Happy 26th birthday, Kim Jongdae!  
Happy birthday to one of the most charismatic, hard-working, and talented artists, EXO’s main vocalist, Kim Jongdae! Your voice and your smile are my source of strength, my happiness, and my pride. Listening to you sing has never failed to help me go on, as if you were by my side, as if you took my hand and walked with me. When you’re tired and hurting, I hope my love, EXO-L’s love, will be your source of strength too. We’ll walk with you down this path and face it all together. Thank you for your love for EXO and EXO-L and for the passion you put into everything you do!
Happy birthday, Kim Jongdae! ✧ 21st of September 2018


✧.。.:*・happy chen day °✧.。.:*

Members you’ll find in every K-pop group



-Grandparent (may or may not have actual back problems)

-Confident Gay

-Panicked Gay

-The Earrings© Member

-The one that looks like they’re questioning their choice of becoming an idol more and more as time goes on

-The Loudass Bitch/Diva

-The Sunshine/UwU

-The Snake™

-The short angry one

-The tall one that causes the short ones anger

-The only true good dancer

-The high note bitch®

-The one that doesn’t know what they’re doing or where they even are 90% of the time