EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O and a Member Fighting


It would frustrate Xiumin to see that you and Chen weren’t getting along, and he’d speak to both of you together, treating you like children.

“You’re both important parts of my life. And I’m not getting rid of either of you, so you two had better learn to get along. Got it?”


Honestly, Chen would be surprised that Xiumin had lost his temper with you like that, and would speak to him first about the matter.

“Listen, I know you’re upset, but they’re the love of my life. Can you please try harder? For me?”


Disappointed in how the two of you had acted, Baekhyun would pull you both aside one at a time to ask about what had happened. After he understood the situation, he’d only say one thing:

“Let it go.”


Although upset that you and D.O weren’t hitting it off like he had hoped, he wouldn’t put all the blame on his friend, and would talk to you about it as well.

“He’s a great guy, I promise. It’s just hard to break his wall sometime, alright? I know it’s not your fault, but could you try again, for me?”


Shocked to see how infuriated you had gotten while talking to Sehun, Lay would quickly pull Sehun aside, immediately placing the blame on him.

“I’ll admit they’re not super friendly, but come on. Breathe, then give it another shot.”


Handling the situation maturely, D.O would pull both you and Chanyeol aside together to talk to you and figure out what had happened.

“You two don’t have to be friends, okay? But at least keep it on good terms.”


Legitimately upset that Kai seemed to have gotten pissed off by something you had said, Suho would awkwardly bring it up once you two were separate from the group.

“I get that he’s a little rowdy sometimes, but don’t take everything he says to heart. He’s a great kid- trust me.”


When Kai saw that you had become upset after talking to Suho, he’d approach his leader and blatantly asked about what had happened.

“Hyung, I’m not saying it’s your fault, but can you at least put a little effort into getting along with them?”


Completely dumbfounded by the fact that you and Lay hadn’t gotten along, he wouldn’t hesitate in asking the member about the incident.

“I don’t know what happened, and I don’t want to. Just try harder, please?”

Slightly Warm [ll]

Pairing; Chanyeol x Reader

Word count; 1127

Genre; Fluff, Smut in future chapters, University Au, Dad!Chanyeol Au, CEO!Chanyeol, Age Gap

Part One

“Wait, so you’re going to be looking after some kid that you’ve never met before- and more worryingly you’ve never met the kid’s father? Y/N please don’t tell me you’re going through with this! You’re not this insane are you?” Minji walked into the living room with a bottle of rose wine and two glasses, placing them both on coasters on the coffee table- and proceeded to fill the glasses halfway. “I mean, yes- kind of. You should have seen the kid, he’s the cutest. And it will give me some time away from the cafe, whenever he needs me. I know it sounds dumb but my boss knows the guy, I trust my boss- I know he would never put me in any danger.” You took a sip of your wine, watching Minji judge you. “Do you know the guy’s name?” You then returned the judgmental look. “Of course, his name is Park Chanyeol.” She then pulled another face telling you to continue your sentence, you shrugged. “Is that really all you know about this guy?” You nodded, she shook her head. “I know what we could do,” You looked at your friend “we can google him.” Your eyes widened. “I don’t think we should do that, I don’t feel comfortable snooping on my boss’s friend.” 

As you were telling Minji how uncomfortable you felt with the whole idea, her fingers were already typing away. “Park…Chanyeol…Omo!” Minji moved her phone closer to her face. Scrolling, reading, scrolling, then reading again. “Minji, what is it? He’s not some killer is his?” She shook her head and shushed, you sat there is silence for a solid minute before she removed the phone from her face, revealing her smile. If Minji could read the look on your face, she would know that you were petrified. “Y/N, you have nothing to worry about, he’s a genuinely nice and attractive guy.” You snatched her phone and opened the article she had closed. ‘Park Chanyeol, ex-boy group member- now CEO of his own company, HD Entertainment.’ You started at Minij in disbelief, you weren’t sure why you were shocked- you just were. “Looks like looking after his kid is going to be a little more pressure than you thought.” She smirked at you. “Not at all. Looking after Hyun will be easy, after all, he’s just a kid, a normal 4-year-old kid.” Minji laughed. “A normal kid, with a very very rich daddy.” She stood up from the couch and took the half-empty wine bottle and glasses out into the kitchen, winking at you as she left you to sit there to absorb this information.Your mouth opened in disbelief in what she had said. You closed your eyes and shook your head at her and chuckled.

You walked into your bathroom and began to run the sink tap. You had grabbed a hair tie that you kept wrapped around the facet of the sink and tied your hair. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, put some music on- placing it on the shelf just above the sink, positioning it so that you could see the running time of the song. You splashed your face with the not so hot water, then took your facial wash from the side of the bath and put a generous amount in the palm of your hand, rubbing the two together lathering it up- then rubbing the lemon-scented soap into your skin. Getting your fingertips into the sides of your nose, discarding the make up you had worn throughout the day.Once clean the remnants of the day off your face, you walked into your bedroom- thank yourself for cleaning it the previous day. You pulled out a white oversized t-shirt along with a pair of short black shorts, once dressed you pulled back the covers of your bed and set yourself down- bring your laptop from under the bed onto your lap. You opened up your laptop along with a browser, and clicked on the Netflix icon you bookmarked- once you had decided that you wanted to catch up with ‘Knowing Bros’, your phone lit up.  

[22:43] Unknown:

“Hey Y/N, sorry for contacting you so late, it’s Chanyeol- I just wanted to message you just so you could save my number, just so when I phone you’d answer. Thank you for agreeing to look after Hyun, he mentioned you when we got home- asking if we could go back there, to the cafe, to see you. Once I had told him that he might be seeing you soon, he got very happy and went straight to bed, without any fuss. I think that when you look after him you won’t have a problem. I hope you’re resting well and have a great day at university. :) - Park Chanyeol”

[22:45] Y/N:
“Hi, not a problem. Of course, it’s my pleasure, I had fun serving you both today- you and Hyun were probably the main reason why I managed to get through my last hour so easily. Really? Did he speak about me? That’s made me all the more excited to see him. Thank you, but I’m not at uni tomorrow- my professor has given the whole class a few days to write our reports. But I’ll be sure to rest well.”

You plugged your phone in and placed it on the bedside table, sinking deeper into your bed. Bringing your laptop closer to your chest, when your phone lit up again.

[23:06] Chanyeol:
“I know this is very last minute, but if you’ve got an hour free tomorrow- would you be willing to meet both Hyun and I for some coffee, it would give us a little time to got over when you’re available? That’s if you’re okay.”

[23:10] Y/N:
“No, of course, that sounds great, I’m free from midday onwards.”

[23:15] Chanyeol:
“Why don’t I pick you up at 1:30 pm outside of your place? Just text me your address and I’ll be there. Sleep well.”

You typed in your address and sent it to him, placed your phone back on the bedside table- making sure that you had set alarms preparing yourself for your busy morning and afternoon. Soon after you settled down, you resited what he last said. ‘Sleep well’ you smiled like an idiot- burying yourself in your pillow. Settling down further into your bed, thoughts about how your afternoon would go with both Chanyeol and Hyun, you started to drift off- not getting the chance to catch to watch what you had put on.

Thank you so much for all your support on part one, it honestly means a lot to me- as it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. You guys are pretty cool. I think I’ll post chapters whenever I feel the need to, having a set time and date gives me anxiety lol. So please just bare with. If there is anything you would like to request, I’d be happy to go through with it. But overall thank you so much for all the love and support! - Admin Kiwi


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