Male lion at sunrise by Exodus Travels
Taken by Paul Goldstein, Exodus tour guide and award-winning photographer.


12 week old leopard cub in Kenya’s Masai Mara by Paul Goldstein by Exodus Travels


A Long Road to Peace with @mujtabajalali

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Generations of refugees, driven by years, and decades of war, are landing on the shores of Europe. Among them is Mujtaba Jalali (@mujtabajalali), a 24-year-old photojournalist, born in Iran to parents who fled Afghanistan 30 years ago. “You hear news, every day, of refugees coming in,” he says, describing a journey that has taken him across three countries so far, “but you will never feel the moments when mothers sleep with their two-year-old kids in freezing weather in the mountains, and when they feel death very close on the sea, with no captain.” Determined to tell the story of hundreds of thousands of displaced people, Mujtaba, along with three Afghan friends, joined an exodus of desperate travelers from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Unlike previous generations of refugees, he stays connected to his parents over messaging apps — meanwhile, his sister is following his journey on Instagram. He reflects on his passage across borders, saying, “It’s humans’ right, regardless of their nationality, religion and skin color to choose wherever they want to live, in peace and security.”

Imagine the MTV EMAs next year. Kris’s first album has been nominated, but so  was EXODUS. Suho travels to the award show as EXO’s leader to represent, but so does Kris because he is nominated. The two already saw the nominations list weeks ago…and yet they still spend the night before the show crying in their separate hotel rooms, thinking about the time they spent together merely three years ago… at the same place… but in different times…