It was noted by the Explorers crew that River was smitten with his co-star Amanda Peterson. River, who wasn’t thrilled to be playing a geek, would take his glasses off whenever she or other girls were around. In the end, Amanda liked Ethan Hawke more. “There was a bit of a rivalry between Ethan and River over Amanda Peterson,” Joe Dante explained. “They were always sort of vying for her affection and I think Ethan won”

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[I wish we’d had more Jake Sisko. I love that he’s a writer and reporter rather than wanting to go into Starfleet. I love that he comes up against his idealized versions of things over and over - in ‘Explorers’ we learn that his father thinks he might want to write more about what he knows, and in 'Nor the Battle to the Strong’ we see how he moves away from fiction - and traditional ideas of heroism - to write about his own war experiences. See also: 'what about freedom of the press?’ to Weyoun. ]

“The narrator is telling his children about a knight he went through his training with,” Hawke said. “And this guy was a better horseman and a better swordsman, and the girls that would come by would like him more. And he just started to hate this other squire. Through their first action in battle his friend is killed. Only then does he realize that he makes him a better swordsman. They weren’t in competition with each other, they were in dialogue with each other. And this for me was very much my experience with River Phoenix.”


“I loved and admired him. And was extremely jealous. I would venture to say My Own Private Idaho was the first performance of my generation, where somebody of my era did something, something original. The world since then wonderfully changed, but to be 21 and to play an openly gay character in a mainstream film was very daring, very brave. And he didn’t think twice about it.’’

[Ethan Hawke talking about River and the chapter of his book Rules for a Knight inspired by him.]