Extreme Couple


mckinnonsprewett requested: battlestar galactica + favourite familial relationship


Pewey in 70’s

[Outfit Update: September 1, 2015]
[An Extremely Goofy Movie parody Update: September 11, 2015]

Mayor Bill Dewey x Pearl [Pewey] is one of my fav. couple in 70’s fashion outfit (my fav. fashion era) and “An Extremely Goofy Movie” parody with Buck Dewey n’ Jenny Pizza.

Pewey is one of Steven Universe’s couple got most hating by rabid haters. They made me freak and I’ve too scarred does shipping about this couple on Tumblr. D;

It’s unfair for me. Everybody should can free to ship whatever yourself want and should admit in some ship without hate and I just only want fun with does draw some SU fanart. ):

Thank you williamdewey for This idea

If you don’t like this couple. Don’t reblog, send hate comment and spam Please. I’ve very sensitive about hating or hater. TTATT