Honorary Horrible First Post

If there’s one thing you should know at me, its that I love pranks. Every so often when I pull a prank I will put it on this blog.


My friend’s brother hates when people draw on his stuff with sharpies… especially because of the smell. So these are the steps I followed to get him to (FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU) rage.

1. Get a bunch of sharpies

2. Open them in his room so the smell circulates

3. Take some Expo dry erase markers

4. Write ALL OVER his windows, pictures w/ glass frames and mirrors.

5. Make a large note complete w/ troll face: “i drew all of this with sharpies, u mad bro?”

6. Hide all Expo markers to be rid of evidence

7. Keep sharpies out in his room to make it seem more obvious

8. Go into neighboring room and chat with friend

9. Hear screaming from his room

10. LOL

11. ????

12. Profit