Prototyping, Solving Problems:

I often sit and make prototypes for people or to try new ideas out. I had a message asking what tools do I have always around me. The Extrema Ratio BF2 is my EDC while at home or around the workshop. Its a great knife, worth every penny and its served me well.Although its a liner lock, it has a secondary lock making it feel like a fixed blade. It sits in a Taco pistol pouch on my belt.

I dont use it to cut Technora or other similar high end cords. It just punishes blades and cost me a few pairs of EMT shears already.

For high end technical cords I opted for a simple 5.11, simple reason it was cheap. Thats the only reason. Its an AUS8 steel which holds an edge fairly well and sharpens up with little effort. For the money, it works perfectly. I only had the tanto as it was the last one and the drop point was out of stock.

With these knives, Ive a hot knife also. Thats worth its weight in gold for cutting webbing and other materials. Its a gas version and portable. Ive also got rubber hammers, multitool and hole making items. I dont have a eyelet rivet system just yet but its on the cards for some up and coming projects.

So what is it I’m working on? Well, thats classified on this occasion, but if it all works out then it may be an item on sale to others later on. Some of my most interesting items are the ones I cant share.

If you have never tried an Extrema Ratio knife then please do check them out. Heinnie Haynes is a great source I use for knives.


Extrema Ratio T.K 2.0:

Im a fan of certain things, it has to be the best quality, the best in use and exceed in many other areas. If I buy something and its priced a little high I want to know it will exceed expectations, never fail and be the best so I don’t ever have to buy again.

Life has taught me when it comes to Boots or Sleeping bags, buy the best, if you are not in one, you are in the other. I extended that to knives, bergans and tools over the years. I only opt for Extrema Ratio when its the most important factor. (Or I simply make something myself)

The T.K 2.0 from Extrema Ratio was quietly released earlier this year. I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a few weeks now. So when it arrived, I was keen to open the lavish box that housed it and get at the goodies inside.

Want to know more? Well The Extrema Ratio Website has more details, and I’ll update once I have had time to test and play with the tool.  I’ll leave you with the taster pics above.

Extrema Ratio Kukri KH

Sometimes my strategy for researching gear is “I’ll know it when I see it.”  I’m occasionally fooled by flashy presentation over substantive quality, but usually I can tell at a glance if a product is worth consideration.

Recently I decided I needed a machete.  You know, for blazing trails and fending off bears.  Of the various blade types available, I felt the kukri would serve my needs the best.  The Cold Steel version is the most popular of those, on account of its good performance/price ratio.

But following the “I’ll know it when I see it rule,” well,  Cold Steel’s wasn’t it.

Eventually I made my way to the website of an Italian company I’d never heard of before - Extrema Ratio, high-end makers of all things bladed and tactical.  They make a a tactical machete simply called the Kukri KH.  I could go into specs, but does it really matter? This is clearly the most badass machete on earth. Further research turned up a few other tactical machetes, but nothing of this class.

$350-500 if you can find one in stock (and most retailers are in Europe).  I think I’m in love.

  • Extrema Ratio BF2 CD

WEIGHT: 4.76 oz (135 g)
BLADE LENGTH: 3.35" (87 mm)
TOTAL LENGTH: 8.46" (212 mm)

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Extrema Ratio R.A.O Review (by edgeobserver)