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Someone convinced Andrew and Neil to pose for the covers of Exy Today and Men’s Health. They only do it because they get to talk about the foundation they just started, that helps LGBT kids in the foster system.

for @audreil for the upperclassmen valentines day exchange


#friendly reminder that kenna fancied bash from the minute she saw him #forever bitter about it tbh


February 16. Faultlines Progress. Guess what I did today?? That’s right, completed the most recent round of Faultlines revisions! Well, the hard part, anyway–I do most of my writing and editing by hand, so now I have to input all those changes into my laptop. That’s why I’m on the interwebz posting pictures, actually–my laptop is open. (This is why I do most of my writing by hand, tbh.) The top picture is the draft and the additions and the couple dedicated notebooks; the bottom one is photographic evidence of how many tiny Post-Its and tabbies I murdered in the name of YA science fiction this time around. Now I’m off to start inputting!