“If there is energy within the substance it can only come from without. This truth was so manifest to me that I expressed it in the following axiom: ‘There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium…’ If all energy is supplied to matter from without then this all important function must be performed by the medium.”

“When radio-active rays were discovered their investigators believed them to be due to liberation of atomic energy in the form of waves. This being impossible in the light of the preceding I concluded that they were produced by some external disturbance and composed of electrified particles. My theory was not seriously taken although it appeared simple and plausible. Suppose that bullets are fired against a wall. Where a missile strikes the material is crushed and spatters in all directions radial from the place of impact. In this example it is perfectly clear that the energy of the flying pieces can only be derived from that of the bullets. But in manifestation of radio-activity no such proof could be advanced and it was, therefore, of the first importance to demonstrate experimentally the existence of this miraculous disturbance in the medium. I was rewarded in these efforts with quick success largely because of the efficient method I adopted which consisted in deriving from a great mass of air, ionized by the disturbance, a current, storing its energy in a condenser and discharging the same through an indicating device. This plan did away with the limitations and incertitude of the electroscope first employed and was described by me in articles and patents from 1900 to 1905. It was logical to expect, judging from the behavior of known radiations, that the chief source of the new rays would be the sun, but this supposition was contradicted by observations and theoretical considerations which disclosed some surprising facts in this connection.

“Light and heat rays are absorbed in their passage through a medium in a certain proportion to its density. The ether, although the most tenuous of all substances, is no exception to this rule.  Its density has been first estimated by Lord Kelvin and conformably to his finding a column of one square centimeter cross section and of a length such that light, traveling at a rate of three hundred thousands kilometers per second, would require one year to traverse it, should weigh 4.8 grams. This is just about the weight of a prism of ordinary glass of the same cross section and two centimeters length which, therefore, may be assumed as the equivalent of the ether column in absorption. A column of the ether one thousand times longer would thus absorb as much light as twenty meters of glass.  However, there are suns at distances of many thousands of light years and it is evident that virtually no light from them can reach the earth. But if these suns emit rays immensely more penetrative than those of light they will be slightly dimmed and so the aggregate amount of radiations pouring upon the earth from all sides will be overwhelmingly greater than that supplied to it by our luminary. If light and heat rays would be as penetrative as the cosmic, so fierce would be the perpetual glare and so scorching the heat that life on this and other planets could not exist.

“Rays in every respect similar to the cosmic are produced by my vacuum tubes when operated at pressures of ten millions of volts or more, but even if it were not confirmed by experiment, the theory I advanced in 1897 would afford the simplest and most probable explanation of the phenomena. Is not the universe with its infinite and impenetrable boundary a perfect vacuum tube of dimensions and power inconceivable? Are not its fiery suns electrodes at temperatures far beyond any we can apply in the puny and crude contrivances of our making? Is it not a fact that the suns and stars are under immense electrical pressures transcending any that man can ever produce and is this not equally true of the vacuum in celestial space? Finally, can there be any doubt that cosmic dust and meteoric matter present an infinitude of targets acting as reflectors and transformers of energy? If under ideal working conditions, and with apparatus on a scale beyond the grasp of the human mind, rays of surpassing intensity and penetrative power would not be generated, then, indeed, nature has made an unique exception to its laws.

"It has been suggested that the cosmic rays are electrons or that they are the result of creation of new matter in the interstellar deserts. These views are too fantastic to be even for a moment seriously considered. They are natural outcroppings of this age of deep but unrational thinking, of impossible theories, the latest of which might, perhaps, deal with the curvature of time. What this world of ours would be if time were curved…“

–Nikola Tesla

“The Eternal Source of Energy of the Universe, Origin and Intensity of Cosmic Rays.” October 13, 1932.
I MADE UP A BACKSTORY FOR JACK AND HIS EGOS! (Think of this as a little story of how they all came to be.)

@therealjacksepticeye  @chase-brody-protection-squad

(Since Robbie (zombie Jack) is apparently an ego now, I made a little paragraph for him too. I’ve seen somewhere that his name is Robbie, so that’s the name I’m going with.)

This idea literally came into my head a few minutes ago. (I’m so fucking proud of this post omg! XD)

So basically, there were a bunch of scientists who wanted to see if they could extract a human conscience and split it into its individual parts. They had tried experiments multiple times but failed. Then, they found a way that they were sure would finally work, but they needed a test subject.

Jack’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164297812393/therealjacksepticeye-yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride

Enter Jack. Jack was kidnapped by the scientists and experimented on. His conscience was extracted and split into individual parts, his body was cloned and the main bulk of his conscience was implanted back into him. Jack survived the experience and the experiment was a success. And so, the egos were born.

They and Jack were kept in the lab and experimented on until they escaped. They now all live in one apartment, with Jack trying to continue his life, making it seemed like nothing happened and the egos hiding from the world so they wouldn’t be recaptured. Anti however, is the odd ball. Where the others just want to live their lives as normally as they can, Anti wants revenge. He wants the world to know what they have been through and he wants the scientists to burn for what they did. This is why he craves attention so much: he wants the world to know what happened to him and the other egos in hopes that the scientists will be found out.

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Here’s a run down on each ego and the part of Jack’s conscience they represent:

- Chase Brody was born from Jack’s feelings of being a father-figure to his community. He also has a bit of Jack’s childish nature in him, as who else would spend hours throwing tea bags into cups or firing nerf guns?! He is very skilled with real firearms though, the exact opposite to Jack who is usually quite passive and clumsy. He was caught by the scientists multiple times talking about a woman called ‘Stacy’ and claiming to have kids, though there s no evidence to prove that either actually exist, as Chase is nothing more that a clone and had never had contact with humans other than the scientists (none of which were called Stacy) and other egos at that point. The scientists believed Chase’s belief of having a family was caused by an error that occurred during his creation process, though no one knows for sure.

Chase’s File: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164292108968/yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride-oc-file-template-to

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- Dr. Schneeplestein was born from Jack’s desire to help and save people. He is also very caring and is very good with a scalpel. He fulfills his role as a doctor well, fixing anything from simple cuts and bruises to slit throats and gunshot wounds to the head (*cough*Chase*cough*). The scientists were confused as to how Schneeple is such a talented doctor, seeing as he has no formal training whatsoever, and his German accent, as there wasn’t anything in Jack’s conscience that hinted at him wanting to be German. Along with that, one day the scientists discovered Schneeple had written ‘100% real doctor’ on a piece of paper and was showing it to others, claiming it was a doctorate. They listed this behavior as ‘strange’ but found no reason as to why he was acting this way.

Schneeple’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164292270478/yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride-oc-file-template-to

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- Jackaboy Man was born from Jack’s deep desire to be a superhero (mainly Spider-Man) even though he doesn’t have any of Spider-Man’s powers. He can fly though, which the scientists believed came from Jack’s wish to not be afraid of heights. He, like Schneeple, loves to help people, even though he may not be as good at it as the good doctor. Jackaboy Man, like the other egos, created his name himself, though he prefers to use it as an alias rather than a real name, similar to normal superheroes. The scientists discovered he constantly feared people discovering his ‘true identity’, and despite constant questioning, Jackaboy Man would not explain further, preferring to change the subject. As a result, Jackaboy Man’s real chosen name is not known by anyone, not even the other egos.

Jackaboy’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164293433058/yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride-oc-file-template-to

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- Marvin the Magician was born from Jack’s desire to entertain people and make them happy. He’s a people person, much like Jack, though unlike Jack he has actual magical powers which add extra flair to his performances. These powers are most likely a literal representation of Jack’s entertainer side. Through tests, the scientists discovered that Marvin believed his powers came from a white cat mask rather than the experiment. Before any trick he would (and still does) rub the ears and nose, chanting “meow, meow, meow”. Like Schneeple, Marvin’s behavior was listed as ‘strange’ and no real reason was found for these actions.

Marvin’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164294871513/yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride-oc-file-template-to

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- Antisepticeye was born from Jack’s inner demons. He is the literal representation of Jack’s fears and anxieties about not being good enough for people, his community abandoning him, and even small things like if his camera is recording. He is the most dangerous for these reasons, so much so that the scientists had a hard time keeping him contained in the lab, eventually resorting to locking him inside a computer program. He is the only ego without a physical body because he was technically an accident; the scientists didn’t intend to create him, he just appeared when all the experiments were done and caused havoc. The scientists weren’t sure why he took the form of a glitch, though they chalked it up to Jack spending so much time around computers and his deep love of glitchy stuff. Anti has the ability to glitch through walls and floors and can possess other living things, even the other egos; though he seems to stick around Jack more than anyone else, much to Jack’s dismay.

Anti’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164296336258/yes-i-used-a-maximum-ride-oc-file-template-to

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-Robbie the Zombie isn’t actually a part of Jack’s conscience. Mostly because he didn’t get the chance to have any of Jack’s conscience implanted into him. Almost immediately after he was created, he was possessed by Anti and went on a rampage, killing multiple scientists and almost killing the other clones and Jack himself. He was only stopped after other scientists managed to hold him down and pull Anti out. It was this incident that lead to Anti being trapped in the computer program. The strain of the possession lead to Robbie looking how he does (grey skin, pale white eyes) and also appeared to kill him, so his body was thrown into a dump behind the lab. However, during the other clone’s escape, Robbie mysteriously came back to life, only saying he was “woken by the sound of people screaming.” Robbie has no special powers per se, though being undead means that no bullets, knives or other weapons can hurt him, though beheading him will definitely do the trick. He also likes to refer to himself in third person, though no one knows why.

Robbie’s file: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164345071318/therealjacksepticeye-thanks-jack-for-creating-a

(So, yeah. That’s my backstory for the egos. Shit, this was so long, I’m so sorry! If you read all this though, thank you so much! It was just a random idea I had. 

I’m actually writing a fanfic based on this! 

Read part one here: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164337627068/one-and-the-same-a-jacksepticeye-egos-au

Read part two here: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164367017463/one-and-the-same-a-jacksepticeye-and-egos-au

Jacksepticeye egos Experiment AU preview

READ CHAPTER ONE OF THIS STORY HERE: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164337627068/one-and-the-same-a-jacksepticeye-egos-au


(Brilliant title there, Spiffany. Well done.)

Inspired by this post I made yesterday: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164268117693/i-made-up-a-backstory-for-jack-and-his-egos

(This won’t really make any sense if you haven’t read that post.)

Yes, I’m actually going to write a fanfiction based on this idea! I said I wasn’t, but I think through making the files and writing out the whole backstory stuff, I actually feel like I have some good ideas to make a story around it! It will probably take me forever to finish this, as I procrastinate like nobody’s business (who knows if I’ll finish this at all) but, hey, I’m gonna give it a go. I wrote this little part of a chapter just now, so I thought I’d stick it up here as a preview of things to come! Enjoy!


The Skype chat loaded and Robin’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey Jack!” Robin said with a smile.

“Hey…” Jack replied, trying to sound like nothing was wrong, “What’s up?”

“I just got the files for your new video,” Robin said, “I didn’t know you were moving!”

“Yeah it’s…it’s kinda of a last minute thing. I didn’t know this was happening either…I made that vlog literally a few minutes ago.”

“Oh…” Robin said, “What’s going on? Do you need help?”

“No, no, it’s fine!” Jack said quickly, “I’ve got it all sorted out. Everything’s fine!”

Robin raise an eyebrow skeptically.

“Alright…if you-“


The two men jumped in their seats at the noise. Jack turned to the door.

You can’t leave those idiots alone for five minutes…

Anti said in Jack’s mind.

Fuck…what have they done?! Jack thought, his heart rate speeding up.

“Um…what the hell was that?!” Robin said, bringing Jack out of his thoughts.

“I’m sure it was nothing!” Jack stammered, his mind racing. Whatever the clones were doing, they’d end up alerting the neighbours, and then their position would be given away. He had to stop them. He had to-


“Fuck!” Jack cried, standing up.

“Jack, what’s going on?!” Robin demanded, leaning close to the screen to try and see what was happening. Jack turned back to the computer.

“I…I need to go. Give me a sec…”

“Jack!” Robin said, “Jack, stop! What’s-“

Jack ignored his cries and ran down the stairs to the living room. He could hear shouting and banging, which only made him quicken his pace.

He opened the door and everything went silent.

The room was dark. As Jack’s eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he could see the lampshade was on the floor and the lightbulb was smashed. Jackaboy Man and Marvin were floating in the air, looks of terror on their faces. Chase and Schneeple was stood to the side, frozen in the fight they’d been having moments earlier; Schneeple had Chase’s nerf gun in his hand and was holding it away from Chase. The sofa and the chair in the room were turned upside down and the shelf stacked with figurines and plushes was face down on the floor, figures and plushes scattered all over the floor. No one spoke for a moment.
“Jack…” Schneeple said, but trailed off. Jack didn’t speak. He honestly didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, he felt a deep anger start bubbling inside him.
Go on…Anti said, Look what they’ve done to you. You let them into your house, your property, and this is how they repay you! Go on…make them pay…
Jack shut his eyes. He hated feeling angry. It was the worst emotion of them all. He tried to avoid it at all costs, but Anti was doing a pretty good job at making him feel a deep seated rage that made him want to tear each and every one of the clones apart. He shut his eyes tighter as the logical part of his mind took over. They had never had an experience like this before. They had never had to worry about a bunch of breakable objects in the room they were able to play in in the lab. They’d never had the experience of being completely free, with no one to tell them what to do. Of course they were going to lose their minds! It was just natural!

“No…” Jack said quietly in response to Anti, feeling the anger wash away.
“No…?” Chase replied, overhearing him.
“What? Oh no, it doesn’t matter!” Jack said.
“Jack, I’m sorry!” Schneeple said quickly, taking a step forward, “Everyone lost it! Zhey were fighting and screaming and I vas trying to stop them but-“
“It’s ok! It’s ok!” Jack interrupted, putting his hands on Schneeple’s shoulders, “It’s fine!”
“Your’e…not angry with us?” Marvin said, still hovering in the air.
“Of course not!” Jack said, walking into the center of the room, “I understand why you did this, I really do! Besides…” he walked over to the TV (which was lucky not broken) and turned it on, “I’m not like them.” Everyone flinched at the mention of the scientists. Jack pulled out his PS4 and turned it on, and the TV screen flashed to life, showing the PS4 menu.
“What are you doing?” Marvin asked, floating down slightly but still remaining in the air.
“Are you punishing us?!” Jackaboy said quickly, panic in his voice.
“Of course I’m not!” Jack said with a chuckle, “Were you listening to anything I just said?!” As he spoke, he shifted through his PS4 games, looking for one specific one. Finally, at the bottom of the pile, he found it.
“Take a seat!” he said as he put the game into the console. Schneeple and Chase threw themselves into the sofa and chair (after turning them the right way up) and Jackaboy and Marvin floated down and sat cross-legged on the floor in between them. Jack handed the controller to Schneeple as the game he’d just put in appeared on the PS4 menu.


“Under…tale…” Chase read slowly, rolling each word over in his mouth, “What kind of name is that?”
“It’ll make sense when you start playing,” Jack said, taking a seat next to Schneeple.
“I…don’t understand…” Jackaboy said, turning to face Jack, “What is this? What are you doing?”
“This is a video game.” Jack replied with a smile, “ And I’m trying to keep you guys entertained in less…destructive ways.”
“Vhat do I do vith zhis?” Schneeple asked, staring down at the controller blankly.
“Press the X button,” Jack replied.
Schneeale stared at the controller for a good minute longer, trying to work out which button Jack was talking about, before finding the button and pressing it.
And he’s supposed to be the smart one…Anti snarled.
Give him a chance, Jack thought back, He’s never had to do anything like this before.
He can perform complicated heart surgery on a complete stranger with no medical training whatsoever, but he can’t work a PS4 controller? How does that make any sense?!
Jack ignored this comment and focused on the screen as the menu music started to play. Jack couldn’t help but smile as he saw Marvin and Jackaboy start dancing to the music. Even Chase was bobbing his head to the beat.
“Catchy.” Chase said, a smile forming on his face.
“Oh, it gets a hell of a lot better than this!” Jack said, grinning wider. He held his hand out for the controller and Schneeple placed it in his hand.
“Now, watch closely,” Jack said, getting the controller right in his hands and pressing X to start the game, “I’m going to teach you how to save lives.”


The Silver Spring Monkeys were a set of macaque monkeys who became some of the most famous laboratory animals in history. The reason for their fame was a result of an undercover PETA investigation into the testing involving the monkeys, which resulted in the first ever police raid against a US animal researcher. The monkeys were confiscated and the researcher was charged with 17 counts of animal cruelty.

The nature of the experiment involving the monkeys was, in itself, cruel. It involved the severing of the afferent nerves that controlled one of the monkeys arms. The researcher was behavioural neuroscientist Edward Taub, who was looking into the concept of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to reorganise itself. The monkeys functioning arm was restrained, leaving them forced to attempt to use the damaged arm. Taub was convicted on six of the seventeen counts of cruelty, however these convictions would be ultimately overturned and the monkeys were returned to the research facility.

What cannot be understated when looking at this case is the massive development it made to clinical neuroscience and the treatment of strokes. When the monkeys were returned, killed and dissected there was significant remapping evident in their cortex. This experiment resulted in the development of constraint-induced movement therapy, which has been modified for outpatient treatment for strokes and can be extremely successful in improving mobility in upper limbs. It also helped establish the concept of neuroplasticity, providing hope and treatment for those who have acquired brain injury such as strokes.

Tiny (like super teeny tiny) little snippet

From Chapter 36. Just to show you guys I’m still here and thank those lovely understanding folks for their patience.

“Thanks for coming tonight.” Beca’s words break the crisp silence surrounding them as they pass beneath a streetlight. She doesn’t turn her head, but she glances at Chloe from the corners of her eyes as she speaks.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Chloe counters with a smile and then gives Beca’s hand a squeeze.

The back of Beca’s neck feels warm again.

“Your family’s really nice,” Chloe continues after a moment and Beca can hear the smile she’s wearing in her voice. “Makes me wonder where you got all that grouchiness from.”

“Hey!” Beca snaps her head to the side to throw a look filled with pure, undiluted, mock-outrage at Chloe. “I had to painstakingly cultivate that over years, Chloe. How dare you dismiss it as being some genetic mutation of my gene pool.”

Chloe laughs and Beca smiles, her heartbeat fluttering, and she wonders, not for the first time, how she ended up here.

Fic: Experimentation [35/?]

Fandom: Pitch Perfect

Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Chloe

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Pitch Perfect does not belong to me. Neither do any of the characters you’re going to read about.

Summary: So, about that one little regret…

A/N: Thanks, as always, for sticking with me and to @ecaftraf for playing beta to my insane writer and giving me the best commentary EVER. Also for editing whatever shit I throw at her.

A/N II: Thank you again to all of you for your patience.

Read more at ao3 or ff.net.