misspelled. Basic writing techniques are MUST if you want to be a good writer. It’s just so much easier to read and automatically makes me respect the author.
On another note: good writing means so much more than grammar and punctuation. It means painting the scene for the reader. I want to be able to imagine the scene happening in front of me.

Which brings us to action! Good stories have organized and interesting action. I can’t tell you how many times my eyes have simply glazed over when reading a messy action scene. A great example of organized action is the story Snow Nine.

Snow Nine - Chalk full of action. A MvM story that had me holding my breath at times. How can you go wrong with Ms. Pauling being a total bada**? (You can’t).  If you want an action story that stays true to tf2’s spirit, then I highly recommend it.

A reminder: Not every story needs a romance! (I’m looking at you, Mary Sue!) In fact, the stories that I recommend have little to no romance. I prefer stories that focus on the action. I have yet to find a good TF2 story I like revolving around love. The reasoning for that is a whole ‘nother rant.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) I’ll just leave it at a saying my good friend screamed while reading a spyXsniper story:

When it comes to good fanfiction, I adore well developed characters! It’s exciting seeing the mercenaries exist in their own world! It’s what makes the story! A major factor in “badfics” is the fact that there’s no depth to the character. Other than the set qualities we know they have, we see nothing else. It’s kind of like their not even people, just those goofy qualities seen in the game. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to that; it just feels over done after a certain amount of time.  Two of my favorite fanfics do a really good job with this aspect.

You Need to Get A Head - A fantastic look at the character of Medic as well as the mercs relationships with each other. I absolutely loved the ideas it presents with Mann Co.’s dark, unseen system. There’s also it’s two sequels - Send In The Clones and Saving Private Soldierbot.

Eight Mercenaries and A Toddler - It’s funny, cute, and gut wrenchingly sad. I’ll admit, I thought the idea was a bit cliche and cheesy at first. However, the author executed it very well. You get  background on Scout and Spy, as well as cute babysitting moments.

-Mod E

“I’m going to be sick.” Varric says with a smirk. Asha and Bull look up from where they sit, on the ground, cross-legged and across from one another, a straight razor in Asha’s hand and soap suds over half of Bull’s face.

“What?” they both say in unison.

“It’s too sweet isn’t it?” Dorian says, sitting by the fire with one leg over the other to prop up the book he’s reading.

“They’re going to rot my teeth.” Varric adds. Asha rolls her eyes and goes back to shaving Bull’s cheeks, careful around the hard edges of his jaw.

“Got to make it smooth for your inner thighs.” he whispers, half lidded eyes gazing down at her lovingly, hand beginning to absently stroke her knee. She snorts, and she would have kissed him if not for the soap.

“Stay still.”

“You got it, Boss.”

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I always did and still love Olivia Dunham! I remember feeling like I could walk on fire for her. She's my fave from Fringe, along with other characters that I'm not sure you're familiar with yet. Yes, back in the day I wanted Olivia and Emma to meet! They had some things in common (sad thing unfortunately)

Is Georgina’s character one of them?

It’s funny because I know just enough about the show to know about character development so I just roll my eyes and huff and puff at my screen because who cares about your dead boyfriend, Olivia, your future husband is. just. there.