White Magic in Hyrule

Rinku felt a sharp breeze overtake her. Waking up from bed, she saw her window had been blown open.

“For the love of Din.”

Wrapped in a blanket she got up to shut the window. When she got to it her eyes expanded to new lengths at the sight before her outside. Snow. Heavy snow falling all over.


Rinku scrambled as fast as she could to get warm clothes on. It NEVER snowed in Hyrule, and with this much she was going to take every advantage of it as she could.

Tearing through her dresser she put on a big pair of gloves, a toque, her boots, a metal shield off her rack, and a nice green jacket. Slamming her door open she started running down the halls at top speed. Rounding a corner she spooked a servant with a breakfast plate, causing him to drop syrup and waffles all over himself. Rinku squinted slightly, but wisely kept running.


All the princess could make out from the servant was self-cursing. Finally making it down to the courtyard doors, she excitedly started to go outside.

“Where do you think you’re going young lady?”

Rinku stopped in her tracks from her mother’s voice.

“Outside Moma.”

“You have studies young lady.”


“No butts about it.”

“It never snows in Hyrule. Can’t I just have ten minutes outside? Please? I’ll study extra, extra hard next class. I’ll even listen to Mr.Neighbour’s lectures and not fall asleep, I promise. So can I please, please, please, go outside?!”

Zelda watched her daughter have her hands together in a pray and looking intently at her with the most puppy dog eyes. The Queen gave a light sigh.

“You can have half an hour and then you’re in all day until your studies are complete.”

The energy in Rinku could barely be contained.

“And I’ll be sure to ask Mr.Neighbour if you kept your word. If you didn’t, you can forget having free time to play in the snow again.”


“Wait just one moment.”

Rinku hated this. She just desperately wanted to go outside.

“Yes moma?”

“You have to wear this.”

Zelda grabbed a large scratchy scarf and wrapped it around it Rinku’s face.

“Moma, it’s stuffy.”

“It will keep you from having a cold. Remember, half an hour.”

“Yes Moma, I know.”

Zelda gave her daughter a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Have fun sweetie.”

Rinku ran out the doors, and the white landscape almost blinded her. Snow was everywhere. Looking up she saw the snowflakes coming down in a nice steady stream. Running through the snow she enjoyed the weight of the powder that kept her a little down.

Suddenly a snow ball smacked her in the back of the head and she fell down.


Rinku landed face first in a snow pile, powder getting all over her face. She heard an all too familiar laugh behind her.

“Wow Fairy Girl. It’s winter, not FALL. Enjoy your enthusiasm though.”

“Grrr, Skull Kid!”

Rinku secretly formed a snow ball in her hands, and after getting up, hard lobbed it towards him. The snow ball hit Skull Kid straight in the face. He fell right on his butt after getting hit so hard.

“Ow, nice shooting.”

Rinku giggled a little and went to help him up. She noticed he wasn’t wearing anything different from his usual attire.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“A little, I don’t mind.”

“Well if you are cold, why we don’t have some fun to warm up.”

Skull Kid took a puzzled step back, blush coming to his face.

“Uh…like what?”

Rinku took his hand and they ran towards the top of a hill. Skull Kid gladly let her lead the way. Ten minutes of trekking through heavy snow, Skull Kid took off his shoes to get rid of all the snow build up.

“So what do we do now?”

Rinku took the shield she had off her back and slammed it on the ground. She climbed on top of it and shimmied her way near the edge of the hill.

“Sledding. It’s so much fun. Ok now, grab a hold of me.”

Skull Kid slowly complied. Kneeling behind Rinku he placed his hands on her hips, holding on by the end of the fabric on her pants.. Rinku gave a huff and grabbed his hands.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll fall right off, geez.”

She had Skull Kid squeeze and make a lock right under her chest. This caused him to get a lot closer to her. Before he could get any more flustered Rinku pushed forward. Their combined weight caused them to speed down the hill. Rinku screamed with excitement as the air rushed through her face.

Skull Kid noticed a little bump ahead of them towards there right.

“Can you hit that?”

A devilish grin went across Rinku’s face.

“Let’s do it.”

Steering right the two kids hit the bump, causing them to rocket into the air. Unfortunately, the shield beneath them fell to the ground harder and faster, leaving them clung to each other and crashing into the snow bank.  

After rolling from the fall, Skull Kid opened his eyes to see Rinku right above him, her face an inch away from his. His hands were still locked around her, keeping her chest close to his. Rinku’s breath was a warm presence in the snowy pile.

Rinku giggled and fell beside him. Skull Kid laughed from the awkwardness he felt and the thrill of the crash.

“Wow, that was neat trick with your shield.”

Skull Kid saw Rinku spreading her arms and legs up and down in the snow leaving an imprint.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making a snow angel.”

“Alright, but why?”

“Because it’s fun, silly.”

Skull Kid thought about that. He never really associated “snow” with “fun”. Not in a long, long time anyways.

“What’s fun about rubbing your limbs in cold snow?”

“Just try it.”

Skull Kid did as he was recommended. Moving his arms, then his legs up and down, all he felt was a cold, wet sensation at first. That was until Rinku grabbed his hand, and joined him in moving up and down. After a while he was starting to get into the grove of it. Rinku then stood up and gestured Skull Kid to join her.

Getting up Skull Kid brushed as much snow as he could off his body. Turning around he noticed how odd his silhouette was. Especially compared to hers, she really was an angel.  

“Mine…looks kind of weird.”

Rinku put her arm around him and pulled him in, giving Skull Kid a warm smile.

“You look fine to me.”

Rinku looked around at all the snow falling around them. Skull Kid joined her taking in each flack.

“Despite the cold, it’s really pretty.”

“Yeah. Hey, there’s one more thing I’d like to do.”

“What now buddy?”

Rinku formed a ball of snow in her hands and started to roll it against the snow.

“Grab a snowball and start rolling.”

Skull Kid nodded and joined her. After getting three balls together, the two of them put the pieces together. Skull Kid watched as Rinku went over to a snowed in garden bed to snap off some twigs and grab some pebbles.

Rinku put the twigs in the side of the snow pile, and made eyes, a mouth and buttons with the rocks. Skull Kid was puzzled at what he was looking at.

“What did we just make?”

“It’s a snowman. Isn’t he great?”

Skull Kid looked closely at the snowman. The twigs and rough face made it look eerily like him.

“I suppose…could use some improvements.”

It was Rinku’s turn to be a little puzzled.

“Like what?”

Skull Kid took his hat off and placed it on top of the snow man. After adding more details, like making a belt made out of rocks, he took a white marked mask and put it on its face.

“Nice improvements. But what mask is that?”

“Well we made it together, so… I thought the Couples Mask we be the perfect fit.”

Rinku blushed hard under her scarf, glad she couldn’t be seen.

“That’s a really nice choice.”

Skull Kid went back to Rinku’s side and held her hand. They both just let the magical environment of the snow falling and their creation be taken all in. Rinku turned to Skull Kid after a good solid minute of peace.

“Hey, I got to go in to do my studies for the day, but…would you want to come in a join me for some hot coco?”

Skull Kid’s hand tightened a little around Rinku’s.

“I’d like that. Oh, and Rinku?”


“Thanks for all the fun. Didn’t know frozen rain could produce so much enjoyment.”

“Let’s do it again sometime.”

“Sure. One last thing before we go in.”

“What’s th-“

Rinku had a snow ball stuffed in her face. Recovering, she grabbed some snow from the ground and started throwing it back. The two of them laughed as they made their way back inside.


There’s a regular recreational pool over there. No one without the guts to swim beside the National Team would use this one.