Overwatch Junkrat Fan skin: Crusader

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16th Century Shaped Charge, The Petard,

Derived from the from the French word “pet” and Latin word “peditum” meaning to break wind, the petard did much more than expel intestinal gas.  It was an early shaped charge that was used to blow down big doors, gates, or palisades when laying siege to a fortification.  The bomb usually consisted of a bell or cone shaped metal device filled with black powder.  A small hole in the back allowed for the insertion of a fuse to detonate the bomb.  By that time engineers had developed all kinds of explosives, what was special about the petard was that its bell shaped design focused the force of the blast in a frontward direction at a single point.  This made it easier to blow a hole into a wall or blow a gate off of its hinges. 

  The job of placing a petard fell to the petard makers assistant.   It was definitely not an easy task, as a petardier would have been fired upon by crossbowman and musketeers while attempting to correctly mount an explosive.  It was not uncommon for a petardier to be killed by his own device.  In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses the phrase “hoist with his own petard”, as a proverbial phrase meaning to be destroyed by ones own devices.

  • Roadhog: God's just got you set on a war path huh?
  • Junkrat: No idea what you mean! Now hold this!
  • Roadhog: What is it?
  • Junkrat: A bomb duh? The real question is when it's gonna go boom!
  • Roadhog: When would that be?
  • Junkrat: That's the fun part! NOT EVEN I KNOW!
  • Roadhog: I fucking hate this job.
  • Junkrat: But you love your boss!
  • Roadhog: Eh, sometimes.
  • Junkrat: SOMETIMES!?
  • Roadhog: As in not very often?
voltron prompt ??

- lance and the Crew™ go out to space for some ass kicking space robot fighting amirite 

 - they’re fighting and keith and lance are underground to infiltrate a secret galra base on a planet 

- keith is like “wait let’s explode this thing” and holds up dynamite and lance is like ‘i think the heck not?? that’s a terrible idea' 

- keith sighs as lance explains it’d probably kill them and not to mention shiro could be inside the secret base or innocent prisoners 

 - keith leaves the explosives behind a crate and they go to find the control to take out the power 

- they take out the power and they decide to split up between two prison wings to free the prisoners 

- lance opens all the cells as the power is out, instructing them to go to the opposite wing and find the red paladin, as he’ll take them to the surface where allura is waiting with the castle 

- lance finishes getting the prisoners from his wing evacuated and keith comes back to get lance 

 - a wild haggar appears! 

- and holding keith’s dynamite no less (that idiot you don’t leave unused explosives in the enemy’s base with no intent of using them) 

- haggar has a match in her other hand so lance doesn’t think and shoots it out of her hand, which was a bAD IDEA 

- keith starts to run and lance follows, but haggar had dropped the explosives on the still lit match on the floor, and it’s only a matter of seconds until the thing explodes 

- haggar grabs lance’s neck and pulls him back, now lance is choking so he can’t cry out to keith 

- haggar attempts to put a shield up but it’s pretty rushed (the bomb is about to go off so??) so it barely protects the two of them, they’re not dead but almost 

- BOOM it explodes, keith is not far enough and is knocked out and in bad shape 

- pidge and hunk and trying to talk to lance and keith, to find that keith isn’t responding and lance’s helmet isn’t even online so it’s presumably broken 

- pidge goes down to find keith and lance and finds a huge room on fire basically, with keith knocked out 

- she puts keith in her lion and looks for lance but no one is there in the hallway besides keith 

 - she hurries to the castle where allura is waiting with the rescued prisoners, and hunk is fighting off a small fleet single handedly 

 - they get hunk back inside the castle and they open a wormhole to quickly get away: they did what they came to do and they had to leave because a) keith needed serious medical attention b) lance?? where is he?? and c) there’s more galra ships and the ship (once again) is in bad condition (isn’t it always lmao) 

- they rush keith to a healing pod 

- while keith is healing coran, allura, pidge and hunk are worrying about lance and keith and shiro: not only is shiro missing but lance is too?? what will they do without their sharp shooter??? is he dead???? and keith is out of action while he’s healing (he doesn’t come out for almost a week) and pidge and hunk can’t single handedly fight zarkon and the galra 

 - because lance flew into the base with keith and the red lion the blue lion is safe inside the castle 

 - red lion followed pidge’s lion when she went to the castle haha to be continues i guess?? 

rip sorry for my spelling, punctuation, lack of using capitals, weird sentence structuring EVERYTHING i mean i wrote this under a blanket in the rain on some bleachers so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

seriouslywhodidthis  asked:

In TV and movies you always hear about soldiers being discharged after their humvee runs over a mine -- often killing soldiers or costing them limbs. Any idea how often a military vehicle actually drives over an undetected mine?

Depends on if you’re asking “how often do people run over mines left over from previous wars” or “how often do people blow up from a hidden explosive.” The first question, I have no idea; I imagine it depends on the area (certain locations are more likely to have old minefields) and what kind of mine was used.

Nowadays our biggest concern in the Middle East isn’t landmines, it’s IEDs – improvised explosive devices. Homemade bombs, if you will. These can be anything from an empty soda can to a dead animal carcass, so it’s almost impossible to really prevent them. 

When we had IED training we honestly were told that literally anything could be an IED and we just have to be really vigilant and report anything that looks suspicious, which as I said could mean reporting litter on the side of the road that wasn’t there yesterday, or a dirt pile that looks larger than the rest. That sounds a little extreme until you realize that even local trash collectors are at high risk of being severely injured or killed due to IEDs.

How often a vehicle hits an IED depends on a lot of factors, namely the location, the enemy activity in the area, how close you are to enemy territory, how well built the IED was, how cleverly hidden the IED was, and whether it was put in a spot that a soldier would be likely to walk or drive over. Our routes are supposed to be monitored and scouted ahead of time for trouble, but any new route should be presumed trapped. We’ve actually developed specially armored vehicles who exist for the sole purpose of scouting out IEDs. 

USA Today says we’ve had 3,000 deaths due to IEDs and 33,000 wounded, which is significant when you consider that the US death toll’s currently around 7k and the wounded around 50k. So all things considered, I’d say it’s pretty likely.


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