You probably think this is a no brainer.

DUH people will swim faster in water, because syrup is thick. But the real answer is SUPER SURPRISING. 

Science put things to the test to this “simple” question. 

Sixteen volunteers took turns swimming in water and then a syrupy mixture.

Their times were thoroughly compared and, there was no difference between the speeds in the water versus the syrup. How can that be?

The explanation seems to lie in the fact that, while syrup does provide more resistance for the swimmers to overcome, it also helps them generate more forward momentum by pushing against the thicker liquid. 



Physicist Andreas Wahl uses Extreme Experiments to Prove Physical Concepts.

In this edition, Wahl is attempting to show that “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules”. 

To prove this he puts himself in front of a gun submerged under water, which shows the strange reaction of the bullet in a denser medium.

(Andreas Wahl)