Extreme Couple

Finally, i get some time to watch WGM’s Jinwoon-Junhee… Monitoring this couple since the 1st episode but have no time to watch the full episodes… This couple is no joke,, the skinship is no joke, i have a goosebumps just watching them naturally touch each other kyaaa >_< Beautiful couple (literally), their 4D personality and the fact that they meet each other off screen makes my heart tumbling.. kyaaaa.. looking forward to more of Extreme Couple moment <3  

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Do you think that Shiro treats Pidge as if she was his sister to make up for the fact that he feels responsible for her brother not being there?

Absolutely Nonny. ((in fact I seem to remember getting an extremely similar ask a couple weeks back ^.^))

Shiro is the kind of person who takes responsibility for those around him even if they’re not technically supposed to be his responsibility, that’s just the way he is. We see it with the paladins, specifically Pidge (and even to an extent with Allura), and there is no doubt in my mind he did it with Matt too. So I’m willing to bet good money he blames himself for not being able to get Matt out of the Galra’s clutches and that affects how he relates to Pidge

The State of David

For those of you that are still around: I’m here, just haven’t been much in the mood to post. Here are the main factors impacting my posting:

  • Work has been extremely busy. A couple of months ago, things really started to gel and I started “getting it”. Unfortunately, that was the time things really picked up at work and I’ve been swamped. 
  • I’m a bit broken. My left leg (hamstring) is tight and weak; I simply have no kick in it. While sitting at my desk, I extend my right leg (parallel to the ground) and no issue. I do this with my left leg and I feel the tightness up the back of my leg above the knee. I can massage it and extend it several times and it feels better. Not great, but better. 
  • I think it happened when my trainer kept telling me to do a series of stretches. I think I prefer being inflexible as hell.
  • With my leg out of commission, I’m not running. That’s been depressing.
  • Stuff is going on back home. I wonder if Santa will grant my Christmas wish and tell me I’m adopted.  

Nothing earth shattering, but lots of little things that accumulate into a larger thing.

More of David’s normal life, minus the regular pictures of the bridge in the morning, to come.

I’ve seen 3x more straight PDA than I have gay PDA, and the straight PDA is always way more intense than the gay PDA. Mind you, I work at one of the busiest tourist spots in the world in one of the most stereotypically liberal gay-friendly cities in the world. I’ve still seen way more straight couples making out in public places, and I’m honestly sick of hearing why gay people need to ‘tone down their PDA’, even though said PDA is borderline nonexistent.

Thank you

I would just like to thank all of you for you support and kind messages. You cannot imagine how much it means to me when you share your stories so openly and so freely. I appreciate all the notes and messages very much. It has been an extremely difficult couple of weeks, as you can imagine. I miss my guy and our routines. I still feel like I should be getting his dinner ready or taking him out at certain times and then I remember he’s not here any more. I know it will get better with time, but I will miss him for the rest of my life. He really was a very good dog, and he was my best friend. The best friend and companion I’ve ever had. I hope with everything inside of me that the Rainbow Bridge is a real place and that he is running free and without pain there. I also hope I get to go there one day and that’s where I wish to remain.

My life skills include reading JDox fanfic and flailing in glee at any subtle, tiny Kelsox moments within them

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I can't think of any good resources rn, but I'm ace and basically, asexual is lack of sexual attraction towards other people full stop. Demi-ace is when you could form sexual attraction towards people you have a strong romantic relationship with (and kind of similar, demi romantic is when you only form romantic attraction after a strong platonic relationship with someone) . And Grey-ace is when you are only attracted to people extremely rarely, like a couple of people in your lifetime.

for anon!

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A New Day 1, 6 and 10 :)

A New Day  1, 6 and 10 :)
1:What inspired you to write the fic this way?
I fell in love with Maedhros and Fingon the first time I read The Silmarillion. They were for me an extremely hot couple and I never questioned that it was a lifelong romantic partnership with a few bumps in the road perhaps—complex and enduring throughout the main story line of the Noldor in Middle-earth. I was not satisfied that people wanted to make their story bigger than life or more tragic than life (as though life isn’t in its simplest form tragic enough or filled with enough conflict and complexity without adding to it). So I wanted to write a human story of big characters, to take their epic stories and make them real and relatable using the same issues and problems outlined in Tolkien’s canon. But I wanted real life blood in them to make me believe in them as people. I wanted people to fall in love with them the way that I had.

6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
It was intended to be my definitive version of the story of the days from Fingon’s rescue of Maedhros until he has more or less recovered and they must take up their separate but closely allied political and military lives—Maedhros as the head of the House of Fëanor and Fingon as his father’s heir and his chief military tactician and leader. I wanted to show how important that Maedhros’ abdication and his collaboration with Fingon was. And how the two of them together formed the glue that held the Noldorin alliance against Morgoth together and protected all of Middle-earth for nearly five hundred years. What makes it special to me is that beginning with my prequel to it, Maitimo and Findekáno , A New Day formed the basis of the characterization I created for the two of them (my “head canon”) that I still write today. Surprisingly, although I might write differently today, they still do not embarrass me. That’s a pretty big deal.

10:Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?

Tolkien loved the story of Beren and Lúthien the most or maybe Eärendil and his heirs, but my big heroes were always and forever Fingon and Maedhros, along with the entire House of Finwë. To me that will always be my BIG STORY. (Based of course on Fëanor, of course!) I do love Elrond and his entire family, Gil-galad, Glorfindel, and scores of others’ stories, especially in LotR, and the named and unnamed women (I have quite a passion for Erendis–don’t even have to mention Nerdanel), most of whom I have not written in depth yet. But I’d be a big fat liar to say I am anything but massively Noldor-centric in my passion for Tolkien’s world. I can relate to them! They are real to me.

My very first client was an extremely nice old american couple who gave me a tip even after i screwed up a bit and told them it was my first day and they said ‘oh really, you did a lovely job’ thank u old american friend

Rando person: You guys are an extremely attractive couple
Me: Wow thank you!!!!!
Me: *to michael* we have to take a selfie right this instant to commemorate this moment

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