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hello. I wanted to drop a life update, for you Buena Park California. I literally don’t know anyone who lives in California but you’re officially my biggest fan. it’s only been about a month but I’ve got a few admittedly major life updates. the first and foremost of which, I GOT A DOG!!!!! honestly the best life decision I’ve ever made. His name is Hunter and he is a white German shepherd and he’s probably the only thing I’ve ever genuinely loved. His last owners were horrible, he had fleas when I got him and he was emaciated and diarrhea'ing and weak and scared of everything. He’s doing so much better now, so proud of the lil puppy. I’m in the middle of training and socializing him. He’s a quick learner but stubborn as hell. Literally drained my bank account spoiling him, 0 regrets. 😭 I’m so happy.

The middle picture is an Explosions in the Sky concert, which was pretty good. Hunter came with me, which turned out to be a mistake, bc I had to earmuff his ears with a handkerchief bc it was so loud. I have to admit, I don’t think I would have gone to the show if I didn’t have him with me. It’s not so much that going to shows/concerts make me anxious, but I would have felt guilty and that guilt would have been a source of anxiety that generally makes me feel like I don’t belong. That I stick out like a sore thumb, bc I would be in a crowd of people that have their life together and I should be at home studying instead. probably why I haven’t been to a show in nearly two years. but anyways, yeah! went to a concert. it was fun. idk. I haven’t done anything like this in a while. felt significant.

Next up is school! I started at the University of Houston last Monday. Attended orientation on the 15th. I’m not going to specify what it is yet, but I decided to go with a major that I think fits me better than a broken in boot. it was a last minute decision. I’ve been afraid of ridicule for so long for not doing something classically Indian, like a STEM or business degree. but I’m enrolled in 18 hours currently, 6 classes. and it’s been one week, and all I can think is. I definitely made the right choice. I don’t know what it is. Is it the dog? I just have confidence and self esteem bursting out my ass. I can’t describe the relief of having found where I belong school wise. I don’t feel a drop of anxiety on campus. In Austin every time I saw a crowd of white people I’d grimace lol. here, on orientation day. I was looking at a campus map trying to figure out how to get back to my car, and this dude comes up to me and asks me if I’m lost and literally gives me directions to the lot I parked in based off the one street name I remembered. idk. I d k. just small little things, that are weirdly reassuring. I’m going to be taking another class at community college as well, so technically 21 hours. and I’m just not scared at all. I mean, I’m definitely not looking forward to the amount of time I’ll have to invest into studying. but there’s no anxiety. there’s no underlying fear following me around whispering “maybe you should drop all your classes and withdraw..” it just feels RIGHT. I’m going to kick this semesters ass and it’s going to be so worth it. hoping to join their climbing team as well so I can have some sort of extra curricular besides a job.

lastly. been told I look skinnier/like I’ve lost weight by a couple of people, but hilariously I’ve actually gained weight lol. since May? I think I’ve gained 15 pounds. hopefully most of that is muscle 😂 90% of my diet is carbs so I doubt it. I really should track my progress better. Hunter has definitely added a lot more cardio to the mix. finding myself reaching double my steps goal (15k steps) each day I both walk him and go to the gym. so basically everyday besides Sunday lol. or whichever day of the week I decide to give my wrists some rest. anyway I’m going to pass out now. maybe I’ll edit this/reblog it with anything I forgot tmrw morning. if not I will continue with this trend of not using tumblr because life has drastically improved since Getting Away 🤔 thanks for reading Buena Park California 💟

Northern Downpour

a rainy playlist for gloomy days and nights. for candles and long baths and reading and comfort.

listen here

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

First Breath After Coma - Explosions In the Sky

Leaves In The River - Sea Wolf

Marseilles - Hey Marseilles

End Run - Cloudbirds

Holocene - Bon Iver

My Moon My Man - Feist

Lua - Bright Eyes

Bear - The Antlers

When It Rains - Paramore

Angeles - Elliott Smith

She’s Leaving Home - The Beatles

Northern Downpour - Panic! At The Disco

The Penalty - Beirut

Evening Kitchen - Band Of Horses

Light Year - Gregory Alan Isakov

Streamside - The Album Leaf

Beautiful World - Carolina Liar

(*Fin) - Anberlin

Shelter - The xx

Clair de Lune - Debussy

I’m Happy, She Said - M83

Over The Pond - The Album Leaf

10 post-rock bands you should check out that aren't Explosions in the Sky (music megapost)

Sorry A) for that Buzzfeed-fucking-esque title and B) for anyone who thinks I’m trying to start beef with EITS. I enjoy the band, and won’t deny that they are pioneers of sorts for the post-rock genre (at least the post-rock that I’m referring to), but I feel like they’re the only post-rock band that most people have heard of/listen to (thanks Friday Night Lights/high school jocks), when there’s so much great shit out there. In a genre overcrowded with unoriginality, formulaic song structures, and shit that is just straight-up boring, here are 10 of my favorite post-rock bands that I think deserve more love ((even though a couple are defunct) included are youtube links to a sample song):

*Also, I don’t know how to embed Youtube vids here (this is a “text”) post; I hope you don’t mind copying/pasting

1. Red Sparowes

This band is first on my list (though I’m not trying to order them in any way necessarily) because they’re responsible for re-kindling my interest in the genre; I’d had “At the Soundless Dawn” on my laptop for some time, but hadn’t listened to it in its entirety (in spite of the fact that I’m such a huge fan of their guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle’s solo work). Okay, so three words:  pedal steel guitar. If you thought that shit was reserved for country/americana bands, think again. Red Sparowes make it work for dark post-rock too.

The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon


2. Giants

Oddly, the first post-rock band I ever got into (think they were friends with some midwest hardcore bands and I heard about them through them). The band’s broken up (I think), but I always thought they put out just as quality shit as the greats like EITS, Godspeed!, Mogwai, Mono, etc. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, but I think everything about all the songs on their 2008 EP, “Old Stories,” are perfect. The atmosphere they generate is unbelievable, the emotions they’ll make you feel are unexpected, and the crescendos are jaw-dropping. Listen to this shit at nighttime.

While the Ages Steal


3. God is an Astronaut

Great post-rock band from Ireland. They have a pretty extensive discography, but the record I always have and probably always will keep coming back to is “All is Violent, All is Bright.” The range of emotions you’ll experience through this album is intense; the opener “Fragile,” is uplifting (albeit heartbreaking in the best way possible), but the second track on the album (the title track, which I’m linking) is melancholic as fuck. Perfect music for driving through the forest (as are most of the bands I’m including here; these cliches are basically interchangeable but whatever I don’t really know how ta talk music).

All is Violent, All is Bright


4. Everett

I think this two-piece only ever put out one 4-song EP (correct me if I’m wrong) but it holds a lot of value to me and I used to play it ever night at work around 1:30 while closing. Again, nothing special, but the songs are simple and charming. Lots of pianos, lots of synths. Also, half of the band consists of Dallas Taylor (from Underoath/Maylene and the Sons of Disaster). I think this is the best thing he’s ever done.

The Crown


5. Gifts from Enola

Virginian post-rock band that I believe is now defunct. Their ability to create ethereal, delicate atmosphere with their ambient parts, but create freneticism in the same song with fast tempos and heavy guitars is pretty fucking unreal. In the song I’m linking, the part that starts at 4:20 (total coincidence) marked by that tempo change and the soaring leads is one of my favorite parts of any song ever.



6. Kwoon

Post-rock band from France, which is definitely on the more melancholic/darker side of the genre (peep that album artwork). Admittedly, I need to listen to them more, but the song I’m linking blows me away. It starts off pretty slow (and eerie I think, if you can appreciate that) but the apex and second half of the song are unbelievable (talk about payoff), even though the production isn’t that great.

Eternal Jellyfish Ballet


7. …Of Sinking Ships

This started out as the side project of Chad Waldrup from Hopesfall before he left the band. He put an amazing full length in 2006 (…Of Sinking Ships), was quiet for a while, then put out another LP this year (The Amaranthine Sea) with a dude from HRVRD (I think?) who is now in the band. The 2014 is a breath of fresh air for the genre; it’s a “theme” album (listen to it in order, and read the song titles in order). However, I feel like it more follows the cliche’s of post-rock than the 2006 EP, in which jangly guitars dance over mid-tempo beats. Here’s my favorite song from that album:

The Circumstances


8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor

If you don’t listen to GY!BE, then you’re fucking up. Chances are you’ve already heard them but might not know it (if you’ve seen the movie 28 Days Later, an edited song of theirs plays after that dude wakes up in the beginning, while he’s running around in a post-apocalyptic London). Most of the music they play is morbidly dark, and is perfect for when you’re feeling at all fucked in the head. The build-ups are intense and insane (lose your mind kinda shit) and they are probably the most original band I’m posting here. Their songs are basically all 20 minutes long, but they never waste a minute on shit songwriting.

East Hastings


9. Caspian

Another exemplar for the post-rock genre. I don’t listen to their previous stuff a whole lot, but their 2013 LP, “Waking Season” was fucking perfect. The tracks were great individually, but the way the album flows as a whole makes so much sense it’s fucking insane. Like Gifts from Enola, they’re able to write diverse songs without things sounding weird. Linking you the closing track on the album (it’s one of my favorite songs in any genre ever).

Fire Made Flesh


10. This Will Destroy You

I’ve been riding this band’s jock hard for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. One of my favorite bands (fuck I’m saying the same thing over and over again huh?). Will not bog this description down with the same shit (take basically everything I said about the other bands; they probably also apply here), but will instead post an anecdote from when I saw them at Fun Fun Fun fest. So I was on the bus, and was supposed to arrive at the venue like 10 minutes before they played. However, even though several people requested a stop, the bus driver forgot or some shit, and drove all the way across the river (cause the venue stop was the last one before the river), and he ended up dropping us off almost a mile away from the venue. So I fucking sprinted to their set in 8 minutes (an achievement for me) and got there like 30 seconds into their first song. I almost threw up right away (I waited until after their set and did it in a bathroom), but it was so fucking worth it. Check out their 2014 LP “Another Language.”



Wow, definitely did not intend on writing this much. Hope you guys check some of this shit out. What are other great post-rock bands?