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♈ Aries Romantic Compatibility ❤️️

Aries and…

♈ Aries - Though this pairing is considered unique, it can make for a stable relationship under certain conditions. The biggest problem between Aries’ is their affinity for competition. This can be accomplished if both partners focus their energies on their own ambitions and goals or if they work in very different fields.

♉ Taurus - Aries and Taurus may not be attracted to each other initially, but with effort and time a strong connection can form between the two. There may be vast differences in the pair’s interests. Neither of these signs are particularly flexible in relationships, so learning how to balance the strong inclinations of each other is very important.

♊ Gemini - Aries and Gemini are considered a very compatible couple. They have common interests and similar temperaments. Though Aries is slightly more dominant, Gemini is more observant and adaptable to Aries’ ways. The biggest obstacle for the pair is a lack of planning and foresight.

♋ Cancer - This pairing can be challenging to navigate. It is imperative that both signs be diligent toward the others’ needs and preferences.  Aries is more adventurous than Cancer, but Cancer is more sensitive and level headed. Both are very strong willed, which can supersede the differences in these signs and make the relationship stable.

♌ Leo - Leo and Aries are an extremely compatible couple. The key to this pairing is the balance between what the signs have in common and their differences. There is just enough competition and exciting differences to keep the relationship fresh and active.

♍ Virgo - Aries and Virgo typically have great mental compatibility and are sexually well matched. The biggest hurtle for this couple is their lack of communication. Though there may not be an initial connection between the two, Virgos and Aries’ that decide to build on their relationship can create something very worthwhile.

♎ Libra - This pairing can be extremely sexual compatible but may struggle with differences in lifestyles. Compromise will make all the difference in this relationship. Aries is a person of action, while Libra prefers to plan and give great attention to detail. If they allow one another to influence their decisions, they will both be able to make bigger and more precise strides.

♏ Scorpio - The Aries and Scorpio pair has been described as “explosive”, mainly due to the intense sexual compatibility between the two. Both signs are known to be passionate and strong willed. Sex can become the strongest aspect of the relationship, which may not lend itself to longevity. Cheating can be the biggest mistake in an Aries/Scorpio relationship and can breed terrible outcomes. Scorpio may not be used to Aries’ openness and it will take some time to get used to. Aries should be aware of Scorpio’s initial caution.

♐ Sagittarius - Aries and Sagittarius is another highly compatible pairing. Both are adventurous, active, and spontaneous. This couple is special. As many other signs have trouble keeping up with Aries and Sagittarius, this relationship stands out to both partners.

♑ Capricorn - Capricorn and Aries can be a challenging relationship. Getting used to one another will be a slow and sometimes confusing process. They both have their own set ways and have trouble communicating their needs to one another. The two are compatible sexually. If Capricorn becomes the dominant personality in the relationship Aries may feel things become stable, but stale. If Aries takes the lead in the relationship Capricorn will feel that things are unstable and rushed.

♒ Aquarius - A pairing full of potential, Aries and Aquarius can build an exciting life together. Aries admires Aquarius’ unpredictability and uniqueness while Aquarius will relish the independence of Aries and their shared rebelliousness. Aries may become a bit demanding of Aquarius when it comes to their sexual relationship.

♓ Pisces - The success of a Pisces and Aries match is largely dependent on Aries’s ability to show their patient and romantic sides. Pisces is loyal and sensitive and can be a great supporter of Aries if given what they need emotionally. Pisces is at the most risk in this relationship, as they can be made to feel unimportant by a dominant sign such as Aries. Communication on Pisces’ part and understanding and effort on Aries’ part make all the difference. 

  • Eleanor: [leaves LA in a flurry of photos and taken at LAX]
  • The Sun today: For some reason, fans seem to think Eleanor is in London lmao idk man
  • Spokesperson: [yawns while crawling out of own grave] Yeah, we don't comment on locations so.......
  • 2 hours later
  • Louis: [is pictured in a grocery store in London]
  • Fans: Yes, I can report he was with a brunette woman, undoubtedly his girlfriend as they were extremely affectionate per heterosexual couple standards.

I don’t get ppl crying over the romance in tg:re??? it’s not like it’s sudden, forced or unnatural, it’s been built up over 2 series, carefully and meticulously planned. I’m personally not for random romantic subplot that adds nothing to the story but ishida’s been building out the story with a vast array of emotional palettes for a long time. so if he’s decided to now bring romance up a little more (it really wasn’t that much guys) then so be it. and let’s be real, this is Tokyo ghoul we’re talking about, we can all already see things falling apart and the storm cloud of tears on the horizon

  • Extreme Christians: Don't you DARE abort that baby! No matter what, you're a murderer if you do. Plenty of people would love to adopt that baby.
  • Same-sex couples: :)
  • Extreme Christians: No, not you.
Stuck in traffic - Sidney Crosby (smut)

Requested by anon: Can you do a Sid Crosby imagine? Actually I have 2 if you don’t mind, I saw you said we can send in as many as we’d like. Could you do a detailed smutty one? The story line can really be anything, I’m not picky, just some smut. And for the second one can you do one where you have a one night stand with him but you guys have a real romantic connection and he ends up really liking you and leaves his girlfriend for you? If you can’t do two, you can just do the first one I asked for :) Thank you!

A/N: Hey! I hope you like it. The second one will be posted soon.

Word count: 1574

Warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Swearing. Spanking.

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I’m bored. Bored as hell. Bored as I have never been. And we are stuck in traffic. And the car doesn’t seem to move more than two inches at a time. And Sidney doesn’t stop changing the radio station. And I have checked all my accounts of social media at least a thousand times. And, and, and.

“This is bullshit.” I say, putting my phone down. “I refuse to think that all these people live in Pittsburgh.”

“We are almost there, (y/n).” Sidney seems calmed, but I can tell that he is as annoyed by it as I am. Sidney hates waiting.

“We were almost there two hours ago.” I complain, unbuckling my seat belt and turning on my seat, putting my bare feet on Sidney’s lap.

“Baby, this is really unsafe.” He warns me, but he takes his hand from steering wheel and runs his fingers on my ankle and foot absent-mindedly, caressing my skin softly. I hum, enjoying the physical contact between us.

Sidney and I have been together for a little over two years, which is kind of crazy to think about. I wasn’t a hockey fan, so when I run onto him in the grocery store I didn’t think of him as the town hockey hero but just as a really cute man with a really great ass; little did I know that we would become one of those ‘celebrity couples’ and that we would be on magazines and I would get offers from brands to promote them and our private life wouldn’t be so private after all. We are just Sidney and (y/n) for me, not Pittsburgh’s power couple.

“Extremely dangerous.” I say when Sidney’s hand travels up my calf to my knee, caressing the skin my skirt doesn’t cover.

Sidney smirks, but doesn’t say anything else, making the car move a little before stopping it again. Sid has finally stopped changing the radio station every two seconds and ‘only love’ by Ben Howard is playing on the background while we share a comfortable silence.

Sidney’s hand goes up and up my leg, drawing circles on the skin of my inner thigh teasing me and I draw a sharp breath, making him chuckle.

“That is a two ways game, sweetheart.” I warn him, shaking my legs a little.

“You don’t want to play with me, babygirl.” He says, squeezing my thigh with his big hand. “You know that I always play to win.”

“We’ll see about that.” I mutter, taking my feet from his lap and sitting straight again.

We stay motionless for a second until I fish for his hand and link my fingers to his, leaving them on his lap. The corners of his mouth go up a little, bringing our linked hands to his mouth and leaving butterfly kisses on my knuckles.


“Hey.” He says and I look at him. “I love you.”

I smile, leaning over his side of the car to give him a chaste kiss. I unlink our hands and leaving mine up his thigh, mimicking the caresses he was doing on my skin just minutes ago.

“You are playing with fire, doll.” He hisses when I bring my hand too far up, feeling his growing erection. I reach for the button of his jeans, but he grabs my hand before I can undo it, shooting me a filthy look.

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Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You

Summary: Not requested, but based on the Arctic Monkeys song with the same name. Josh wants to stop the drudgery of everyday life whilst off tour in favor of a life with you. 1000 Follower special.

Warnings: Rough, unprotected sex. Drinking, Dirty talk,

Rating: Mature

A/N: This is one of my first mature fics and for the 1000 follower special. How  is so special? Well it’s my first ever smut so get ready for 1900 words of sin. (It’s pretty crap btw)

Tag List:  @marrsox  @littlemrsbeliever  @b0rky

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Seventeen’s Reaction To: Their S/O Being Muscular!

Svt reaction to their S/O having more muscles than them !

Lit, let’s do this!


  • Would be baffled at how strong you were. Is the type to try and show off his own muscle. TBH he’d be happy that you’re so fit and would probably take you to the gym with the guys. 

Originally posted by pabospoiler


  • He would completely let you have that trait! He would be your number one supporter whenever you two workout. Would probably ask for your help when moving things around the house.

Originally posted by niaahoran


  • Would be blown away by them. I don’t see him being the type to one up you, but more like Jeonghan and just let you be you. He’s another big supporter of you.

Originally posted by hoon-seok


  • TBH he’d probably be a lil intimidated over the fact that you were so muscular. Now he would give you props for being so dedicated on being active! Seeing you might motivate him to gain a few more muscles.

Originally posted by 12fools


  • This awkward lil bean would be blown away by your muscles every single day. Now it wouldn’t motivate him to become active, but it would cause him to eat a lil healthier. Would also be the type to be your moral support while at the gym.

Originally posted by visual-17


  • This boy is always active, so your muscles would just motivate him even more!! He would love to go workout with you. You two would be the extreme power couple while in the gym tbh.

Originally posted by hosoeks


  • Would be a lil sad about how strong you were. I feel as if he would enjoy being the stronger one in the relationship, but he wouldn’t let your strength bother him too much. He would still show you as much support as possible.

Originally posted by withjunhui


  • Wouldn’t be too bothered by how strong you were. But you est believe that he would workout way more often to reach your caliber. Would always compare muscles to see how close he was.

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  • Would be lightly intimidated by your muscle, but would embrace them. You’d probably motivate him to also workout more. He’d constantly ask for tips to becoming stronger.

Originally posted by minghaon


  • This ray of sunshine wouldn’t be too intimidated by your extra muscle. In fact he’d probably encourage you to keep your muscle. Is also the type to support you no matter what.

Originally posted by pabospoiler


  • This boy would sass you so much for being stringer than him. He’d constantly tease you, in a good way, over how strong you were. Would also support your active lifestyle.

Originally posted by 001liuqi


  • He’d be another one to let you take that spotlight. Would probably squish at them softly whenever you’d come home from the gym. He’d be okay with you being a lil stronger than him and would support your active lifestyle.  

Originally posted by bubblehamu


  • Would be a bit intimidated as well. Is the type to be highly motivated after seeing your muscles. He’d constantly go to the gym with you so he could be as fit as you.

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I swear to god if the writer mess with Isak & Even I will hurt someone 😡

You fuck with Jonas & Eva, also won’t give me Eva & Chris or Eva and Vilda (yes I started shipping after @queenofthesandals brought it to my attention) you fucked with Noora and William don’t push my patience with Isak and Even you can somewhat fuck with my straight ships don’t mess with my gay ones I’m more protective over them

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