Twitter Campaign: These are only facts. 

Feel free to join in on this campaign to boycott the Exodus movie trailer. I’m so infuriated that it is 2014 and we are still portraying on the big screen a falsehood of what the ancient Egyptians were! Use the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie to join. This is honestly some fuck boy mentality honestly!


Y'all need to know more than just “they white washed it”. Here are all the reactions about the casting criticisms from people actually involved in the film, cause I don’t mind breaking it down for you… You need to know… Giving you sources and everything because this absurdity is real.

Director Ridley Scott said that he would have never gotten the film produced and funded if he were to cast, and I quote, “Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such” as the leads instead of white actors. Thus admitting the all white casting was intentional. (x)

Lead actor Christian Bale said he doesn’t think that the fact that he “suffers with this skin that can’t deal with the sun” (he actually said that, he SUFFERS with white skin) should mean he’s not right for the part. (x)

Noah Co-writer Ari Handel said about casting for biblical stories that the [all white] cast is meant to act as stand-ins for “all people” and inferred that if they forced diversity into the movie it would look like the Starship Enterprise (you know from that show that was praised for breaking down barriers for actors who were Asian, female, and black? But I guess that’s a negative now?). (x)

CEO and Chairman of 20th Century Fox Rupert Murdock tweeted that Egyptians have always been white, all of his Egyptian friends are white, and that black people were the slaves in Egypt. I guess he assumes all the dark skinned artwork of Egyptian royals that have been uncovered were all fabricated, and also neglects that if all the slaves were PoC then that’s a pretty prime example of why Moses and his family would not be white but okay… (x)

Lead actor Joel Edgerton says something that is no less privileged but finally shows us some tact, “…I am sensitive to it and I do, I do understand and empathize…” and states it would have been hard to say no to this job, as well as pointing out he doesn’t make these decisions. (x)

They can’t say there were no good Egyptian actors (who live all over the world including Hollywood by the way) who were right for the parts because they never saw nor ever intended to cast Egyptian or any PoC in this film, other than to play slaves, assassins, thieves and servants. Ridley Scott said it himself… Historical accuracy and moral human decency is a question that “doesn’t even come up”.

Dragonball: Evolution - 2009 - 14% on Rotten Tomatoes
The Last Airbender - 2010 - 6%
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - 2010 - 36%
The Lone Ranger - 2013 - 32%
Exodus: Gods and Kings - 2014 - 27%
Aloha - 2015 - 19% 
Gods of Egypt - 2016 - 12%

But I’m sure they just picked the best person for the role!!!

Jesus is white
God is white
Moses is white
Pharaoh is white
Adam and Eve is white
Mary and Joseph is white
Heaven is white
Even an “ok” lie is white

But Racism isnt a issue and White Supremacy is a made up concept…




Lenny Kravitz as Moses (Black Jew)
Aubrey Graham (aka Drake) as Joshua (Black Jew)
Emmanuelle Chriqui as Zipporah (Moroccan Jew)
Assaf Cohen asNun (Yemeni Jew)
Sophie Okonedo as Miriam (Black Jew with African parentage)
Wentworth Miller as Ramses (Black and Lebanese) 
Idris Elba as Seti (Black with African parentage)
Thandi Newton as Tuya (Black with African parentage)
Amr Waked as Hegep (Egyptian Arab)

Jews of Colour playing Jews of Colour. Non-Jewish PoC with ethnic ties to Africa and the Middle East as the non-Jewish ancient Egyptians. 


Ridley Scott’s Explanation For Whitewashing His Exodus Movie Is Infuriating

Ridley Scott’s Exodus movie is still racist. And his explanation only made things worse.

I don’t know if Ridley Scott is lying here, covering up some sort of blatant whitewashing with a makeshift and useless excuse or if he really didn’t even consider having people of color in leading roles. And I’m not at all sure which answer is worse. Regardless, this is still cinematic colonialism. This is still whitewashing. This is still a $300 million exercise in erasing an entire race of people from their own history. It’s inexcusable that this movie could go from the conceptualizing phase to casting to production to marketing without anyone suggesting that the film have a modicum of cultural sensitivity and historical accuracy. It’s scary to think about how many people decided to let this happen.