Eye rolling

WOW!  LM’s new single ‘Hair” is really

If this is the vibe of the new album, I’m laughing. 

What also has me laughing is the media predictably linking the message of the new song as a diss toward Zayn.  Obviously this song was written months ago when Zerrie was still together and in love. Yeah, the song fits the situation now but history dictates that Ms. Perrie Edwards doesn’t give up and throw in the towel on a worthless guy who cheats on her and treats her bad.  She wanted Zayn all up and through her hair haha!  How are they singing about kicking an idiot guy to the curb when everybody knows that Perrie was the one who was dumped (via text). Whatever…

idontknowwhatsarcasmis asked for Fenris/Hawke and sphallolalia: flirtatious talk that leads nowhere  

put your money where your mouth is (or hell, just put your mouth on me)  

They don’t kiss. They don’t even touch. There are looks – eyes curved above a good hand of cards, and sidelong glances that never linger long enough to catch. And there are words, bandied between glasses of wine; under the arc of his blade and her quick-footed steps.

“I like a man who can swing a big sword,” she quips, and the raise of his brows tells her he hears what she’s really saying. And for a moment all the cards are on the table, and she’s showing her hand, and she’ll show him everything if he just–

Isabela snorts, and the moment breaks, shatters along with her courage, and Hawke grins and pretends it all a joke. And Fenris believes her – or, at least she suspects he does, anyway. Anything else is bordering too close to hope, and she and hope have not been on speaking terms for some time.

But then one afternoon, a book in his lap and a string of syllables wrapped with care around his tongue, to enunciate a word he doesn’t recognize, she says, “It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?”

“I know a word far more beautiful.” And then he looks at her, and – Hawke, she thinks. Say Hawke.

Oh, she wants to kiss him. She wants to hear lewd things from that mouth, his voice against her skin. It’s not too much to ask, surely, with all the hints he’s dropping, but – therein lies the problem, doesn’t it? It’s a dance, but she doesn’t remember the steps; who leads and who follows. And it’s a dance where’s she been given two left feet, and his prolonged silences makes it feel like she’s lugging about bloody log. But someone needs to take the lead, Hawke knows that much, or they’ll be fumbling along like this into the next age. Perhaps if she just – spoke. No more veiled remarks, no more innuendo, just a good old fashioned, honest proposition.

Right. “Fenris, I–”

A door slams beyond the sitting room, and there are footsteps on the landing, purposeful strides that can only belong to one person, and Hawke swallows her groan. Balls.

The no-nonsense clank of armour rattles, and the Guard-Captain appears in the doorway, seemingly unmindful of the scene. Uncomfortably palpable tension means little when you’ve got a city to run, apparently. “Hawke, a word?”

Co-ward, co-ward, her heart beats, but she rises with a smile, and hopes what Aveline is about to rope her into involves at least a small amount of gratuitous violence. A pathetic substitute for release, perhaps, but a desperate woman takes what she can get. Please, let it be bandits. 

Fenris doesn’t move to follow, but his voice rises in his stead. “I will be here if you need me…Hawke.”

She stifles a hysterical laugh, pointedly ignoring Aveline’s look of old exasperation, and vows to find somewhere to scream her head off.

They don’t kiss. They barely touch.

And Maker take her, but Hawke doesn’t know how much more before she snaps.

Can you guys imagine if gurp ever got a chance to do stand up?….
I can just picture it now he’d like go out on the stage with blackface
And make some super stupid ignorant shitty jokes and then when people get angry at him he’d be like “WELL YOU DONT KNOW COMEDY GUYS GAAAD IT’S JUST A JOKE”
And then there’d be like some 12 year old bananas in the crowd like “uhhh guys it’s just a joke (even though we are too young to understand why blackface is disgustingly terrible) you should stop getting offended at his comedy duuuuhhhh

Do you ever just look at those “ popular” roleplay blogs and just kinda sit there and ask how they even get like 5000 followers when they hardly do anything? 
Or why they have to act so high and mighty and when they get like a heartfelt ask or something, all they get in response is a “ Thanks!!” or something else that is just one worded. 

Lord, I don’t understand xD.  If that’s the atmosphere that comes with having a blog that goes big, specifically an OC, I really don’t want my muse to get that popular.